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Having a child is probably one of the most exciting things in a person’s life. Regardless if you’re a mom or a dad, the responsibilities, the worries, the sleepless nights and the financial burdens are endless.

You constantly worry about your child’s safety, about the child’s wellbeing. The happiness, the health and the overall wellness are something that every parent strives to achieve for their child. And most of them will do whatever it takes to see their child happy, healthy, and safe.

Even if that means buying ridiculously expensive bike trailers in order for the enjoyment to be mutual. Both the parents and the kids can enjoy the great outdoors, thanks to the items like Coaster XT. And Thule has a great selection so the parents can choose the best option for them and their little ones. Thanks to the models like this, the parents can stay active, and the children can enjoy the ride, safely tucked in the back. This is a very versatile item, that provides both exercise and fun, but more on the specifics you can read in the post below.

Hope you’ll like this review and this item.  Enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Bicycle and stroller kits

Easy conversion

Adjustable handlebar

Easy folding




Much like with plenty of other models, Thule plays it safe with the choice of materials even in this item. The skeleton of the model is made out of aluminum, which actually attributes to the very lightweight feeling of the model. The steel is used for the various attachments that need a bit extra force and strength in order to keep all the parts together, but the most visible part of the item is, of course, the trailer itself.

It does look like a small carriage because the earliest models of that time were actually called carriages. In some instances even today the name gets actually used, but the main component (the cover if you will) is actually made out of nylon and polyester. The use of different materials ensures that the key areas of the model will have layers upon layers of stability and high functionality.


The materials mentioned before and the way the entire item is designed to make for one fantastic unity of comfort. That’s why the comfort is never attributed to solely one specification, on solely one material and solely one feature. It’s always a joint effort to bring out the comfort.

But over here in this particular model (for the sake of argument) let’s single out the different things that compose the comfort. Yes, the use of aluminum, steel, and mix of nylon and firm polyester is fantastic. They do so much for the comfort, the sturdy nature of the item and the durability as well. Not to mention they give the Coaster XT the lightweight and fantastic feeling. More importantly the compatibility of the spacious and roomy model that is well equipped to accommodate up to two children at once.

That’s a big plus in terms of comfort. And not only that, those two children will have enough space to move freely without the risk of being crammed like sardines in a can. We’ll get into the dimensions and the details of the entire item a bit later in the posts, but for now, it’s important to know that the comfort is allowed by the storage room. There’s precious cargo to be put in that roomy space, and the comfort is not taken lightly here.

But why focus on the comfort of the children in the back? The parents need to feel it as well. After all, they’re the ones that are pedaling that bike and carrying them along. And the best way to feel that comfort is through the handlebar. It’s adjustable in multiple positions, and best of all it can easily be adjusted to the height of the parents. If mom is a bit shorter than dad, she needs to be able to grab the handlebar comfortably and securely as a dad.


Probably the most important aspect of the practicality is the double ability to use the item with a stroller and with a bicycle kit. What does it mean? Well, by using the bicycle kit, you can actually attach the Coaster XT to your bicycle and tag the kids along while you push the pedals. This is ideal for parents who love to ride a bicycle, and don’t wish to stop because they don’t have a babysitter or a childminder.

Don’t have a babysitter but you’d love to go for a bike ride in the park? Take the little ones with you. They’ll be enjoying the ride as much as you will. Except they’ll be comfortably snug in the back, enjoying the scenery and even taking a short nap. The second option is the stroller kit. It doesn’t involve paddling a bicycle, and in this case, all you have to do is walk.

Oh, and push the model, of course. The stroller kit allows you to use the Coaster XT as a stroller. So, instead of attaching the model to the back, you’ll be having a firm grip on the handlebar and pushing the item with your two hands. That’s where the third smaller wheel comes in play, as you can attach it at the front and let it guide you through your jog. The conversion between these two kits is very easy, and you shouldn’t be experiencing any problems at all. Awesome right?


Sadly the speed that the Coaster XT develops during both of the versions (the stroller and the bicycle) is not stated specifically. It all depends on the terrain that you use it on, on the weight of the cargo and the kit that you use. Whether you use the stroller or the bicycle kit, the speed will differ greatly.


The complete weight of the item, with the inclusion of the handlebar, is 24.2lbs or 11 kg in total. However, the weight capacity of the model is 100lbs or 45 kg. Enough to fit 2 small children comfortably in the back. It’s the perfect weight both for the trailer and for the cargo that should be placed in the back. The weight allows for the model to have the best performance, regardless of which kit you end up using or on what type of terrain you’re using it.


Although the unfolded version of the item looks a bit bulky and massive (well compared to the other strollers), the folded dimensions of the Coaster XT make for one easy to store item. Seriously. The folded dimensions are 94cm by 77cm by 28cm or 37in by 30in by 11inches. Oh, and the strolling wheel (you know the wheel you get to attach at the front in order to transfer the item from biking mode to a strolling more) is actually stored on board of the product. Yes, it’s included in the packaging, and you’ll get it when you purchase it.

Notable features

What can you separate and label as a notable feature in an object that has security and comfort practically written all over it? Well, let’s start with the ez-Hitch. It’s a secure attachment that’s been patented for the Thule Company. It’s a type of attachment that you’ll also get with the package which will also allow you to attach your trailer to your bike. How cool is that? No more wobbly accidents that are just waiting to happen. No, thanks to the ez-Hitch, both the trailer and your bike will be secured and attached very tightly in order to give you the best possible ride. Secondly, there are two comfy seats for the precious little ones can sit comfortably on.


An item that’s in charge of transporting small children, the security is probably the number one requirement. And over there in the Coaster XT, it’s really something for sure. The security starts with safety standards. The model has been tested for all types of security standards and met the requirements on all of them. Secondly, the harness that’s been attached on the actual seats has positive approval for all 5 points of safety.

Seriously. Knowing the kids’ behavior and how restless, fussy and curious they could get fairly quickly, it’s always best to be safe than sorry. You can thank Thule for the additional perceptions of safety that were implemented here in this particular model. In fact, the same exact precautions are taken in every model, but since the Coaster XT is the subject of review, we can’t emphasize that enough.


You’re in luck. While most of the other trailers have barely one available accessory, this particular model has four. Yes, that’s right. Let’s start with the first one. The infant sling by Thule is truly something. Recommended for use of infants that are up to 10 months old, but it’s not recommended that you use the sling when you’re cycling.

Secondly, there’s the Footmuff. It’s a type of muff, specially designed to keep your child warm and super cozy in the much colder days. You wouldn’t want your child to freeze while it’s in the trailer right?

Third, if your counting is the rain cover. Designed by Thule, it’s a protective and highly practical rain cover that you can put over the trailer in order to increase the protection from the rain. That way you can use the Coaster XT whenever you please and do not get alarmed if you find yourself in a wet and rainy situation.

And last but certainly not least, there’s storage cover. A highly practical and very durable cover that essentially protects the carrier when it’s folded and not in use.

Bottom line

The Coaster XT is another great item from the Thule Company. A Company that specializes in producing baby and child carriers, here with this particular item shows that they really know their customers. In fact over here in this model, both the youngest and the oldest customers will be left satisfied.

The parents can get the exercise that they need, and the young ones can enjoy the scenery and the fact that mommy or daddy is taking them for a ride. The Coaster XT is actually highly comfortable, lightweight and fairly easy to use. Not to mention that the storage and the conversion from one kit to the other one is an easy-peasy job. You can do pretty much everything you want with this.

Almost every outdoor activity is allowed and welcomed. The Coaster XT will allow you to jog, to hike, to bike, to go on a cross country trip, or simply to take a stroll in your nearest park. It can easily fit 2 children inside, it’s perfectly safe, and it will become your strongest ally in the lovely summer mornings, when you just want to go for a job, but have no one to leave your children with. It’s truly a fantastic item.

Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but if you’re looking for a way to splurge and to invest in your family’s wellbeing this is the best possible way to do that.