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The chukka boot is an ageless classic that never seems to go out of style! The Madson Chukka from Sorel is an effortlessly smooth boot that offers an adaptive design and comforting ride! It’s perfect for almost every occasion and is sure to turn heads when you enter the room. This attention grabber was made for the casually-chic modern man and it is the perfect go-to pair for any wardrobe. A waterproof upper unit and lugged rubber sole ensure that you’re ready to take on whatever may come your way and hug your feet every step of the way. Innovative technologies combine to make the Madson one comforting pair, while its 4 ¼-inch shaft sits beautifully above the ankle.

Looking good has never been this easy thanks to the sheer style and minimally gorgeous look that this chukka delivers. So go ahead and hit the streets in style while rocking a pair of these uniquely designed boots that were built to impress from every angle. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Die-Cut EVA Midsole
  • Removable Insole
  • Lugged Sole
  • Arch Support
  • Trending Colorways
  • Weak Seams
  • Narrow Forefoot


These boots offer a smooth chukka style that is perfect for both work and play. This cool-looking pair delivers a timeless vibe with modernized details that help them to look incredible with nearly any style of clothing. Smart dressed men know that the chukka is one of the most adaptable styles of footwear and this pair won’t fail to impress. Try wearing them with dark denim or black slacks for a look that’s ready to take on the world.

The Madson’s lace-up build makes for an adjustable fit that feels incredible on your feet, while a smooth upper unit ensures that you’ll always be looking fresh. You can choose between one of two upper materials and a multitude of on-trend colorways which only add to the appeal that this boot holds.


Forget about wet feet while wearing a pair of these Sorel boots! Their seam-sealed design ensures that no water can sneak through the cracks and helps to keep you bone dry no matter the weather. Both choices of upper material are waterproof too, which means this pair won’t let you down when it comes time to step up and keep the water outside, where it belongs. Both leather and suede are excellent for repelling moisture and ensure all-day dry wear that will keep you comfortable no matter what.


The Madson is one comfortable boot that was designed with a plethora of features that enhance your every step. Its breathable fabrics and synthetic lining material help to make this an enjoyable option for both work and play. An innovative die-cut EVA midsole and full-length insert combine to offer both comfort and protection that will help to prevent pain in the delicate arch area of the foot. If you spend long hours on your feet then this is an excellent choice to consider because it’s made to keep your feet feeling their best. Get the best of both worlds with this pair and benefit from their supportive yet supple cushioning that guarantees to lessen both pain and fatigue in the feet.


This pair boasts an impressive upper unit that comes in your choice of two materials. Opt for either leather or suede depending on your personal tastes. Both materials offer a waterproof ride and are incredibly comforting to wear. The leather is tougher overall, than the suede and offers better moisture control than the suede. It has an incredible knack for wicking excess moisture away from the skin which helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. The suede material is somewhat more stylish and is a good choice for casual or dressy occasions that call for a sharp dressed man. Whereas the leather is tougher and may be better for workwear because of its resilient finish.

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The Madson has a smooth chukka design and lace-up closure system that make for a fashionable vibe. Its 4 ¼-inch shaft sits nicely above the ankle for a polished appearance and really conveys that chukka feeling that we know and love.


This pair’s removable EVA footbed is perfect for wearer’s who sometimes enjoy using their own inserts. Its removable design lets you easily switch from store-bought insoles to custom orthotics without having to cut them to size. It’s also great for keeping dirt and odors to a minimum because you can simply remove the footbed and wash it which results in a cleaner and healthier environment for your feet. This extends the life of the boot because you won’t have to replace them once the footbed goes flat. Instead, you can simply replace the insert with a new one and keep on wearing those boots you love oh-so-much!


Foot pain will become a thing of the past thanks to the Madson’s comforting die-cut EVA midsole. EVA is a lightweight man-made foam material that makes for an extra enjoyable ride without weighing you down or adding excess bulk. It retains its shape well and conforms to the shape of your foot for a customized kind of fit that hugs every curve. These boots also have a full-length EVA insert that offers additional padding and protection. This helps to absorb shock and lessens the chance of arch pain by protecting the delicate underside of the foot. Anyone shopping for a pair of boots that offers better support and balanced cushioning will love the Madson’s innovative design.


These chukka boots offer incredible traction and superior waterproofing. Their molded rubber outsole was designed with deep lugs that make for a grippy sole. Forget about slipping or sliding around while wearing these because they’re made to offer superior traction on both wet and slippery surfaces. Rubber is the best material for waterproofing as well as traction because it’s texture naturally seals water out and holds well to both wet and slippery surfaces. The deep lug pattern lets the shoe grip even harder to the surfaces beneath them thanks to their carefully crafted pattern that holds tighter to the ground. This is a heavy duty pair with a long-lasting outsole that won’t crack under the tough wear and tear you put them through.


The Madson comes in your choice of two upper materials. You can pick between leather and suede which are both excellent choices for various reasons. The leather is ideal for tough wear and tear thanks to its long-lasting consistency that’s able to withstand demanding daily wear. It’s also waterproof which means you can work in any weather conditions without having to worry about wet feet. Suede, on the other hand, is more of a dressy material and it won’t hold up as well under stressful conditions.

The sole of this pair is made from grippy rubber that offers both waterproofing and solid traction. Rubber is the best material for an outsole because it provides traction unlike any other. It’s able to hold to both wet and dry surfaces with ease and is a long-lasting choice that won’t crack under pressure.


The downside to this boot is that it’s prone to come apart at the seams. Some wearers found that they ended up with tears or detaching along the seam where the sole meets the upper. Once this happens you have several options;
  • Firstly, you can choose to throw them out and start fresh. This might be the easiest choice but it can end up getting quite costly having to replace your shoes so often. If possible you might want to consider trying one of the other options available.

  • The second thing you could try is to take them to a professional. They will be able to fix the sole by reattaching it to the upper and reinforcing it to prevent future issues. If it's tearing that’s the problem they should be able to patch and reinforce that area too. Of course, sometimes they’re not able to repair the hole and then it’s time to say goodbye to your favorite pair and pick up a new one.

  • Lastly, you can always try and repair them yourself if you’re talented with that sort of thing. Or, if you know someone who can repair shoes, then all the better! Don’t try to attempt this if you’re not sure how to properly fix the problem because you’ll end up making things worse and probably ruin something that could have been fixed by a professional.


Another issue some wearers have with this boot is that it runs a little on the narrow side. This won’t pose a problem unless you have wider feet. In this case, you might want to consider ordering a half-size larger than you normally wear to make up for the slightly narrow fit. This is mostly felt in the forefoot and midfoot areas. Whereas, the heel is wide enough for most wearers to walk comfortably in.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Madson Chukka is one of the smoothest chukka boots you’ll come across. It’s choice of leather or suede upper material and crisp features are perfect for the modern man! Anyone who enjoys looking their best without having to fuss over complicated footwear will love this boot’s effortlessly stylish design. The Madson is the perfect choice for casual occasions, as well as, workwear thanks to its adaptable and well-built structure.

Wearers can’t get enough of how comfortable this option is which comes from the unique midsole that’s cut from EVA foam. EVA is a lightweight cushioning material that is an ideal choice for footwear because of its near weightless feel and exceptional cushion. This boot will help to prevent arch pain by supporting the delicate underside of the foot without any added bulk.

Forget about struggling to find a pair of footwear that looks good because this boot always looks amazing! The only downside is that these Sorel’s are prone to tearing along the seams with continued wear and tear and that they fit a little narrow for some. Though, this won’t be a problem unless you have wider feet.