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How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes Quickly: 7 Hacks That Work!

How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes Quickly: 7 Hacks That Work! How to Clean Dog Poop Off Shoes Quickly: 7 Hacks That Work! www.walkjogrun.net

Squelch! Oh no, you’ve stepped in dog poop! Sometimes it might be your own dog’s poop that you might find on the bottom of your shoe. Although, it’s always worse when someone else hasn’t bothered to clean up after their dog.  

Whether you’re dealing with an inconsiderate owner, a new puppy, or an old dog who can’t wait for the toilet anymore, you need to know how to clean dog poop off shoes.

Does dog poop wash away?

Bacteria, pathogens, and parasites are just some of the problems you’ll bring into your home when you bring in dog poop. Before many diseases can be transmitted from dogs to your family, you’ll want to know how to clean dog poop off even your most comfortable shoes.

So, knowing how to clean dog poop off your shoes quickly is vital for the cleanliness and health of your family. But it can seem impossible to get the smelly stuff out once it’s set in.

But all is not lost; it’s not challenging to clean dog poop from shoes before that terrible stench sets in. So, whether your puppy has pooped in your shoe or you’ve stepped in the horrible stuff, you won’t need to scrub and scrub and scrub to get your shoes clean.

How do I get dog poop off my shoes?

Knowing how to get dog poop off your shoe means knowing which method best suits the sticky situation. There are multiple ways to get dog poop off shoes without a washing machine, each of which can be split into indoor and outdoor methods.

But if you want to make sure your shoes are clean without the hassle of an indoor clean, there are also many outdoor options for getting dog poo off your shoe. We’ve put together a whole bundle of methods, so you know how to get dog poop off running shoes before any nasty smells set in.

7 hacks to clean dog poop off your shoes

1.     Reach for the hosepipe

If you’ve stepped in dog poop outdoors, the easiest way to clean dog poop off shoes is to use a hosepipe. Once you’ve got the worst of the dog poop off your shoes, simply pat them down with a paper towel.

But you’ll want to take your shoes off first, or you might get soaked. It’s best to use a gentle setting, or don’t use an attachment, or all that gross dog poop might spray your way.

When you’ve got the worst off and are feeling brave, you can use a jet setting to get all the poop from even deep-soled shoes. Just don’t get too close, or you might get hit with dog poop.

2.     Scrub the poop away

But how to get dog poop off shoes quickly without a hosepipe? It’s not all that pleasant getting up close and personal with the dog poop but sometimes needs must. If the hose didn’t get all the dog poop out, why not try a small brush or old toothbrush to get into those grooves?

Next, dip the shoes in standard dish soap to thoroughly loosen and clean the dog poop off. Make sure to do this outside or over a bathroom or laundry room sink to protect your family from dog feces-related diseases and disinfect afterward.

3.     Freeze the poop away

One of the best indoor options to clean dog poop from shoes includes using your freezer, although it might not sound like it, getting dog poop off your shoes this way is easy and much less gross than cleaning them over the sink. This dog poop removal method works well for any poop inside or outside your shoe.

Firstly, you’ll need to clear your freezer, or at least make enough room for your shoes without contaminating your food. Pop your shoes in two plastic bags (to be on the safe side) and put them right in the freezer. Once the dog poop is frozen, pick away at it with a sharp object.

4.     Use a Washing Machine

Knowing how to get dog poop off your running shoes doesn’t always mean lots of hard work. If your shoes are machine washable, you can pop them in the washing machine on the appropriate cycle, after cleaning all the excess poop off, of course.

This method is ideal if you want to quickly get the dog poop smell out of shoes or make sure they are extra clean after using a hosepipe.

5.     Grass the poop away

Sometimes, the old methods are the best when you ask yourself how to clean dog poop off shoes. For example, if you’re unlucky enough to step in dog poop outdoors, wipe your shoes on some nice green grass to clean off the majority of the dog poop. You can then use a stick to get the rest of the dog poop out of the creases.

For most people, this will clean their shoes sufficiently. But you can always follow up on this method with a scrub, hose down, or machine wash.

6.     Use WD-40

Many people aren’t aware of this, but WD-40 has multiple uses. It even acts like a dog poop shoe cleaner because of its multi-purpose water-displacing spray nature.

You can easily buy WD-40 online or at your local hardware store. This method is super handy because it uses very little water, often doesn’t require soap, and can be used on most shoes.

All you need to do is remove as much of the dog poop first with a paper towel, stick, or scraper. Then spray a light coat on the shoe, scrubbing with a brush. Lastly, rinse the shoe with some water.

7.     Use a professional shoe cleaner

If the thought of getting your hands potentially dirty when cleaning dog poop off your shoes grosses you out, or you’re just afraid of ruining an expensive or difficult pair of shoes, simply take your shoes to a professional cleaner.

A professional cleaner will hand your shoes back to you just as they were, minus any dog poop or discomfort for you. All you’ll lose is a little bit of cash, which is well worth it.

So, don’t dismay when you find yourself in deep doo-doo, simply follow one of the seven steps above, and your shoes will be dog poop-free in no time.