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Whether you’re an extremely active athlete or runner, or you just want to keep better track of your metrics and make some small lifestyle changes, you could benefit greatly from a smart scale. Smart scales can also come in handy when you’re trying to lose weight, build muscle, or regulating your standing heart rate, among others.

The Body Cardio scale uses WiFi to transfer all of the results from the scale to the Health Mate app on your phone. All you have to do is step onto the scale and it will do the rest for you, except the part where you get healthier. You have to do that part. It is compatible with over one hundred other fitness and health apps, you aren’t obligated to use Withings’, though that would be ideal.

This scale measures weight, body water, and fat percentage, heart rate, and bone and muscle mass. Information for as many as eight users can be stored and synced automatically to your app. When you step on, it recognizes which user you are and sends the stats to the correct account. There are settings to weigh specifically during pregnancy and for small children.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Weight loss help

Goals and objectives

Compatible with Alexa

Sleep assessment

Fair price


Troubleshooting issues

Sensitive surface


In 2008, Eric Carreel and Cedric Hutchings founded Withings. Their very first product happened to be a connected body scale that was launched in 2009. Ventech gave Withings three point eight million dollars in 2010 to pay for the next two products’ development.

By January of 2011, the company announced its next products. The first to be a monitor for blood pressure. What made it special? The results are sent straight to your iPhone. The other new product was a baby monitor which could be used with smartphones and other compatible devices.

More funding (thirty million dollars) came from Idinvest Partners, Bpifrance, Ventech, and 360 Capital Partners in 2013. Because Withing’s broad compatibility with devices, it became possible to send your personal data to the iOS Health App from your scale or other devices in 2014.

Partnering with MyFitnessPal in 2015, the companies both revealed a study in which people are seven times more likely to be able to lose weight when they commit to keeping track of their caloric intake and output. By connecting your MyFitnessPal account with your Health Mate account, you can use your nutrition data in order to see if you’re getting enough exercise related to your diet.

Weight Management

One thing that people always have been, and always will be worried about is their weight. Especially in today’s society where ads and models are available everywhere you go and it’s impossible to find women that aren’t photoshopped or touched up. But society’s pressure shouldn’t be the reason you want to manage or lose weight. Do it for your body, your health, your happiness with yourself.

Just by weighing yourself daily, you are likely to lose more weight; up to four times more than those that try to lose weight without weighing themselves as often, or at all. If you want to gain muscle after losing that fat, there is a program called Better Body that teaches you about your body composition. It will also show you many more ways to lose fat.

Another reason you’d want to track your weight is during pregnancy. There is a setting called ‘Pregnancy Tracker’ that will allow you to follow your weight gain during pregnancy and to make sure that you are staying on track. Obstetrician approved content is available on the app during every stage to give you a better idea of what to expect during your pregnancy.

Once the baby is born, you can use the scale and app to make sure it is getting enough nutrition by simply recording its’ growth (weight gain). The setting for weighing a child on the scale is called ‘Baby Mode’, and it is there to help caregivers and parents track the weight of the baby by stepping onto the scale themselves and holding the baby.

Get More Active

You have the option of tracking your activities via the Health Mate app. Why would you want to keep track of this? Simple. To motivate yourself to do more and beat your own records, while creating a healthier body.

Set a daily goal for the number of steps you take and weekly goals for activities. If you want to encourage yourself to get out and run three times a week or go to the gym every other day, set your app to remind you and it will even reward you when you complete your goals.

You can connect with your family and friends on the Health Mate app to inspire you more to get active. Who doesn’t love a little friendly competition? You’ll all be ranked and rewarded as you make progress and you can see each others’ badges. If you challenge others to a step-off, you’re likely to walk twenty-five percent more steps.

After your workout, or at the end of the day, you can look at a report on your heart rate zones (with a compatible watch), duration, how many calories you burned, your VO2Max fitness level, and the path that you took (if you went for a walk/run). Keep in mind that some features are only available with compatible devices.

Sleep Assessment

There is one thing that all people around the world have in common; nobody is getting enough sleep or quality sleep. When you’ve got the correct compatible device (Withings watch), your app can track your sleep trends for you. All you have to do is wear the monitor and you can wake up the next morning to check your sleep cycles and how many interruptions you had to help you get to the point that you can wake up feeling rested and improve your health long-term.

With the sleep setting, you’ll be able to evaluate your results (the app will also evaluate for you) to determine when is the best time during your cycles of sleep to be able to wake up feeling the most alert and rested.

The sleep setting on the app can assist you in learning the best strategies to achieve a better night’s sleep, reduce the fatigue you feel not only in the morning but all throughout the day, improve your general health, and even help you with your efforts to lose weight.


The design of scales has come a long way. What used to be gigantic, heavy metal boxes that were in the way is now a tiny compact square disk that can easily be tucked away in small nooks and crannies to save valuable space.

The Body Cardio scale has an aluminum base and a glass top that is heat-tempered. This simply means that the glass has been treated and will be up to five times stronger than untreated glass. This scale is just 0.7 inches thick and doesn’t have feet that need adjusted which makes it more stable. Because of the design, the scale will work on both thick carpet and hard floors.

The scale is rechargeable and the battery has a lifespan that can be as long as twelve months. The WiFi feature will make sure that your measurements are accurate no matter where you are. This means that your phones doesn’t have to be close to the scale to receive the results. With Position Control built into the scale, it will guide your feet into the correct spots to ensure that your weigh-ins are precise.

Standing Heart Rate

With the Body Cardio scale, it is as easy as ever to read your standing heart rate. Why do you want to know this? It is actually a good look at your fitness overall. You don’t have to be an athlete to have an interest in monitoring your heart rate or your fitness level. It could help you recognize possible health problems. A change in the regularity and rate of your pulse can sometimes be a sign of a condition with your heart or otherwise.

When you’re calm and relaxed, your pulse should typically fall between sixty and one hundred beats in a minute. If you’re an active person, your standing heart rate could be lower due to your heart muscle being stronger. It will be able to keep a more steady beat with less effort, resulting in fewer beats per minute.

There are four strategies you can implement in order to lower your standing heart rate while helping your heart become healthier. The first is exercise (surprise). It can’t just be a leisurely stroll here and there though. You need to do activities that get your heart to start beating faster. The more you exercise (preferably every day), the more your standing heart rate with gradually slow down.

By reducing stress (easier said than done) via relaxation methods like tai chi or meditation, you can achieve a lower heart rate. Fun fact: people who smoke cigarettes have a higher standing heart rate. That is easily counteracted by simply quitting smoking (also easier said than done). If necessary, losing weight could help as well. The more you weigh, the harder the heart has to pump in order to get enough blood to your body.


Before you purchase any product like this (smart), make sure that your devices are compatible with it. When it comes to connecting the scale to your phone you must have an Android with 5.0 software or higher. If you have an Apple product, there are many guidelines.

If you have an iPad, it needs to be either a fourth generation or more recent. If you have an iPod touch, it needs to be either sixth generation or newer. If you have an iPhone, it needs to be the iPhone 5 or newer. Your iOS must be the iOS 10 or more recent.

The scale requires a connection to the internet. You can achieve this via WiFi or your phone’s mobile data through a hot spot. The scale can be used without connection to the internet, but it will not sync any of your information to a device or app for you.

When you use the Health Mate app, you have the option of adding Alexa Skill. Alexa can provide you with the motivation to get you going and keep you going, or she can give you updates on your progress (or lack thereof). All you have to do is tell Alexa to ask Withings whatever it is you’d like to know. Alexa can gather information about your weight trends and give it to you by daily, weekly, or yearly stats.

Nutrition Tracking

You can use the features available to give yourself goals as far as weight or nutrition. Give yourself a calorie budget for the day and keep track of what you eat. If you give yourself goals and routinely check your stats and trends, you should be able to muster up enough motivation to achieve your objectives.

Studies show that people who track their caloric intake and output are more likely to successfully lose weight. The constant reminder of what you’re putting into your body and what you’re doing to make up for it will make you want to improve every day. There’s no better motivation than a competition and no better competition than yourself.

Bottom Line

Having a smart scale can be beneficial to you in so many ways, whether you’re a healthy and active person, somebody who just wants to track their metrics or someone who is seriously trying to improve their health.

Thanks to technology, and the Health Mate app, it is easier than ever to track your stats. You don’t have to memorize any numbers or do any math or write anything down. It’s as easy as downloading an app, connecting to the scale, and stepping on. Up to eight users can be registered with the scale, and it will automatically know who you are and where to send the information.

If you like to weigh yourself in the morning you can even enjoy a nice weather forecast provided by the Body Cardio scale. You can set it to your local weather. It’s not all about the bells and whistles though, it’s about functionality, and this scale provides you with both.