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Nike has accumulated many loyal consumers over the years. It is no surprise when you account for the brand's consistency over time. Nike loves what they do, and their apparel is as much a testament to that as their footwear. These Tempo bottoms by Nike are, no pun intended, short and sweet. In addition to their cute factor, they function perfectly as a go-to for runners, walkers, and everybody in between. Anyone unwilling to sacrifice style and comfort in their athletic wear will quickly become obsessed with the Tempo. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Small Zipped Pocket
  • Extensive Color Options
  • Dri-Fit Technology
  • No Motion Restriction
  • Flattering Design
  • No Reflective Details
  • Runs Small

Accessible Pockets

On women’s running attire, it is generally unlikely you will find details that make them more accessible to wear. Nike put in a nice little surprise when they made the Tempo shorts. These have a small pocket to the back right, inside the waistband itself. Though this pocket isn’t much larger than enough to carry headphones, some cash, or a charge card, it is a nice, thoughtful addition to a short that usually wouldn’t have any pockets or storage at all. The pocket, however, is not large enough to carry a phone, so if you go on late night runs and feel uncomfortable without your phone on you, you will need to find a way other than the product themselves to hold your phone. If you work out at a gym, you can easily secure your things in a locker and have everything you need on the floor with you. Of course, not everyone is able to work out with those conditions. If you do need storage on your persons, these shorts won’t provide very much for you, but the storage they do provide is convenient and easy to reach. Not to mention, the pocket is sweat resistant, keeping your items as cool and dry as you will be.


The style of these shorts is very popular for a number of reasons. Besides the overall flattery of the Tempo, they have a cool, kind of retro appearance that is really easy to fall in love with. The sides that are slightly open to reveal a contrasting color are mesh for breathability, but they also add a nice break in the allover color of the rest of the fabric. A thick waistband that can be worn high to make the shorts shorter, or lowered a bit to create more coverage, ensure they look just as great with crop tops and sports bras as they do with full-length tanks. The mesh on the side panels swoops downs around the leg to make a soft curve, which is both appealing to the eye and visually flattering for the leg. The shape of this classic fit style is gorgeous on a number of body types, and you can work out with confidence regardless of what you are doing.

Color Options

One of the greatest things about this item, when looking past the functionality, is the wide range of color options to choose from. While it may not seem very important that there is versatility in color, it actually can completely change the look of an item, making it more personalized and better fit to your wardrobe and taste. There is an endless number of colors available in this option by Nike. From rich jewel tones to peachy neutrals and pastels, Nike ensures that there is a color and look for every single preference. If you’re wearing these, we know you’re serious about your performance, but sometimes you want to express yourself a little beyond your athletic ability. Dominating the track is awesome, and it is even more fun when you get to do it looking like your most authentic self. Contrasting side panels and unique color choices are just a couple ways in which these are nearly customized to your liking.

Ease of Movement

Mesh panels are obviously amazing for breathability, but they also serve even more of a purpose. Coupled with the mere three-inch inseam, they create a wider range of movement for the wearer. The side of these is angled up just a bit to better allow the fabric to give to strain when you’re in motion, without affecting the integrity of the Tempo shorts themselves. Curved hems around the thigh allow for your legs to move naturally, in whatever direction, doing whatever activity, with complete ease. If you are extremely flexible and looking for a short that can keep up with you, this could be the answer you’re looking for. Forget trying to make a piece of clothing fit to your body. Nike made an athletic pair of bottoms that are designed to accommodate you, not the other way around. It is so easy to blame yourself when your wardrobe is limiting you, but you don’t have to. Your clothes should adapt to better suit you, and that is exactly the goal of the Tempo.


One of the most annoying thing that can happen with women’s running shorts is that you go to try them on, and lo and behold, they have no drawcord. When waistbands aren’t given an adjustability feature, it can be hard getting that just right fit. The Tempo luckily has one so you can ensure these stay snug during every workout. A downside for the fit, however, is how small they run. What many people know about Nike, but people may not know if they are regulars of the brand, is that they run very small. Their shoes can run up to a size and a half small in men’s, and their clothing is often cut to be pretty petite. If you are pear-shaped or slightly wider in the hips, it is very likely you will have to size up with these shorts. Nike makes many efforts to be more inclusive, so they do sometimes have plus-sized versions, including with certain color options of these shorts, but they aren’t as common as one would hope for. It is also worth mentioning these do have a built-in gusset, which makes the inside even small than it appears from the outside. If you know your size in Nike already, you will have no problem ordering and getting the perfect fit. If you are unsure of your size, make sure to check the sizing chart carefully! Reviews agreed this ran small across the board, so there is a huge risk you will think so as well, especially if you are new to Nike!

Flattering Design

Nike makes clothing that is distinctly flattering for those who choose to wear it. This Tempo has a ton of features that make this a more flattering design on the body. The first feature added to give this a flattering fit was a curve on the waistband above the butt. This allows the shorts to sit on your hips in a way that won’t gap or fall when working out. It will hug your curves as well as create definition at the waist and at the back of the shorts. Running has never looked better! This will give your butt a cute boost, as well as it having a practical use of ensuring they stay in place during a workout. Another flattering feature is the curved hem at the thighs. If you have ever had a pair of shorts that cut straight across the thighs, you know that it does absolutely nothing for the legs. Slightly shorter sides help to extend the visibility of skin and in turn make the leg look longer. Nike didn’t think this was enough though, so they added yet another feature to top off this wildly popular bottom option. The fabric in the back is slightly “taken in”. Though this may be partially responsible, despite Nike already running small, for the Tempo running small, what it does for the appearance of the short on is fantastic. It eliminates excess fabric giving you a smoother look while wearing it.

Safety Features

Athletic options should always be reflective. It is an absolute must for anyone who is doing any sort of exercise at night where they may come into contact with motorists. This Tempo by Nike doesn’t include reflective details, so you will definitely need to be picking something else to wear on late-night or early-morning runs. If you absolutely love these and want them in your routine, as many people do, but tend to primarily run or jog on roads, other reflective clothing would be crucial for your safety. These remain a supremely wearable choice for the gym or at home though, despite their lack of safety features to make them ready to hit the road. If you are someone who primarily works out indoors, then you will not need any extra accommodations when wearing the Tempo by Nike, as they are picture perfect in most other necessary respects.


Brands are making a move to be more sustainable. Not only is it what the people want, but it would be what the world wants if it were able to tell us. These shorts, even the inner lining, and mesh are completely made from recyclable materials. What this means is that there were no additional emissions to produce the material they were made from. It also means that their employees are able to work more effectively, as less time is spent in the creation of the materials necessary to make their clothing. Creating a more sustainable business benefits the company, as it is more cost-effective, the employees since it is more labor-conscious, and the Earth. There is not much more you could ask for from an athletic brand than more conscious production and shaping their company’s policies in a meaningful way. If you frequently think about purchasing from a responsible business but don’t know where to start, these athletic brands are a great stepping stone. You don't have to feel guilty about running these ragged, due to the sustainable production!


Nike has come out of this world technology. Due to the size of their brand and their reach, they are always innovating and offering up-to-date and ingenious items that offer amazing results to the person wearing them. This Tempo by the brand has a moisture-wicking technology that has two steps. First, it pulls moisture away from the body, keeping you dry and the shorts feeling comfortable against your skin. Next, it brings it to the surface of the bottoms to then quickly evaporate into the air, effectively drying the material. Nike hopes that the Dri-Fit technology will help you keep your head in the game during your workout, as you won’t be distracted by chafing or discomfort no matter what you do to work up a sweat. The design of this Tempo themselves also is a testament to Nike’s innovation. The keen eye for detail creates pants that better work with you during your favorite activities, as opposed to working against your body’s movements and needs.


The Dri-Fit technology is one thing, but it needs more immediate airflow to give you that great, cool feel. The sides of this Nike Tempo are outfitted with fantastic, soft mesh panels. They come all the way up to the waistband, creating a large window for air to flow through and out comfortably. If you’re someone who loves to work up a sweat, but also loves having clothing that can adapt to their needs, this Tempo will be a welcomed option. The three-inch inseam also encourages more air flow, as it isn’t coming down beyond the widest point of your thighs.

Bottom Line

Nike newbies and regulars will both go wild for this adorable short by the brand. It’s Dri-Fit technology and flattering cut will turn heads and hearts on to this style. Keep in mind that these run small and you may need to size up. For roadside-runners, they might not be a great fit, due to lacking pocket storage and reflective details, but if you workout indoors, or just love them for lounging, these are wonderful. Nike really set the Tempo with this pair of sweet-looking shorts!