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When you are stomping around in the rain or trudging through the muck on the farm, you want to make sure you are staying dry and comfortable. Just because you are wearing something functional doesn't mean you can't look cute, as well. The Sloggers Rain Boots will give you everything you need and want in your footwear. They will keep you dry and cozy, no matter the water you are trekking around in. Customers adore the fun and cute styles they are available in, giving them a lot of great choices.

Unfortunately, the boots are only available in whole sizes, which can be discouraging for some women. If you are between sizes, then you will want to order the next size up. Thankfully, the company helps make things a little easier for these ladies. They come with half sizer inserts to make up for the extra room from sizing up. If you prefer not to use these inserts, you can opt for thick socks to fill up the spare room in the foot chamber.

If you are looking for a fantastic pair of rain boots that will keep you dry and stylish, then the Sloggers might be perfect for you. Most women who have tried them have fallen in love with the style and comfort.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Fun style



Reasonable price tag

Easy to clean



Made in America


Only available in whole sizes

Runs a bit small

Not breathable


The outsole if the Sloggers are made out of heavy-duty rubber for excellent durability. They feature a lug tread that provides great traction; you don't have to worry about slipping around on the wet ground.

Customers who are concerned with the environment will be happy to know that the soles of the boots are made out of 50% recycled materials.


The Sloggers Rain Boots feature a removable insole that provides you a decent amount of cushioning for a great underfoot experience. Customers can agree that the sole provides them with all-day comfort. Additionally, the fact that they are removable makes them a lot easier to clean and care for. If you find that they don't quite provide you with the cushioning that you need, you can always swap them out for an insole or insert that better fits your needs.

Sloggers sells half size inserts that are great for those who have to order a larger size due to the fact the boots aren't available in half sizes.


The Sloggers Rain Boots are made up of recyclable materials. This is great for those who are looking for something more eco-friendly than the others on the market. They recycled materials to help keep some of the used plastic and rubber out of the oceans, helping the world that we live in.

Additionally, the boots are latex-free and vegan-friendly. This is perfect for vegans, allowing them to enjoy these great boots without a problem. Finally, the boots are American made. Many consumers prefer to buy products made in the USA, so this gives you the option to do just that.

Sloggers try to do what they can to accommodate as many women as possible. The fact that they are vegan, latex-free, made in America, and wide-legged ensure that they can be worn by the majority of consumers.


Durability is a crucial factor when deciding on whether to purchase a product or not. You don't want to waste your time shopping or your money by buying something that falls apart shortly after your purchase. This holds true for your rain boots, as well. You have more to lose than just your money if they can't handle the abuse. If they start to rip or tear then, they are going to do the job they are intended to do, keep you dry.

Thankfully, this isn't a problem with the Sloggers. They have a durable build that can stand up to a lot of abuse. Whether you are wearing them around on a rainy day or trekking through the mud and muck on a farm, the footwear will stay intact and keep you dry.


It can be extremely difficult to find a good pair of rain boots that offer superior comfort. A lot of times, you will find ones that are ill-fitting and offer no underfoot cushioning or support. Thankfully for most women, these shoes can provide the comfort and support they are looking for.

Not only will the product provide you comfort, but they are also going to help prevent discomfort. The fantastic traction on the outsole will help prevent slips and falls to avoid injury. Additionally, they are waterproof to keep your feet dry and toasty.

These boots have a fantastic fit that provides you with excellent comfort. Even though they are only available in full sizes, they do what they can to accommodate those who's feet fall in the middle by offering insoles to make up for the size discrepancy.

The flexible upper and cushioned insole provides you with a pleasant experience with every step.


Keeping your footwear clean is imperative to the overall durability and look. If you aren't keeping your boots clean and taking care of them properly, then you run the risk of premature wear and tear, nobody wants that. The good news about the Sloggers Rain Boots is that they are super easy to clean and care for; it's barely an inconvenience.

You can either hose the dirt and grime off of them or wipe them with a wet cloth. Clean the exterior is as easy as that. Washing the inside is super simple as well. The removable insole and be soaked and hung up to dry. Following these easy care instructions to ensure your product is staying clean and looking great.


As you would expect from a product like this, they don't offer a lot of breathability. They are meant to keep your feet dry while splashing around in the rain. If they are allowing air in, then the chances are they will let moisture in too. So, keep in mind that the boots aren't going to give you the ventilation you might need to stay cool.

That said, since the boots have a wide and open calf hole, they can allow a little airflow through them. It isn't much, but there is a tiny bit of flow to keep your legs a little on the cool side.


As stated above, the Sloggers Rain Boots are waterproof. After all, that is something that you would expect from a pair of rain boots. If you are out splashing around in the rain, you want to make sure that your socks and feet are staying dry, no, they might not offer the best ventilation, but they provide stellar protection from moisture. They will keep your feet nice and dry, no matter what you are doing or where you are going.

Customers have stated that they have worn them through inches of running and still water without their feet getting wet. They have worn them in their flooded yards and basements, walking through puddle riddled parking lots, and trudging through the mud on a farm. They are fantastic at ensuring you are not stuck in damp and soggy socks.


When you are thinking about rain and muck boots, you want to ensure that you are getting something that offers reliable traction. After all, you are going to be trekking around on wet and slick surfaces or trudging through the mud; you don't want to risk slipping and falling because of your footwear.

Thankfully, the Sloggers Rain Boots offer heavy duty lug tread that gives you phenomenal traction while you are out and about. Customers approve of the tread on this product, stating that they work very well.

That said, they are not great for walking on slick ice. Yes, they can dig into softer surfaces and help prevent falls, but they are not going to work well on ice. If you are looking for winter boots to wear on the ice, then there are better choices for you.


Customers love the fun and playful style of the Sloggers Rain Boots. Just because they are meant to be worn while splashing around in mud and puddles doesn't mean you can't look adorable while doing it. These boots come in a handful of great style options, featuring multiple colors and fun animals. Women absolutely adore the options available to them.

If you are looking for fun barnyard animals, you can pick from sky blue with goats, barn red with chickens, daffodil yellow with chickens, bubble gum pink with cows, mint green with cows, grass green with goats, blue with flying pigs, or spirit black with horses.

There are some other fun options for those who don't want to don the animals. You can also choose paisley blue with horseshoe prints, black and white polka dot, twisted houndstooth rose, twisted houndstooth green, rainbow city, sushi date, spring surprise blue, midsummer black, midsummer blue, or paisley red.

If you're seeking a simple and plain boot without a print, then black is the only option this product can accommodate. There are some who would prefer to see more fun solid colors. However, you aren't going to find that here.

Overall, customers love the fun style of these great looking boots.


It is always essential to make sure you are getting a pair of boots that are going to fit your feet properly. It can be extremely uncomfortable and even painful if you are stuck in an ill-fitting pair of footwear. When it comes to the Sloggers Rain Boots, customers are reporting they run a little small. It is recommended that you purchase about a half size up when placing your order. This can help ensure that you are getting the perfect fit for optimal comfort.

Some customers have reported that the boots have a little extra room in the shaft of the boot. This is a good thing for most consumers. They can easily fit ladies who have wide calves. It can be hard to find footwear that can accommodate these women, so it's nice to know that these are an option. Additionally, customers stated that you could easily and comfortably tuck your jeans into them, including bootleg jeans.

There are some quick guidelines that you might want to consider the following when deciding on size. Most women who are between sizes should also order one of the 'half sizer insoles. Also, keep in mind that a pair of thick and heavy socks will add up to a half of a size. Additionally, if you have wide feet, then they might feel a little snug, and it is recommended that you go up to about a full size to accommodate the width of your feet.


When you compare the Sloggers Rain Boots to other similar products on the market, you will be pleasantly surprised by the cost. The footwear falls a little under the average cost for this type of product. If you combine the low price with the durable construction and great function, you will see that they are an excellent value.

Customers love the fun style and great price. Some have even opted to purchase them in multiple styles since they are so affordable.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a great looking pair of rain boots, then you are in luck. The Sloggers Rain Boots come in a plethora of fun colors and styles that women love. If you want something fun with cute designs on it, then these are perfect for you. However, if you want something simple and plain, you might be able to find something a little better.

The great cost and durable construction make them an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for boots. There is no reason to pay an arm and a leg for something you are wearing trudging through the wet and mud. They are super easy to clean and care for. You simply have to hose them down, and they are good to go.

Overall, consumers love these boots. The fun style and comfortable underfoot experience make them great for just about anyone. Most women would recommend them to others looking for rain boots.