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Salvatore Ferragamo Vara Review Facts

With a rich collection of women's and men's shoes, handbags, watches and perfumes,  Salvatore Ferragamo counts more than 20 boutiques in Italy and over 100 around the world. “The Rainbow” shoe that put Ferragamo on the map, first made its debut in 1939. This design was specially crafted for American actress and singer Judy Garland. That's right - the star of The Wizard of OZ. They're the very ones she wore in her role as Dorothy in the classic movie which premiered in 1939. As his avant-garde designs danced across the silver screen, Salvatore Ferragamo became known as the "shoemaker to the stars." Since then, Ferragamo has expanded his operation to a workforce of around 700 expert artisans that produce 350 pairs of handmade shoes a day.

Three generations later, Ferragamo is still regarded as one of the most influential designers of his time. His craftsmanship lives on in this brand that celebrates comfort, durability, and, above all, a style that never fades. You simply cannot mention Ferragamo without at least touching on their most beloved designs: the Vara and the Varina. Today we're going to be taking a close look at the Vara pumps specifically, which continues to provide versatility and grace for women of every age.  The Vara bow pump features a beautiful leather bow and a stacked heel for a sophisticated touch to your ensemble, no matter the occasion.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very comfortable

No break-in period

Good arch support

Stylish and versatile

Great selection in colors

Durable and long-lasting


Sizes run small

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  • Purchased these for comfort while I was pregnant and these are great. I still have a sophisticated look while being comfortable. I love the details on this shoe, I get tons of compliments.
  • Great work shoes and great for walking around in all day. Very comfortable and super elegant.
  • I bought these because I owned a pair of their flats. Great if you’re going for a more polished look.
  • Love these shoes, they are a great buy. The size and width is perfect for my feet. It’s a super good looking shoe that’s comfortable and goes with pretty much all my work outfits.
  • Super comfortable shoe, perfect heel size which makes walking in these a breeze.
  • I only wear Ferragamo Vara. These are so comfortable, they’re magical. Perfect for an everyday work shoe.
  • Great comfort all day, I didn’t have any blisters or pain. They look fabulous, easy to fit with any style.
  • These look so classic for every occasion. I did have to go a size up just to be sure I have comfort and space.
  • I’ve been wearing Ferragamo for 30 years, the only shoe I’d ever wear. I’m able to walk over a mile in these shoes with such great comfort.
  • Super Gorgeous shoe, I love them. Great dress shoe.
  • Even though sizing is a little different, these shoes are still amazing. Very classy, great walking shoe once you break them in a little.
  • Purchased these for a every day good looking shoe, I was tired of wearing my spike heels. Great flexibility.
  • These look so sharp, I know I’m going to purchase more. My traditional size was perfect, no need to size up.
  • Great shoe for those who are on their feet all day and still want to look professional and classy.
  • Great color shoe, ordered these after I purchased a pair of flats. Very beautiful.
  • Love how comfortable these shoe are. Great formal or casual shoe, perfect length heel.
  • Love these, very feminine and classic. True to size. Worth the money.
  • I always go back to Vara, can’t go wrong. The shoe provides so much elegance and comfort, easy comfort all day.
  • I have these shoes in several different colors. They run a little long which was perfect since my feet are a little narrow.
  • Best shoe ever. These are the only shoes I’ll wear for work because they’re magically comfortable and easy to style with.
  • Some said shoe runs very narrow
  • Customer’s said the shoe runs a little long.
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It's no secret that women are taking the world of business by storm. The Ferragamo is a fantastic style for a woman who won't sacrifice comfort in the name of fashion. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara features a small chunky heel made out of leather. This heel provides the wearer with a new dimension of texture, breaking up the suede upper. The side of the square heel facing the sole is silver, adding yet another dimension and further defining the heel. Another great attribute of this heel is the height which is only 1 1⁄2 inches tall. According to podiatrists, you need to keep your heels to two inches or less to prevent any foot pain. When it comes to Ferragamo’s Vara, the heel adds to a gentle lift, and when compared to the Varina flats, customers have reported that the Vara is a better fit. This is strange since most people prefer flats to heels. It just speaks to the comfort the low, chunky heel provides! When searching for new work shoes, wedding shoes, or a casual shoe, remember the importance of the heel height. This is paramount to those women who have long city commutes, or those who otherwise spend long periods standing.


This Italian-made design features high-quality leather, patent leather, or suede on the upper, dependent upon the color selected. The engraved Vara bow accent is made in leather instead of cloth, like all Ferragamo flats. Because it's so easy to slip into, you'll never have to worry about struggling with it when you need to rush out of the house. The rounded closed-toe design keeps your toes safe while providing comfort at the same time.


No one designs shoes like those designers who hail from Italy. Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara pumps feature leather lining and leather footbed. These are two lovely additions which show, yet again, the attention to quality the brand strives for. These soft, leather additions allow you to wear it right out of the box with a limited break-in period. A number of customers noted that they are very comfortable from the start and great for walking due to the low heel. The soft leather fits like a glove and contours perfectly to the curvature of your feet. For women who have lots of trouble with foot pain, this bow pump version is not only gorgeous and classic but marvelously comfortable, too.
It's never a bad idea to get rid of the styles in your closet that make you miserable. After all, they're just collecting dust and taking up precious space. You can't work in heels that are hard to walk in and constantly causing blisters. But that's fine, because you could buy all three styles of the Vara pumps and be good to go. Their versatility means comfort in every setting, with every style. Once you experience their level of comfort, you may want to get them in every color possible. It is usually very hard to find cute shoes for small, but wide, feet. However, Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bow pumps make a great choice. Consider it as an investment that will last for many years to come.


Airflow is essential, especially for pumps in a professional setting. Ventilation is one of the main characteristics of leather that makes it unique when compared to artificial leather or rubber. Due to the high-quality leather and its ability to expel moisture in the form of vapor, Vara bow pumps breath well. Nubuck and suede are well-known for their ability to let air flow freely. However, they don't prevent your foot from sweating, they just inhibit sweat since there's ample airflow.


Two things universally aggravate walkers: The instability and discomfort caused by high-heeled shoes. This is caused by how they alter the natural position of the foot This then creates a chain reaction of negative effects which travel right up your body into even your spine, causing symptoms like back pain in some people. Toe gripping as another bad physical effect which pumps can have. Unlike some women’s shoes, Vara bow pumps don’t slip off the back of your foot. However, some customers have noticed there is a visible gap between the heel and the back of the shoe. For those who want to get a snugger fit, insoles are a perfect solution. However, for the flat-footed women, these Vara heels are a great choice. The Vara by Salvatore Ferragamo provides moderate arch support which means it relieves strain on the muscles of your feet while walking or standing. Another great attribute is the low heel. If you have trouble with balance, the low square heel is going to work amazingly for you.


There are many reasons why Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara should earn a spot in your shoe closet. One of them is the square-shaped heel which makes an excellent choice for someone who has trouble keeping balance. Another reason is the low height of the heel, which provides the wearer with more control of movement. The heel is designed to provide every woman with assurance, so they walk with confidence, great posture and a sense of security. The Vara pumps hug the wearer's feet in a secure, uncontracted way, and according to buyers are not uncomfortably tight.


Salvatore Ferragamo Vara is a classic pump silhouette highlighted by feminine details like the signature bow trim and square heel. This design is a pleasure to wear for everyday and smart occasions. Given the beautiful, classic and timeless design, the Vara pumps find a better match with an elegant and sophisticated outfit, but they also look lavish with either pants, jeans or skirts. With an almond-shaped toe design and a charming bow, they will complement almost any ensemble in your wardrobe.
Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara heels come available in a variety of sizes and colors. However, some customers have found that they run a half size too long and they may be too narrow. But once you find your perfect fit, you will come to realize that due to the comfort they provide, they make a great investment no matter the color.
Today, women wear the Vara pumps in an entirely different way than the very conservative way they were first styled when they launched. In this fashion, the design stays fresh and modern, street style casual and a breath of fresh air. Vara bow pumps count as one of the most sold pair of shoes worldwide and retain the status of an iconic and elegant shoe that breathes beauty, craftsmanship and above all, comfort.


All shoes will make your money worth if you only take good care of them. Vara bow pumps are no exception. According to customers reviews, Salvatore Ferragamo’s Vara design may last you a long time but to extend their life even more, you can have taps put on the heel and toe prior to wearing them. In order to keep the smooth leather upper protected and long-lasting, the designers have added an application of a color layer against stains and fading. This improves the durability and long-term appearance of the leather, but significantly reduces the vapor permeability. Given the fact this style has been on the market for more than 25 years, rest assured, with proper care, they will keep your feet happy for a long time.


The Vara bow pump weights 8 ounces for an 8.5 size medium width. The measurements may vary according to the size of the shoe. This style is pretty lightweight as a result of the entire design and will not affect walking and working in them. All the more reason to secure a seat on your shoe rack.


The Vara by Salvatore Ferragamo is a well-built pump, and as such can be worn on a variety of surfaces. Due to the materials used, such as the lightweight but sturdy upper, as well as the low, squared-shape heel, you will have no problem wearing it on flat terrain or uneven surfaces. It is an excellent choice for an office, classroom, or outdoor space, whether you are seating, standing or chasing after your kids in the park.


Flexibility is not only essential for trainers and sneakers, but it makes a huge difference for walking and dress shoes too. The leather upper and sole of Salvatore Ferragamo Vara pumps conforms to the shape of the feet, providing flexibility and natural movement of the foot. However, some wearers noticed that they might feel tight from the start, but they don’t require a long break-in period. Once the initial discomfort is gone, you will find your feet moving through their full range of motion.


The construction of the Ferragamo Vara design is very simple, using a wholecut leather top with a low vamp, lined with pure leather. The sole is made up of several layers of leather put together while the bow is designed in leather garnish in a flat form. Since these pumps are designed to boost you with security and confidence, you can easily wear them to parties, weddings, work or just on a night out with friends.


One of the best things about Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bow pumps is that they come available in a variety of colors. The color spectrum ranges from new bisque, lava and citron to oxford blue, all the way to more simple colors like black, pink, red and beige. Since its creation in 1978 these bow pumps has never left the feet of well-heeled women, and 35 years later the Vara style still continues to represent class and style.

Toe Box

Toe boxes should always be wide and long enough to accommodate your toes comfortably. When it comes to the Salvatore Ferragamo Vara bow pumps, the forward tip of the upper is rounded, which makes it ideal for any foot shape, be it narrow or wide. However, some customers have reported that they may run a little narrow, which could be a little bit tricky for women with wider feet.

Key Features

*High-quality leather upper, lining and sole
*Signature Vara bow centered with logo-etched gold tone hardware
*Moderate arch support
*1 1/2″ heel
*Made in Italy


The first Vara bow pump made its appearance 35 years ago, and until today its popularity hasn’t failed this old time favorite. During that time, the shoe underwent some changes to keep up with the fast-changing fashion world. Instead of the shiny buckle on the bow, there is now a brushed metal that looks gold or silver depending on the light. The sole has been replaced with a black one to add more to the versatility of the style. It features a sophisticated and classy design, with a perfect heel height that will never go out of style. It is a real custom crafted pump, and like all Italian shoes, it will look awesome, feel great and last you a long time. The comfort fit and excellent craftsmanship invested in this shoe are worth the price. These are the shoes that will work with your closet for many years to come and don’t act surprised when you get compliments when wearing these timeless Salvatore Ferragamo bow pumps.