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The Ben Sherman company was named after the man who started it all. He was a man who always flocked to the new and the different, always on the search for the unique and best things out there. He had an artistic soul but was a very passionate businessman. These two things blended together, and he created his first product, a shirt. It seems so simple today, but it was a huge hit and put Mr. Sherman's name on the map. Now, over 50 years later his products are still a big part culture and style.

The Peyton's are a great pair of casual shoes that were created to not only look great but feel wonderful as well. They may not be the most comfortable sneakers you own, but they are not too bad, many customers have no complaints on the underfoot experience they get when wearing them.

The shoes come in a variety of color and materials so you should have no problems finding something that will best fit your style needs. Be careful; however, some customers mentioned the perf suede options can have some durability issues and can become unwearable after only a couple times out in them. Overall, though, they are pretty good pair of shoes that many customers seem to love.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great color options

Decent value


Fits true to size



Some durability issues

Slightly heavier than average


The Ben Sherman Payton's have a rubber outsole that is both durable and flexible, to give you a comfortable feel with a long lifespan that most customers will be able to appreciate. These sneakers are going to offer you some moderate traction thanks to the rubber and tread lines on the sole, but that does not mean that you should not still be careful while you are walking around. They can do a pretty good job at keeping you upright, but if you encounter a rather slick surface, you can still run the risk of slipping as they might not be able to stand up to the job of keeping you upright completely. Just be careful while you are out and about in these casual shoes, you should not have too much of a problem with traction, but there is still the possibility they will not be able to keep you safe.


The casual sneakers have a padded insole in them to give you a little bit of underfoot cushioning to keep you comfortable while you are wearing them. That being said, there is not a whole lot of padding there. As they are made for casual wear and they are not an athletic shoe, they are not going to give you that extra cushy midsole you might expect to provide you with a bounce in your step while you walk. These are designed more for looks than physical activity. If you want a pair of shoes for running, these are not them, and you will want to find something else. However, if you want a pair of great looking casual shoes with moderate comfort and cushioning then these are going to be an excellent fit for you.

Of course, as with many other pairs of sneakers, if you want more comfort and padding, you can always opt for an additional insole or insert to give you a better feel. Yes, it can sometimes be frustrating to have to buy something else on top of spending money on a new pair of shoes, so if that is not something that you are interested in, then these aren't the right sneakers for you.


The uppers of the Ben Sherman Payton's are made out of different types of materials, depending on the color choice you make. You can choose between either a soft suede or comfortable linen. Regardless of what materials you decide to go with, they are going to feel great and look lovely. You will get a fantastic amount of flexibility thanks to the upper construction so you will not have to feel like you are being restricted in any way, and the breathable liner will help keep your feet fresh and healthy throughout the day.


The Ben Sherman's are a bit on the heavy side when compared to some of the other casual sneakers out there. It does not appear to be too much of a problem, as they are more for casual wear and are not worn while running or any other kind of sport. They weigh in at 13 ounces for a size 11 medium (size 44). Keep in mind that this is just the weight of a single shoe and does not account for both of them; additionally, the measurement will vary depending on the size you order. Just because they are heavier than average does not stop consumers from wearing them around all day comfortably. They won't feel like they are holding you back at all. Of course, you are not going to want to be running around in them, and they might try to slow you down if you are walking extremely long distances in them, but other than that customers are pleased with how they feel.


The casual sneakers have an upper that is made of either suede or linen, depending on the color choice, but it also features a sock lining that is made of soft and breathable fabric. This is going to allow for a decent amount of air to flow into your foot chamber, helping keep you cool. You will especially appreciate this if you are out on warmer days, as it can help prevent you from overheating unnecessarily. Since you can quickly get air flow into the shoes, that also means that your sweat will be able to escape without a problem, keeping your feet relatively dry. The alone is going to help prevent odor-causing bacteria from developing, promoting healthier feet and reducing smelly odor emanating from your shoes at the end of the day.


Support can be crucial to your overall safety and comfort while you are walking around in any kind of footwear. Thankfully for most customers, the Ben Sherman Payton's can offer a decent amount of support, they will help keep your feet locked into place inside the sneakers, preventing you from sliding around inside of them which could lead to you falling and getting hurt. They fit your feet snuggle, assuming you are wearing the correct size, so you are not going to have too much extra room inside of them to cause you to slip and fall. Additionally, they have a four eyelet lacing system that helps give you a little more support and a more customizable fit, allowing you to tighten them up as you see fit.

When it comes to arch support in the sneakers, it is unclear as to how much they can actually provide. They have a lightly padded insole, so there is some cushioning there, but we do not know for sure how much is there. One thing that can be said about them, though, is that there are no customers complaints about the lack of support under the arches. If you get them and find that they cannot give you what you need or want you can always add some insole that will better work for the shape of your foot.


The Peyton's are a pair of nice looking casual sneakers that can fit in with most casual settings and can sometimes even slip right into the office and make a great pair of work shoes. They have a rounded to and a traditional lacing system. The sneakers feature tonal trim detailing to give them a great look. The uppers are made of different materials, depending on the color you decide to go with. They are available in black multi, brown perf suede, grey chambray, grey line, navy linen, and navy suede. No matter what look you decide to wear, they will be lovely on your feet.

They do not offer the most versatility, however. If you want a casual sneaker to wear while running errands or hanging out with the guys, then these are going to be a pretty decent option. Sometimes, you might be able to get away with wearing them into the office, if you are wearing more business casual attire. Other than that, they might not work elsewhere. You aren't going to want to be seen with them on the track or at the gym, and they will not fit in at a wedding or other formal event.


The Ben Sherman's offer a decent amount of strength but not all of their shoes are created equally so that you might get two pairs of them, and they will not have the same amount of longevity. It is all going to depend on the materials and construction of the ones you choose. There are some customers who mentioned the perf suede version of the sneakers felt a bit thin and fragile, causing them to scuff and crack easily, ruining the look of them. Then again, there are some who have not had this issue at all. It appears that the linen version of the shoes does not have the same durability issues as the suede ones, so that is something that you might want to keep in mind while you are ordering them.


These sneakers tend to run true to size, which is helpful because that means it is going to be significantly easier to choose what size to order when you are making the purchase. Some customers suggested that they might feel a little tight at first and be a bit difficult to get on your feet, but once they are on and laced up the feel fantastic and fit great. The Peyton's, unfortunately, are not available in wide width sizes, so you if you have slightly wide feet then these are not going to be the best option for you and might want to consider something else.


The Ben Sherman Payton's have a moderate price tag and run right about average with some other casual sneakers that you might find on the market today. When you take the cost and then consider the durability, it is really hit or miss if they are worth the money spend on them or not. It really is going to depend on the materials of the uppers you decide to purchase. The perf suede ones are less durable then the rest and those might not be the best investment, but the linen ones have a much higher lifespan, and they tend to be worth the money. Overall, the average price tag is not that bad, but be careful when deciding which one you are going to be spending your money on.


The rubber outsole of the Ben Sherman's is designed to give you a certain amount of flexibility while you step, allowing you to move your feet fairly naturally without restrictions. The rubber might be tough enough not to wear down too quickly, but they will bend with ease, giving you an easier time with each step you take. The uppers will also help contribute to the overall flexibility of the sneakers, as they are not overly stiff and will bend and move with your feet.


They have an overall acceptable comfort level. The midsole is not overly cushioned but seems to have an adequate amount of padding to keep most customers happy throughout the day. The soft and breathable materials of the uppers and the interior lining feel great against your feet, giving you a pleasant in-shoe experience that your feet will thank you for at the end of a long hard day. There are some out there who might choose to add an additional insole or insert to give them more underfoot comfort, but right out of the box they don't do too poorly of a job keeping you comfy and cozy.

Bottom Line

If you are searching for a great looking pair of casual sneakers or something to wear to work on Casual Friday, then you might want to consider the Ben Sherman Payton sneakers. They have a great look to them and offer the right amount of style and comfort. They are not going to be the most comfortable pair of shoes in your closet, but they are definitely not that bad. The biggest problem with the sneakers, however, is the fact that some of the upper materials, mostly the perf suede, can encounter some durability issues and will easily scuff and crack, making them virtually unwearable. They have a decent price tag, so as long as you get a pair that will last, mostly the linen, you will be making a pretty decent investment in your footwear choice.