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Dansko is a brand renowned for the outstanding comfort they built in their designs. Originally developed as a traditional clog for the working class in 1990, Dansko shoes quickly became popular amongst medical professionals, teachers, chefs and flight attendants. They slowly built a number of die-hard Dansko fans and expanded their line by manufacturing, boots, sandals, heels, and flats that combined fashion and function.

Almost all Dansko clogs give prominence to the anatomically contoured arch support. Other attributes contributing to this world famous design is the rocker-bottom sole and the slightly raised heel, which is usually 2 inches tall. All these elements work together to increase shock absorbency and stability while alleviating feet and back pain and reducing fatigue after standing for long hours. When choosing the right shoe for support and comfort, Dansko styles may be the winner since almost all have the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) and many of them are slip-resistant.

Featuring milled Scotchgard treated nubuck upper, with a leather-dressed well-cushioned footbed, the Dansko Maria boot is the design that we are going to be taking a closer look at today. With a rounded toe box and faux wood sole, this modern-style ankle boot has put smiles on many Dansko fans. And there is no reason why wouldn’t they. Dansko Maria boots are versatile and offer all-day support and comfort, making them an ideal pair for fall or winter.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Stylish design

Comfortable footbed

Great arch support

Long lasting

Easy to clean


Toe box may be narrow for those with wide feet

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  • I was able to actually size down with these, and still was very comfortable. Great comfort.
  • Perfect heel height, I have no issues with my knees in these!
  • Great pair of stylish heel boots that I’m able to wear all day.
  • I absolutely love these boots, they do run a little bit but the arch in these are amazing.
  • Very supportive, ankle boot. I love Dansko, never regretted my purchases
  • I own a ton of pairs of Dansko’s. They’re really good for your back, legs and feet. I don’t have to worry about slipping in them, plus they’re true to size.
  • You won’t regret purchasing these I swear, they’re great. Lovely style and great comfort.
  • Such a sweet pair of boots, super comfortable. I think these are probably my favorite pair of shoes.
  • Working with children means I’m standing a lot, and these are perfect shoes for my all day standing.
  • I get a ton of compliments when I wear these, I love the color and the style.
  • Very comfortable and super easy to put on which I’m very grateful about.
  • I love that these aren’t tight on my ankle, and a little taller than most booties.
  • These are the perfect pair of boots, I sized up to make sure I could wear socks with these. Great quality and super study.
  • Working in retail means hours of standing and these are the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn!
  • I’m a restaurant manager, and I log a ton of steps per day. I’ve worn these every day for the past year. I think these are amazing.
  • These shoes do not aggravate my plantar fasciitis. I love that they’re stylish and keep my feet comfortable.
  • These are truly a wonderful pair of shoes, I looked for a long time to find the perfect ankle boot and these are them!
  • Very elegant, super comfortable and I love their style.
  • These shoes are the truth, they can do so much for you. They make very casual outfits super cute, you can walk the dog with these and your feet won’t even notice.
  • Very true to size and comfortable. I love the width of the heels, makes it easier for standing all day.
  • Some customers complained about shoe running narrow
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The outsole on the Dansko Maria style is made of light polyurethane (PU) material but gives the appearance of a wooden sole. There is some tread, which means they provide traction. Unlike most Dansko clogs, this outsole doesn’t offer non-slipping properties, however, according to many customers, it appears to be slip-resistant on dry, wet and oily surfaces. The PU foam tends to last long, therefore it helps to extend the life of the boot itself.

Another great trait of the outsole is that due to the polyurethane foam, the shock absorption is increased and there is great energy return every time the wearer’s foot hits the ground. At last, the PU bottom of the design is finished by hand and brings about a durable and solid base for the boot.
When wearing boots with a heel, the heel is supposed to lift smoothly up from the sole. Having said that, the wide heel on the Dansko Maria style promotes great stability and the two inches height is perfect enough for support without giving any discomfort. The platform measures approximately 0.50 inches, making these boots an excellent choice for all those who stand on their feet the majority of the day.


The Maria design from Dansko is an ankle boot that features nubuck, full grain leather for the upper portion. The leather has been treated with 3M Scotchgard protector, which means you can worry less about the boots being ruined by stains. However, depending on where you live, it is recommended to use an extra protector for the nubuck leather, just to make sure it won’t get ruined in the rain or snow. Since it’s leather they are made off, they tend to stretch out after prolonged use. The soft leather upper is easy to keep clean so that the model can maintain its original form and function use after use. According to some customers, the full grain leather style holds the shape much better than the nubuck leather.

The Maria model features a black stitching detail on all colors, which adds to the modern design of the boot. The boot is a low cut with a shaft measuring 4.5 inches from the arch, while the boot opening measures approximately 11 inches. There is a side zipper, placed inside for easy on and off. The foot rests on a leather cushioning and smooth leather lining for added softness and comfort.


We have already established that Dansko clogs were designed with comfort in mind. The American Podiatric Medical Association has awarded Dansko shoes with a Seal of Acceptance, thus welcoming them in the world of goods with excellent quality. All Dansko models help deliver good foot health, and they have been awarded by the Footwear Plus Magazine, with the “Plus Award” in the Women’s Comfort category not once, but eight times! The leather sock liner feels very soft to the skin, and many customers said that they regularly wear the Dansko Maria without socks, but they deliver great comfort when worn with thin socks and tights too. Even though the insoles are not removable, there is no need to add other orthotic inserts, since the footbed is well padded and exceptionally comfortable.

The style is reported by many to have a minimum to no break-in period. However, even if the wearer experiences initial discomfort, the leather loosens up after a while and contours to the foot nicely. They are made to give a snug but comfortable fit to your feet, and at the same time help promote better posture, while minimizing backaches, foot, and leg pain. The Dansko Maria model tends to fit better on narrow feet, so if you have wide feet, you may want to make sure that you try them on first before buying them online. The leather lining helps control moisture and odor control, keeping your feet nice and dry, adding to the overall comfort.


Recommended by the American Podiatry Association, the Dansko Maria provides the wearer with excellent arch support. Many customers were happy to say that even after wearing them for long hours, they experienced no pain in the arches, ankles or their feet in general. For those who have bunions or flat feet, the Dansko Maria model makes an excellent choice. Not only they are stylish and versatile, but they offer exceptional arch support due to the multi-density footbed. When compared to the Dansko Professional, the arch and fit are about the same, with the exception of the heel, which is a bit smaller. Nonetheless, both pairs are reported to be equally comfortable. Unlike the clog style, the Maria boot gives better support due to the higher top and the inside zipper, but the fit is about the same, with the only difference being in the faux wood sole which makes the design stylish.


The height of the heel is two inches tall, which makes it a very comfortable height. It is about the same as the other Dansko clogs, and many buyers said that they had no problem wearing them all day long. Some customers have even said that as a result of the neutral heel height and the added cushioning to it, they don’t feel like they have any heels on. The durable polyurethane outsole adds to the lateral stability while the firmly fixed steel shank helps deliver better stability and support. There is a convenient side zipper, which makes it easy to put the boots on and take them off, while at the same time allowing a close fit.


The Dansko Maria boots are not made for jobs that require great protection from various hazards, but they feature a roomy and softly rounded toe box that helps protect the feet from compression or falling items. Thanks to the PU rubber outsole, which is water resistant, your feet are protected from water when walking through small puddles or during rain or snow. The PU rubber outsole also provides good resistance to slip, it has excellent chemical resistance properties and is environmentally friendly.


The Maria Dansko model is as flexible as any Dansko style. Due to the soft leather upper and the rubber PU outsole, they are very comfortable right out of the box, and many wearers reported they could easily walk for miles without experiencing any pain. The PU outsole is in charge of the boot being flexible, comfortable and easy to wear. At the same time, the cushioned insole ensures your arches are supported so that you can enjoy a smooth ride.


The Dansko Maria model features a stacked woodgrain heel, which is about two inches tall and a platform that lifts your toes about 0.50 inches from the ground. The PU rubber outsole has some tread, which means it offers some traction. Since they are designed for casual, everyday wear, these boots can be easily worn indoors or outdoors. Some customers reported that they had no issues wearing them in the snow or the rain since the outsole is slip-resistant. The durable polyurethane sole also provides long-wearing traction for the life of the Dansko Maria design.


The Dansko Maria stylish boots are stamped with a 3M Scotchgard symbol, meaning they have been treated with protection from water or stains. When people see nubuck leather, they often worry about maintaining the original form of the shoe. Since this design is already protected, you can always spray it with a leather or water protectant to make sure it will keep water at bay. Many buyers were pleased to say that even after wearing the Dansko Maria boots in different weather conditions, they still hold up great and keep the feet dry.

These boots were designed for comfort and comfort you will get no matter where you take them for a walk ( as long as you don’t go rock climbing with them). According to customers, they perform well on cement floors, busy city roads, at work or even when you run after your kids in the park.


If you are worried the nubuck leather will get stained or dirty, customers recommendations are to spray them with a leather or nubuck protectant. What a protector like that can do to leather, is miraculous. It builds a protective barrier, which helps you clean the shoe with ease. These Dansko Maria boots don’t differ much from any other style dressed in leather or nubuck leather. The number one rule for extending the life of your shoes is to treat them nicely and take care of them properly. If you treat the Dansko Maria style before wearing them, you can rest assured they will stay in good shape for much longer. The easiest care instruction is to wipe them off with a damp cloth to remove dirt and stains from the surface. For water and stain protection, Dansko recommends using the Dansko Suede and Nubuck Spray immediately after buying them.


This Scandinavian style by Dansko looks very modern while still reminding us of the regular Dansko models. They run true to size, and of course, are extremely comfortable. The stylish design can be easily matched with jeans, pants, tights, skirts, leggings or a tunic. It comes available in beautiful colorways such as dusty rose, light grey, black, and taupe just to name a few.


There is no information available on the actual weight of the Dansko Maria boot, however, according to many customers they are super lightweight and deliver excellent arch support.

Key Features

*100% Leather/nubuck upper
* Long-wearing polyurethane outsole for shock absorption and energy return
*Shaft measures approximately 4.5" from arch
*Heel measures approximately 2"
*Platform measures approximately 0.50"
*Boot opening measures approximately 11"
*Embedded steel shank for stability and support
*Cushioned, leather-wrapped footbed
*Inside zipper for easy on/off
*Roomy, rounded toe box
*APMA Seal of Acceptance
*Treated with a 3M Scotchgard protector for long-lasting stain resistance


As we already know, Dansko makes excellent footwear when it comes to comfort and support. All their models offer superb comfort and arch support, whether they are sandals, boots, clogs, mules or flats. In this case, the Dansko Maria ankle boot has similar upper to the other Dansko boots, like the Shirley model, but it features a sole that looks more like a clog. It is a very stylish model with great support that made many women happy. One of the best features the Dansko Maria has to offer, (besides the comfort) is the great arch support. Many people may look past this trait, but if your shoe doesn’t support your feet, it may lead to many health issues like stress, fatigue, and blood sugar problems.

The Dansko Maria style features a very soft leather upper and footbed which help make them comfortable right out of the box, and according to many buyers, there is no break-in period. Due to the leather upper, it stretches easily and very fast. They can be worn in all weather conditions so that you can get a chance to look stylish at all times. No matter what color you choose, rest assured each of your steps will be filled with confidence and security.