Hi Tec HTS Silver Shadow Reviewed

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Hi Tec HTS Silver Shadow Reviewed Review Facts

Since its start in 1974, Hi-Tec has been known for their unique style and their advances in both sportswear and sports equipment. It is no surprise that they would come up with a shoe that has not only lived up to the standards they set but also manages to go beyond the expectations of the competition as well. Though Hi-Tec is a well-known company around the world the HTS Silver Shadow is particularly common in places like the UK and their surrounding cities.

Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow Reviewed

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Excellent athletic choice
  • Long distance friendly
  • Cushioning EVA midsole
  • Air Ball Concept (ABC)
  • Vibram RollinGait sole
  • Sizing issues
  • Not waterproof


The Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow sits on a very thick and intelligently designed sole. Since the year of 1989 Hi-Tec has been using their Air Ball Concept (ABC). This concept helps by providing compression on impact. The ABC also aids in the protection of your feet by providing shock absorption and position the heel to guarantee optimal energy return and motion control. Another feature of the outsole is a system that was originally developed in 2011 by both Hi-Tec and Vibram. Together they created the Vibram RollinGait sole. The RollinGait System was created to encourage and guarantee a natural stride of the wearer. This helps to reduce muscle fatigue after any given period of time. Hi-Tec also decided to arm the soles of the shoes with groves and patterns throughout to help with traction. When you start to look around you may notice that the patterns and colors differ from style to style. Though they are different they all serve the same functions and doesn't degrade the quality that is given.


The HTS Silver Shadow shoes use a feature that is common in many sports midsoles. Created with a textile lining these shoes are also equipped with Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA). EVA is commonly used in both casual and running shoes and adds an extra layer of cushioning and space between the ground and your feet. This is incredibly helpful because it helps protect your feet from hitting the ground too hard while you run.


The upper is can come in a variety of fabrics depending on the style you choose. The three main types are leather, mesh, and suede. There is also a combination of the different types of fabrics available as well. Regardless of the design sits comfortably on the sides of the shoe. You may like to know that these shoes come with a woven tongue with extra padding. Not only does this bare the Hi-Tec label it also creates more of a snug fit for your feet. To complete the upper, Hi Tec fashioned these trainers with traditional shoelaces to tighten and provide support.


There is currently no weight specified yet on Hi-Tec’s website. After further research into this though you will find that Hi-Tec is known for their lightweight designs. They are known and respected for taking extra precautions when it comes to the types of materials they used In their shoes. Since they cater to the athletic world they understand the need for materials that won’t weigh you down while you are on the run. This is one reason why this shoe ideal for long-distance running.


This is a sports shoe that is mostly comprised of mesh. Because of this it makes it easier for air to circulate and the possibility for moisture to leave the shoe while in use. This was a logical decision on because it is mainly meant for sports that may require you to be on your feet for an extended period time. It makes sense that Hi-Tec would create a shoe that allows for greater breathability overall. Overall this feature provides greater comfort for the user.


The number one comment from customers was how unbelievably comfortable these shoes were. Each part was thoroughly thought out to aid in your comfort. From the Air-ball technique to the EVA and thick tongue, all were placed there in an effort to create not only support but also a snug fit for your feet as well.


Hi-Tech shoes are known for being incredibly stylish. On various websites you will find an array of different styles and colors. The main colors that you will find though is a combination of silver, black and gray, as well as a combination of white and sage green. If you do not fancy these color choices you may be pleased to note that other retailers may have a wider variety when it comes to different colors. It is good to know that they do have options that are a bit more neutral and can pretty much match anything. Some customers loved there HTS Silver Shadow shoes so much that they brought various pairs in different colors and styles.


The durability of the Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow is average in comparison to other Hi-Tec running shoes. Since Hi-Tec is known for their running shoes it makes sense to make sure the materials used are of high quality and could withstand the hard gravel ground. They were created to withstand pressure for an extended period of time so it may come as no surprise to hear they can last a while. There have been countless customer reviews telling of just how amazing they excel in this area.


These shoes seem to specifically be designed to protect your feet from harm that may be caused by stepping too hard on your feet in the wrong places. It seems from the heel to the toe each piece of material is specifically designed to ease discomfort in some way. For example, the ABC(Air ball concept) has the ability to provides shock absorption and places your feet at its optimal position to give you the energy needed to take the next step. This is especially important for long-distance running because you are stepping hard on sometimes varying surfaces and need this added base of protection. EVA is also included to add another layer of cushion and protection from the ground as well. Another simple safety precaution that Hi-Tec uses is the traditional shoe lace. It may seem like this is too simple and unneeded with all the cushioning but you will be grateful to have that extra bit of stability and protection as you go about your day.


You will find that the responsiveness in these HTS Silver Shadows are pretty unique in comparison to other running shoes. The air ball technique really contributes mainly to the overall responsiveness of these HTS Silver Shadow shoes. They are specially designed for people who play tennis and squash and who do distance running. In these sports you need incredible traction, quick feet and your responsiveness in relation to the ground as your foot pushes up has to be good. The groves also makes it possible to make quick transitions without slippage as well.


You will find that these shoes offer a great deal of support. For starters, Hi-Tec equipped these shoes with extra padding all around which provides a snug fit. This is important because even if your shoe is untied there is a greater chance of your shoe not flying off and causing injury to you or the person it may hit. The midsoles are also armed with EVA, which is common in running shoes. This gives an extra layer of support and cushion for your feet. The Air Ball Concept also uses a pressurized cylinder placed at the heel to provide maximum compression on impact with the ground and your foot. There were countless customers who commented on how nice the support was in these shoes. The shoe laces also help add more stability by keeping your feet in place as well.


These shoes are meant to be used for long distance running. With that in mind the terrain is almost limitless. It seems that this shoe excels most outdoors on gravel or hard ground. You might want to take these Hi-Tec shoes outside and get some fresh air. If that sort of thing is not your cup of tea it is also good to note that this could be used as an indoor sports shoe but should be used with caution on very slick floors. It is also recommended that you try to avoid getting them wet as much as you can if you have material like mesh for the upper because the shoe is not waterproof.


The Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow are sold on various websites at different prices. One thing to note is that it can be a small investment. You will be pleased to know that you are indeed getting your money's worth in quality. Each feature was strategically designed to enhance your run, walk and life. The care placed in these shoes are all for your comfort and benefit. In light of the lightweight construction, comfortable interior and overall quality, this might be an investment to consider in the long run.


The traction these HTS Silver Shadow’s possess are average in comparison to the other Hi-Tec shoes available. You will find that because of the grooves built in on the soles, these shoes work on a variety of surfaces. They are designed for long-distance running so the ideal terrain is gravel or uneven surfaces. There haven't been any complaints from customers remarking on these shoes ability to provide an ample amount of traction. It can be expected that these shoes will hold its own on multiple surfaces.


When analyzing the upper you will see that the materials used are made of mostly malleable fabrics like suede, leather and mesh. Because of this, you can expect a bit of flexibility in your shoes. There has been no complaints of these shoes being too stiff and rigid. If it were stiff it would honestly not only make a lousy running shoe but it would damage your feet in the long run. Your shoe should have a level of support and flexibility and this shoe gives that proper support. You will find that though they are flexible they do possess a bit of firmness as well.


From the soles all the way up to the upper, it is evident that Hi-Tec HTS Silver Shadow shoes put a lot of thought into your stability and support. The soles are made using the Air Ball concept and the Vibram RollinGait. Both are there to add comfort and cater to each step taken. There has been no customer complaints about the stability of these HTS Silver Shadow’s regarding their stability. You will also find that the EVA padding in the midsoles add for a snug fit making your feet feel even more secure as you go about your jog or walk. Another added bonus is that Hi-Tec opted for traditional shoe laces to give an added feel of security.


While there is no drop specified on the Hi-Tec website for these shoes, you can expect them to be a bit big. This is due to all the things placed in the heel of the shoes to better provide support and comfort for you. In the long run the bigger drop provided more cushion between your feet and the ground.

Key Features

• Air Ball technique (ABC)
• Vibram RollinGait sole
• Long distance running shoes
• Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) Midsole


Hi-Tec always makes nice shoes, what would make this pair anything different? Along with the unique style that they have, they also carry all of the technology and design specs that would make them wearable for a long period of time. These are a pair of shoes that no one will regret buying. Now, they may be a bit on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of price but, the quality that they have definitely makes them worth it. Compared to the other brands on the market, these shoes definitely take the cake.