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The Mountain Buggy Terrain is an excellent way for new parents to remain active and maintain their healthy lifestyle. So many people let their health and fitness go to the wayside when they welcome a new family member, many spouting that it has to do with a lack of babysitter and they just cannot get out of the house. Thanks to jogging strollers like this one, that is no longer a viable excuse. You can still get out and run or explore the unknown while taking your little one along for the ride. This buggy is designed to handle all kinds of terrains, letting you go off-roading with ease while still being able to head out for your normal, everyday activities. It transitions well from an active stroller to a more conventional one. Customers love this stroller, and it comes recommended by families who have been using it for years.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Easy to use

Great for off-roading

Comes with extra tires

Lots of storage

Adjustable handlebar

Long-lasting durability

Features a hand brake

Easy engaging foot brake


Steep price tag

Short canopy

The harness is difficult to work



Just because you have a family at home is no reason that you should not still be able to get outside and head out for an adventure. It can be a little difficult to always get in your workouts and keep up with your fitness, especially if you cannot find a babysitter to stay at home with your little one. The good news is with the Mountain Buggy Terrain you do not need to worry about that. This stroller will allow you to take your child with you with ease so you can still hit the roads or the trails, getting in your workouts, without the need for finding a sitter.

The large tires allow you to sail right over small obstacles that might get in your way, allowing you to go just about anywhere. The swivel front tire has a locking mechanism that you can engage as needed, allowing you the ability to go from tighter quarters where you need maneuverability to wide open, rougher terrains where stability is essential, all without stopping or changing strollers.

Whether you want to spend a day at the beach, enjoy your daily runs around the neighborhood, trek through the woods, or head out on a shopping trip, this stroller is going to be the perfect option for you and your family.

Ease of Use

When you have little ones to take care of the last thing that you are going to want to struggle with is your stroller. They are supposed to make your adventures a little bit easier, so struggling with them is going to defeat that purpose. Thankfully, the Mountain Buggy Terrain is super easy to use and store, customers can really appreciate it.

It folds and unfolds with one hand, making it convenient when you are carrying your little one in your other hand while getting their ride ready to go. It is lightweight and not overly burdensome, so pushing it is relatively easy to do.


This stroller is designed for almost any kind of terrain. It will allow you to go just about anywhere with ease, making it the perfect product for families who want a little adventure in their lives. The large three-wheel design is typical for jogging strollers like this and with good reason, it allows you to float over rough terrain and other debris (stones or branches) easily, without causing discomfort to your or your little one. Not only are the tires going to allow you the freedom to explore, but it also features a shock-absorbing suspension that will help keep your child from bouncing all over the place while you're on the go, keeping them comfortable and happy for the duration of their ride.

The Mountain Buggy comes with two sets of rear tires, 16-inch and 12-inch so you can choose what is going to work best for you and what you are planning on doing. The different sizes are going to give you the flexibility that you will need when transitioning from an urban to the active environment.


Ensuring that both you and your little one are nice and comfortable while you are out and about is one thing that this product does very well. The adjustable handlebar allows you to customize the height of it so you can find a position that fits best for your height. This is something that not all joggers offer, so knowing that you can take advantage of this feature is very much appreciated by many parents.

Yes, it is a bit on the bulky side, but that is not abnormal for these types of strollers, but it is relatively lightweight and super easy to push, making sure that you are going to be able to use less effort, keeping you a little more comfy, while you are out and about.

As for baby, they are going to be able to sit back and enjoy the ride while remaining nice and comfy the whole time. The stroller comes with two fabric sets and has three parent facing solutions so you can choose the position that will work best for you and your little one. The seat easily adjusts and can lie-flat and sit up, or incline to anything in between. Laying your little one down is excellent for the newborns (with the CarryCot add-on) out there, but you can give them a little bit of an incline if they get a bit fussy. You can set them up when they get a bit older so they can enjoy the scenery. You can also swap out the fabrics as needed to keep your child a little more comfortable.

The buggy features shock absorbing suspension that helps give you a pleasant and smooth ride, so your baby is not bouncing all around the place while you are walking or running.


Of course, sustainability is going to be essential when purchasing a product like this. You want to make sure that it is going to last you for a long time and will not break or fall apart on you while you are out and about, especially since your little one will be riding in it. The good news is the Mountain Buggy Terrain is designed with this in mind and is not going to fall victim to premature wear and tear.

The soft canvas materials of the stroller are heavy, and they feel durable, keeping them from tearing or ripping easily. The storage basket located under the seat is even sturdy and will be able to carry a heavy loaded without sagging or tearing.

One issue that some reviewers had about it was the tires. They are made out of a heavy duty plastic, but there seems to be a little too much flex and play with them. They are not going to break or fall apart while you're running, but they could have been designed a little better.


The Mountain Buggy Terrain has a very steep price tag, higher even than some of the other top brands on the market. That being said, it is a highly durable stroller and will last you years, and possibly even through multiple children. Additionally, it comes with many great features and is a great all around stroller. Customers love the item, and it comes highly recommended. If you have the extra cash to spend, then this might be an excellent choice for you and your family.


The Mountain Buggy Terrain is a bit on the bulky side, but that is common for off-road stroller such as this. It might be a little big, but it is not too heavy, weighing in at only 27.8 pounds, making it easier to move around and transport when needed. That being said, some reviewers stated that they felt it was a bit heavier than they would have liked and awkward to lug around with them.


Safety should be the number one thing on your mind when searching for the perfect stroller for your family. You want to make sure your little one is tucked inside nice and safe to avoid injury while you are on the go.

The Terrain features a five-point harness, which is standard for this type of product. Whereas this harness does keep your little one safe and secure, it can be a bit of a pain to use, frustrating some parents. It is difficult to put on, take off, and even adjust. There are separate pieces that snap into the buckle one at a time when snapping your little one in. When you press the button to release the straps, you have to pull all of the belts out one at a time as well. It's not too bad but can become tedious.


As with almost any kind of off-road stroller, this one comes with a three-wheel design. It comes with two different sized back wheels (16 and 12 inches) with a 12-inch front tire, to give you the flexibility to move between different terrains with ease. It features zippered storage basket under the seat and bottle holders on the handlebar.

There are a couple of color options you can choose from when purchasing the Mountain Buggy so you can pick something that best works with your family. You can select from solus (yellow and grey), onyx (solid black), or graphite (black and white marble).


When you purchase the Mountain Buggy Terrain, you will receive the stroller itself along with two different sized back tires, a set of 12-inch and a set of 16-inch so you can change them out as you need them.

There are a plethora of additional accessories that you can choose from, sold separately, that can make your experience a little better. You can get a storm cover that will help keep the rain and moisture off of him/her while you are out and about. They also offer a duffle bag and a universal travel bag to help you carry around all your essentials. Mountain Buggy offers a food tray for your little one at an additional cost. This is something that many parents choose to get so they can give their little one's snacks on the fly.

If you have a newborn and still want to use this buggy you can opt for the infant car seat adaptor or the CarryCot so you can bring your baby with you while still keeping them comfy and secure.

None of these accessories are required for you to use the stroller, they are just additions you can get to help make your ride a little easier.


There are a lot of features that this buggy offers families that they love and can appreciate. It is designed to make your life and your adventures just a little bit easier.

It comes with a zip-up storage compartment located under the seat. It has about a 20-pound restriction, which is a little higher than similar strollers on the market. The zip top is convenient because it will ensure that your belongings will not bounce out while you are running or trekking over rough grounds. It also features bottle holders on the handles for you to store your drinks or other belongings such as your phone or keys. And pockets, everywhere. There are a lot of pockets throughout the carriage so you can store all kinds of goodies, such as snacks and toys. There are pockets located in the basket, the seat, and even in the canopy. The canopy pocket is designed for your phone or mp3 player and has a hole in it that you can thread your earbuds through so you can listen while out and about.

The Terrain features a convenient hand brake that is compatible with both sizes wheels, giving you better control if you are heading down hills or traversing more difficult grounds. It also has a foot brake that is super easy to engage, and it is even flip flop friendly. You simply press the brake with your foot when you are stopped and pop it back up when you are ready to start up again.

The buggy has a canopy that sits high on the stroller, allowing a decent amount of headroom for your little one but can leave smaller children a bit exposed. Some customers complained that the sunshade is only average in size, however, and not extra large like they would find on some of the competitor's products. It does feature a peek-a-boo window with a magnetic snap, although it's a little too far forward making it a bit difficult to just look down and check on your kid, you have to bend over a little to see through the window.

Bottom Line

When you are shopping around for a good quality stroller, you might want to consider the Mountain Buggy Terrain. It might have a steep price tag, but it is highly durable and is loaded with great features that customers adore. It has storage galore, from the under seat storage compartment to the plethora of pockets, there is room for all of your essentials, plus some. It works excellent for sailing over many terrains, from smooth pavement to gravel roads, this buggy is going to take you wherever you need to go. The swivel front tire allows you to maneuver in tight spaces, but you'll have the ability to lock it on the fly when you need a little extra stability. Do not let the newest addition to your family stop you from getting out and enjoying your runs and your sense of adventure.