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When adding a new member to your family, many parents feel like they cannot still get outside and exercise and do the things that they love, but that is simply untrue. Using a jogging stroller, like the Joovy Zoom 360 you can still head out and do the things you enjoy while bringing your family with you. This stroller will let you travel over almost any terrain with ease. The large tires will move quickly over rocks and sticks and will flow right over sand and grassy areas, allowing you the freedom to go almost anywhere. It is a little on the bulky side, but that is not abnormal for this type of product, although it is lightweight, so that is a good thing. Whether heading out for a run or enjoying a stroll around the neighborhood, this buggy will let you bring your little one along for the ride.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price tag


Great for traveling

Keeps baby safe




The Joovy Zoom 360 is the perfect stroller for a plethora of activities, whether inside or out. It has a front tire that swivels, or you can opt to lock it in place, allowing you to choose whether you want to focus on maneuverability or stability. When exploring the wilderness or out for a run you might want to consider locking the wheel for a smoother ride but if you are walking around in tighter spaces, like a mall or an amusement park you can allow the front tire to swivel so you have more control and can walk around the tight spaces with ease. You do not have to let the fact that you added a new member to your family stop you from heading out.

If you want to head out for your daily run or you want to trek along a wooded path, this is going to be a great choice of stroller for you to take your little one with you. It is super comfortable and easy to use. It is lightweight, and the large tires allow you to move with ease. It is barely an inconvenience to take your child out in this stroller.

Keep in mind that the use of this stroller is not recommended for children under three months old unless you are using the attachment to allow you to use your infant seat in conjunction with the buggy.

Ease of Use

Customers can appreciate how easy it is to use this buggy. Having a little one with you can be hard enough without the added stress trying to use your stroller so Joovy made sure that you would not have to deal with any unnecessary hassle. It is lightweight, weighing in at only 25.7 pounds (empty) which makes it easier to carry around with you and convenient when you have to push it along while you are out and about.

When you're done using it, it folds up and has auto-locking features to keep it securely in place. If you want to store it in a tight spot you can make the Zoom even more compact by taking off the wheels. They have a quick release feature which lets you pop them right off, and then click right back in when you want to use them again. Something to note, however, is that some customers mentioned that it might not be as easy as you would think when trying to fold and unfold it. Keep in mind that it is a large stroller and as such if you are a smaller person it might give you a little trouble when it comes to working with it. Another thing parents had problems with about the stroller was that you could not fold and unfold it one handed like you can with many other similar products, it makes it a little more problematic when trying to hold your child and get the buggy ready for use.


Thanks to the large wheels, 16-inches on the back and 12-inches on the front, this stroller and traverse many different terrains with ease. The Joovy Zoom 360 has a decent amount of suspension, although not as great as some of their rivals so you can sail right over small ditches, sticks, and stones without too much discomfort for you or your little one. Customers love that they can take this thing almost anywhere with no worries. Whether heading to a mall, amusement park, city streets, sandy beaches, or wooded trails, this stroller can hold its own and keep you and your baby happy.


When purchasing a jogging stroller you want to try to find something that is not only going to be comfortable for your little one, but you want to make sure that you are comfy as well. Even though it can offer a decent comfort level to your little one, customers were not very pleased with how it treated them. Unfortunately, the biggest problem comes with the handlebar. It cannot be adjusted based on the height of the runner, so you are stuck with the default position. It is just fine for a lot of runners, but there are some who just cannot walk or jog comfortably with the stroller because of it. The buggy itself is a little bulky but not overly heavy so actually pushing it is barely an inconvenience, so that is always an added bonus.

The Zoom 360 does do a pretty decent job at keeping your little one comfy. It is very roomy, designed to allow your child room to grow in it. It is perfect for children up to 75 pounds so there as to be enough room to accommodate that. There is a decent amount of padding in the seat to ensure they're quite cozy while they are going along for the ride. The chair also reclines so your child can sit up and enjoy the scenery or lay back and relax; it is no problem at all.


As with almost all jogging strollers, this one has three wheels, two larger ones in the back and one slightly smaller one in the front (16 and 12 inches). The Joovy features a carrying basket under the seat as well as a parent organizer at the handlebar for you to keep the essentials stored while on the go.

This buggy comes in a couple of different colors so you can find something that you and your family will love. You can choose between black, blueberry, charcoal (gray), or red. Something to keep in mind is that a couple of customers mentioned that the red is not exactly what it looks like in the images; it more of an orangish red.


The Zoom 360 comes with a lot of great features that parents and children can take advantage of. First, it has a lot of storage so you can bring all of your essentials with you when you are heading out with your little one. That being said, some consumers have some issues with the storage compartments. The compartment under the seat has a metal bar that goes over the top of it, making it pretty challenging to fit an average sized diaper bag in it without pushing and shoving. The buggy also features a parent organizer that comes with two cup holders and a little pouch that is perfect for storing your keys and/or cell phone. Some reviewers were less than pleased about the look and quality of this feature, saying that it just looked and felt cheap; however, it gets the job done. Additionally, there are mesh pockets inside the seat for your child, so they can store their snacks or toys to keep them company while you are out and about.

One thing that this stroller does not provide that many parents would have liked to have seen is a hand brake. This makes traveling down hills a bit tricky as you will not be able to easy control the speed of the buggy as it rolls down, so keep this in mind. If you live where there are a lot of hills you might want to consider something else that has this feature as this one does not. It does, however, have a foot brake that you can use when you are stopped to make sure the buggy does not roll away without you. Keep in mind that some reviewers mentioned that this foot brake could be a bit difficult to use. You can step on it to lock the tires easy enough, and you should be able to release it with your foot as well, but it does not seem to be that easy. Many parents commented that they had to bend down and use their hands to release the breaks and even then it was still a bit on the difficult side.


Ensuring the safety of your child is extremely important, and it is something that Joovy takes seriously. They have a couple of different features that will help keep you and your little one safe while you are on the go. The stroller itself has a stable and durable build so you are not going to have to worry about injuring yourself or your child while you are out and about because it could not stand up to the challenge of your active lifestyle.

The seat has a five-point harness to strap your little one in place so they will not fall out it accidentally or climb out while you are in the middle of your jog. Your child will have a pleasant and secure place to sit and enjoy the ride. It also features a rather large canopy that you can use to help protect your baby from the sun, and it will come down and cover a good portion of your kid so they sun can stay off of them. It not only works for the sun though, but it is also pretty good at keeping the wind from blowing in their faces and can help keep them dry when you get caught out in the rain.

The stroller is lacking a hand brake, as mentioned above, so you should use some extra caution when you are going to be traveling downhill. It does, however, have a foot brake and a tether so you can make sure the stroller is not going to go anywhere without you being aware. You can strap the leash around your wrist so if you stop for a minute or two you can let go of the handle while still being linked to the buggy, so you are always aware of where it is. Additionally, you can just pop on the foot brake, so your little one does not go rolling off down the street without you.


When you are shopping around for a stroller for your expanding family, you want to find something that is going to last you a while. The Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller is a highly durable buggy that will be part of your baby gear for quite a while. Some consumers have stated that it worked well for them through more than one child, as it will not break very quickly at all. It has an aluminum frame and durable fabrics to ensure the longevity of the product. The tires might seem like they will be weak and prone to popping but is not the case. The wheels are strong enough to withstand rocky or root covered terrains with ease.


When compared to some of the other jogging strollers on the market, this one has a slightly lower price tag which makes it appear like an outstanding deal. Yes, it is a reasonable price, but there are some things that this product is lacking which are why it has a more affordable price point. That being said, it is a good quality product and does what it is supposed to do. It is highly durable and will not suffer from premature wear and tear, allowing you to keep this in the family for years to come.


If you have a new baby that is younger than three months old you and still want to use this stroller, then you might want to consider purchasing the additional adapter to allow to connect your infant car seat to the stroller. This way you can take your newest addition without while still keeping them safe and secure in their seat. There are a plethora of other accessories available for use with this stroller as well, such as a rain cover, snack tray for your little one, and tote bags for additional storage.

Bottom Line

If you're someone who likes being outdoors and leading an active lifestyle you should not let the fact that you have a little one at home stop you. Using the Joovy Zoom 360 jogging stroller, you can take your child with you with ease, letting them tag along with you on your adventure and spending some good quality time together. This stroller is a bit on the bulky side, but that is to be expected from many products such as this one. It is perfect for children up to 75 pounds, although if they are younger than three months old, you will want to get the infant seat adapter so you can safely transport your child. Customers love this stroller, and many will recommend it to other new parents with a sense of adventure.