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If you're looking for the long-lasting support of some of the thicker insoles, but you're after the bulk, Superfeet Blue pack the support in a thinner insole. They are designed in a way aimed at improving the overall performance and fit of your footwear. They are even designed to be able to fit into a wider range of footwear with a medium-profile.

They are also designed in a biomechanical shape in order to compliment your body's natural movements and work with it, not against it. The Superfeet Blue insoles have been a fan favorite for many years, for good reason. They are great for people who need medium support and a medium profile. Those who don't have flat feet, but also don't have high arches. Superfeet Blue is known as the brands' insole with the most versatility.

Superfeet Blue insoles come at a higher price than some over-the-counter insoles, but they are built to last and to provide you with the best benefits possible, making them worth the money. Be sure to consult your doctor before you order anything in an attempt to alleviate symptoms of a condition.

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Medium Support

Odor Control

Biomechanic Shape




Not Suitable For Some Conditions


Before Superfeet was a well-known brand, Johnny Walker spent five years perfecting his original design. He began in 1977 and started mass-producing in 1982. As soon as he took his products public, the company took off. By 1985, two storefronts had been opened up; one in Canada and one in British Columbia. Back then, the main customer base attracted to the insoles was made up of mostly skiers who were looking for added performance in their footwear.

It wasn't long before Superfeet noticed an opportunity to jump into the medical market. Podiatrists were finding conditions left and right that they were scratching their heads about as far as treatment. What a perfect time to be designing insoles.
Superfeet earned its good reputation quickly, selling thousands without much effort. By the year 1987, they decided that it was necessary to create a customer service team in order to put more focus on customer care and shipping efficiency.

Superfeet introduced their line, Footnotes, in 2001. This line was designed specifically for high heels and dress shoes. More technological advances came in 2013 with the carbon fiber and blended polymer material. You can look at other Superfeet products here.


Some people need insoles with more arch support. Some people need more shock absorption. Some people have flat feet or other foot conditions that require special features for optimal comfort and support. If you are somebody who has low or high arches, or any foot condition requiring insoles made specifically for these conditions, you will need to look elsewhere. Try these.When it comes to Superfeet Blue, they are designed to fit everyone in the middle. They have a medium-profile, so they will be more versatile with your shoes, fitting a wider range of them. The shape gives you just enough support, exactly where you need it, without taking up the entire shoe.

Superfeet Blue insoles are available in a wide range of sizes. They can fit a little kids' foot as small as a size 2, a man's foot up to a size fifteen, and a woman's foot up to a size twelve and a half. Be sure to consult your doctor before purchasing. If you have certain foot conditions, this product could aggravate them.

Odor Control

Odor-causing bacteria love feet. This is a well-known fact. But just what is it that they love so much about our feet? It’s the sweat we produce. They come to feed on it, and when they do, they produce acid. It is this acid that puts off the foot odor. If you deal with sweaty feet a lot, try these tips.

If your feet experience excessive sweat and you’re not wearing breathable socks and shoes, you’re the perfect breeding ground for these bacteria. What’s worse is that they don’t just cause an annoying odor. They can also cause Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus. Here are some tips for dealing with the Athlete’s foot. It is a good idea to invest in breathable shoes and socks as well.

Superfeet Blue work to protect you from this bacteria in two ways. The top cover works to reduce friction inside your shoe, which will also reduce the temperature. This will keep you cooler, resulting in less moisture and, therefore, fewer bacteria. The surface is also equipped with an anti-microbial coating.


Superfeet Blue insoles are designed in a way that will help to alleviate pain and discomfort you may experience in your feet, legs, and back from walking. It is equipped with strategically placed control points in order to bring you the most effective support possible.

The control point in the middle of the foot, with the help of the control point at the rear, enables you to have a more stable footing, allowing your muscles to take a break. The rear control point helps to control over-pronation and keeps your foot aligned, causing less stress on your body.

There is even a support bridge in place that activates the control points in order to give you better support during your stride. The stabilizer cap and deep heel cup also work hard to support your feet. You can cradle your heel into the cup and depend on the stabilizer cap to support it. This strong foundation is going to help reduce stress and pain in your feet and ankles.

Your body will thank you when you give it the support from Superfeet Blue. If you’re in need of just a little more support, try our best compression socks.


As humans, we have the luxury of worrying about how comfortable we're going to be throughout our day. It makes sense to start at the feet because they are what takes most of the stress from our routines. What good will the stability, support, and shock absorption be without comfort?

There are many details about the Superfeet Blue insoles that have your comfort in mind. They work to reduce friction and heat to keep you cool and dry. They prevent odor-causing bacteria, which also prevents the Athlete's foot. The foam layer for cushioning is durable and just the right thickness.

Superfeet Blue is also designed to fit with the contour of your feet, hugging your heels and arches in all the right places. It is meant for people who need support for a medium-arch. Flat feet or high arches may find discomfort in these insoles. If you have high arches, this might help.


Overpronation is a common issue that people experience. When someone struggles with overpronation, it means that their arches tend to roll inward when they're walking. As you can probably imagine, this condition can easily cause discomfort and pain to the person experiencing it.

People who overpronate don't just have to worry about experiencing unnecessary pain, but they're also more likely to become injured from activities that others wouldn't as easily. Because of this, it's important that you find the right amount of stability for your feet by investing in quality shoes and insoles. Superfeet Blue insoles can help with this problem.

They are built to hold your feet in place. Part of this strategy is fulfilled by the top cover that resists friction and reduces heat. Without the heat, your feet won't sweat as much, meaning they won't slide around as much either. Your heels are held comfortably and securely in place by the heel cup, which is stabilized by the cap underneath it.

The strategically placed control points and support bridge will work from front to back to keep your feet aligned and stable. Before you decide to purchase the Superfeet Blue to help with any conditions, be sure to consult your doctor. You can also find additional stability from a good pair of running shoes.

Shock Absorption

Whether you're on your feet for five minutes a day or five hours, on grass or pavement, your feet are susceptible to developing conditions that can cause your feet and body pain. If you do happen to struggle with pain caused by physical activity, the answer could be inside your shoes. Superfeet Blue insoles are designed to take some of the shocks and stress from each foot strike away from your feet and body.

Not only is shock absorption important for the health of your joints, but it will even return some of your energy back to you; keeping you comfortable, supported, and energized for whatever you need to do. You can even add shock-absorbing shoes to help.

Superfeet Blue insoles provide effective shock absorption via control points strategically placed throughout the length of the foot. These points will work together, with the cushioning, stabilizer cap, foam layer, and heel cup to decrease the stress and strain put on your feet and body during activity.


When shopping for insoles, something you’ll want to consider is when you’re going to have to re-invest. It’s only natural to want our products to last long enough to be worth the money. However, it seems pretty common today to find products made more for selling instead of lasting.

When it comes to Superfeet Blue though, you can be sure that they’re going every step of the way with you for up to five hundred miles or twelve months. The durability will vary depending on your weight, gait, and usage.

Some consumers have gotten as long as two years out of their Superfeet Blue insoles. However, if you plan on wearing them all day, every day, on hard surfaces, you will see them wear out quicker. You will know it’s time to reorder when you no longer experience enough support and comfort. They may come at a higher price, but they’re worth it if they work for your feet. If you’re looking for a cheaper solution, you could look into these.


With the world becoming more and more connected, we are hearing each other more. One of the results of this is that we are becoming more aware of animal cruelty. It goes much deeper than killing animals to eat them. Superfeet agrees with the views of vegans and is therefore committed to being as cruelty-free as possible.

You will find that the only components of Superfeet insoles that aren't vegan are the top covers on some of the styles. Some insoles have recycled merino wool on the covers. The wool consists of fibers that weren't long enough for other purposes. For more vegan products, check here.


There are many people who struggle with allergens, and many of them are allergic to certain materials, chemicals, and adhesives that are used in the construction of products that they have to put on their bodies.

Superfeet is aware of this, and sensitive to it. Therefore, they are determined to only use the adhesives, materials, and chemicals that are necessary for the production of their items. All of the materials, adhesives, and chemicals that are included in the process of making Superfeet Blue go through many tests. They must meet the requirements of CPSC, Phthalates, heavy elements, California Prop, and REACH.

Although all of these tests are performed, they do not cover every single allergen. Superfeet Blue insoles are as hypoallergenic as possible, but cannot guarantee to be one hundred percent allergen-free.

You can be certain, however, that the Superfeet Blue insoles don't contain natural rubber latex. Nor was latex used in any step of the production or packaging process. You may find some latex in Superfeet's shoes, though. If you are looking for products with latex, check here.

Bottom Line

Superfeet Blue insoles were designed with a certain demographic in mind. These insoles are here to serve a wide variety of needs. Those who don't need the high arch support, or the features to help flat feet, can benefit from these medium-profile insoles.

They will work to keep your feet aligned, supported, and pain-free for as long as a year, or as far as five hundred miles. If you consult your doctor and find that these are the insoles you'd like to try, they will be well worth the money.