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Many new parents think that they cannot still go out and explore, they let their fitness go to the wayside, all because they have a little one at home. That is not a good enough excuse to stay inside and not get your workouts in, to not enjoy going on an adventure. The Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle stroller allows you to get outside still and do the things you love all while comfortably bringing your child with you. The large tires and excellent suspension will enable you to head over rough terrains or head out jogging without jostling your little one all around, keeping everyone happy. There is almost nowhere you can't go with this product. It comes highly recommended from families who have used it and love it. Don't let your sense of adventure and exploration die just because you decided to start a family.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Hand operated brake

Longer seat back

Retractable leg extension

Adjustable handlebar

Rear wheel suspension


Requires infant seat adapter

Limited color options

Tires wear down easily


Having a new baby does not mean that you cannot easily leave the house and enjoy the great outdoors. Some new parents use the excuse that they cannot find a sitter to skip their daily runs and stay cooped up in the house all day long. Those days are past. Thanks to jogging strollers like the Urban Jungle you can take your little one with you almost anywhere with ease. This all-terrain stroller lets you enjoy trips through the city as well as adventures off the beaten path. The large wheels and excellent suspension system will help you breeze right over rough terrains or anything that stands in your way. The front swivel tire has a locking mechanism so you can keep it unlocked for maneuverability while traveling city streets or local parks or you can lock it up for those times you're heading out for a run or traversing over rough grounds.

Do you want to head out in the snow? Do you live in a climate where there are snow and ice on the ground for most of the year? This stroller comes with accessories that are perfect for a cold weather expedition. You can get the winter ski attachment which are little skis that attach to the wheels of the buggy, letting you travel over snow and ice with ease. This attachment also works wonders in the sand.

This stroller is perfect for just about anything and can go almost anywhere. It will make heading out for an adventure or going out for your daily workouts a breeze. The transition between use in urban or rural settings is excellent, especially for parents who need that freedom of choice in their stroller.

Ease of Use

The Mountain Buggy is super easy to use; customers love it. It is easy to fold and unfold, which is much appreciated. There are a few customers who stated that they needed to practice doing this a couple of times, but once they got the hang of it, there were no additional issues. One thing to note is the button to fold it up is a bit hidden and can be challenging to find if you do not know where it is, making it tricky to close the stroller when you are done using it. The mechanism sits right below your child's feet sitting behind the padding.

Traveling over rough terrains or popping up curbs can prove to be a challenge for some off-road buggies, but this one does it without hesitation. The large wheels make it sail over rough patches while the excellent weight distribution and overall design of the stroller allow you to pop that front tire up easily so you can get right over the curb with no problems.

Reclining the seat for your little one is a breeze while you are on the go. You can adjust it from sitting straight up to fully reclined, depending on the needs and wants of your little one.


This stroller comes packed full of lots of features to make your experience easier and more enjoyable for everyone involved. It comes with new and improved suspension for a smoother ride for you and baby. It will let you sail over rougher terrain without shaking your child up and causing them discomfort.

Storage. There is so much storage. There is plenty of space to hold all the essentials you need for taking your little one out and about and even extra room for those non-essentials. The basket under the chair has a 22-pound capacity, which is more significant than many of the other strollers on the market. Not only do you get this durable and sizable compartment, but there are also pockets galore. You can store your phone and keys easily, water bottles and snacks, even toys for your little one.

The adjustable handlebar is a big selling point of the Urban Jungle, allowing you to move the bar to the perfect height for optimal comfort. You also get to take advantage on a hand brake, allowing you to keep control while heading down hills, so your carriage does not get away from you.


There is almost nowhere you can go with the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle. It is designed to transition smoothly from a rural setting into your urban lifestyle. The standard three-wheel construction with large tires allows you to glide right over obstacles that get in your way, such as roots, stone, ditches, and branches. The incredible shock-absorbing suspension keeps your buggy steady and prevents the baby from being thrown around in their seat.

The option to switch the front wheel so it can swivel or stay locked in a huge advantage. Allowing you to leave it unlocked, allowing you to maneuver easily through the city streets or if you are heading to a shopping mall or amusement park. If you are heading out for a run or traversing rough terrain, then you will want a little more stability which you can get from locked the tire.

A unique feature to the Urban Jungle is it has ski attachments available (sold separately), so you can even travel with ease over snow or ice, allowing you to float right over the ground. This attachment also makes walking on beaches easier and more convenient.


Your child's safety should be your number one concern. When you are heading out on an adventure, you will want to ensure your little one is locked into the stroller safe and sound. The five-point harness is going to keep them in place, so you're not going to have to risk them climbing out and getting free while you are on the go.

The hand brake is a great safety feature that many runners can appreciate. This comes in especially handy if there are a lot of hills along the way. It is going to help you keep control of your speed when you are going down, preventing you from losing control and letting the buggy get away from you.


You are going to get a traditional jogging stroller style with this buggy. It has the standard three wheel construction with large wheels to give you the ability to move across various terrains freely. As you would expect it has a storage basket under the seat as well as pockets located throughout.

There are a couple of colors that you can choose from when ordering this buggy so you can try to find a style that will best work for your families wants and needs. You can pick from silver, berry, or black. Consumers love the color options and the style of the Urban Jungle.


When you're heading out for your daily jog or merely going out on a family adventure, you want to ensure that your little one is as comfy as possible. After all, if they are happy then you are happy, right? The seat can recline from laying down to sitting straight up so you can choose the position that will best suit you and your child's needs and wants.

The back of the seat is a bit longer than the average buggy, giving you a little extra headroom for your little one as they grow. Additionally, it features a retractable leg extension that will provide them with some extra legroom and better comfort.


The Mountain Buggy is designed with durability in mind. After all, it is meant to withstand your off-roading adventures with a little one. The canvas materials of the stroller are quite durable and will not rip or tear easily. It can be wiped clean and is water and fade resistant, ensuring that you will be able to keep it intact for years to come.

The frame is lightweight, but don't let that fool you, it is not going to break unexpectedly, which is always a good thing. You aren't going to have to worry about hitting the trails and having the buggy break or fall apart on you with your little one along for the ride.

The one downfall that many customers have mentioned about the longevity of the stroller comes from the tires. They tend to wear down rather quickly and will need to be replaced. You can simply order new tires for the buggy, and you will be good to go, they are super easy to swap out. Although, it can be frustrating knowing that they can wear down faster than usual.

Of course, you are going to want to take care of the product, and not abuse it too much; otherwise, it might not last as long as you would like. As long as it is taken care of you should have no problems making the Urban Jungle last years, sometimes through even more than one child.


The Urban Jungle has a pretty average price tag when compared to similar products on the market. It is highly durable, so it is going to last you a while without needing to be replaced, making it a decent investment. It does come with a lot of great features, as mentioned above, which makes it a pretty good value, comparatively. Parents who have purchased this stroller fell in love with it and believe that they got their monies worth.


As is typical with jogging strollers, the Mountain Buggy is a bit on the bulky side, but it's not bad once you get the hang of it. It does not weigh too much, however, coming in at only 24 pounds. It is generally easy for most customers to lug this thing around as they need to, throwing it in their vehicle or storing it in the closet when not in use.

The buggy has a width of only 25 inches so it can squeeze through narrow spaces as needed, typically if you are shopping or spending the day at an amusement park with your family. It comes with three 12-inch tires so you can travel just about anywhere with ease.

The seat of the stroller can lay flat to accommodate a newborn child, with the use of an infant seat, and can carry a child up to 77 pounds. The retractable leg rest gives added comfort to your child as he/she grows, allowing them extra legroom as they get taller.


When you purchase the Urban Jungle, you will get, in the box, the stroller itself, with three air-filled tires, canvas fabrics, five-point buckle, sun hood, grab bar, reversible seat liner, bottle holder, and the under seat storage compartment.

There are many accessories that you can purchase, separately to give you a better and more comfortable experience while you are out and about. If you have a newborn at home and still want to use this buggy you can always get the car seat adaptor or CarryCot to use with it, allowing to go safely bring baby along for the ride.

If you have a child at home and plan to add another member to your family, this stroller is compatible with most +one accessories, allowing you to make it a double without having to purchase a brand new buggy.

Bottom Line

A lot of new parents think that just because they have little ones at home, they cannot still go out and get their daily running in or head out on fun adventures unless they can find a babysitter. Strollers like the Mountain Buggy Urban Jungle make it so that is not the case anymore. You can still head out and do just about anything you did before the baby; you can just bring them along for the ride. This buggy is designed for those with an active lifestyle and a sense of adventure. You can head out over rough terrains with ease for those who like to veer off the beaten path, or you can sail around the neighborhood with ease when it is time to get your running in. This buggy has three large tires and a fantastic suspension system that lets you bring baby with you just about anywhere. Do not let the fact that you started a family stop you from being a happy and healthy you.