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The fashion world lost a huge talent last year. Kate Spade's untimely death left a huge void in the fashion industry, but her legacy will live on. Her talent was undisputed. Her dedication and vision were unmatched. And although her primary creation was the eponymous fashion brand, Frances Valentine was a product of much love as well.

Kate created Frances Valentine in 2016. Frances is the name of Kate’s only daughter. And she legally changed the last name into Valentine, after a long list of Valentine’s on her mother side.  Yes, that's right. Kate even legally added the Valentine to her full name. In an old interview Kate mentioned that after leaving the Kate Spade brand, she missed creating and designing. That’s why she created Frances Valentine.

But, for now, let’s look at one of Frances Valentine’s latest designs. The Lizzie model by Frances Valentine. It’s a fiery model that exurbs confidence and sex appeal. You’ll definitely get noticed in the Lizzie model. But more on the pros and cons of the shoes, you can read below in this post.

Hope you’ll like it!

Editor's Pros & Cons

Ankle strap

Kitten heel

Leather outsole

Leather in upper, insole and lining


No vegan version


What do you get with a leather outsole? Well, a shoe that has high levels of traction properties, but it’s very low on durability. The shoes that have leather soles are usually more expensive, but they’re not disposable as anyone might think. Yes, the durability of the leather outsole is substantially lower than with the synthetic ones, or even the rubber outsole. The good news about this is the opportunity to have the outsoles resoled.

Leather outsoles are easily re-soled, and you’ll be having your shoes as good as new. The outsole in the Lizzie model is quite thin, very flat on the surface, and this particular design can cause some additional problems with the traction properties. Because the outsole lacks any ridging or any indentations, the shoe itself can become quite dangerous to walk in. Especially if you consider the fact that there’s a whapped stylish kitten heel at the back of the shoe. Now, the kitten heels are much comfier than the stilettos, but still, they’re tricky nonetheless.


The midsole has a lightly padded insole that works wonders for you and your back. Yes, the kitten heel used in the shoe isn’t as bad as for instance a stiletto heel would have been, but any type of support in the midsole is still needed to make things easier for the person that’s wearing the Lizzie model. The kitten heel is 2 1⁄4 inches in height, and you can walk in the shoes relatively pain-free, but the padding in the insole is there to make that walk a lot more comfy and pain-free. Besides, that insole is made out of leather too, so there’s the moisture wicking property of that insole, that’s worth mentioning. Thanks to that insole, your feet will not only remain pain-free, odor-free and moisture-free.


The Lizzie model by Frances Valentine started with leather and now ends up with leather. The upper is entirely made out of leather, as it’s the lining in the upper too. It’s a shoe made entirely out of leather, and it’s glorious. However, while the lining is made out of ordinary leather lining, the upper’s surface consists entirely out of patent leather. The fantastic patent leather gives the shoes their shine, their beautiful gloss and the fact that they come with fiery red color makes the shoes even hotter. You can’t really put a price on owning a red patent leather with a delicate open toe style of silhouette and a sexy thick ankle strap.

One strap hugs the toes, while another much thicker strap is wrapped around the ankle. The ankle strap is secured with an adjustable metallic buckle, and it does not amp up the sex appeal, it brings out the security of the entire shoe. You’ll notice just by looking at the shoe, that no embellishments were added, not metallic detailing was needed. No. the fiery color, the patent leather and the sexy design of the shoe itself is all that it needs to achieve that wow effect. Sometimes less is truly more, and that statement has never been truer than with the Lizzie model.


The comfort of the Lizzie model is a joint effort from every single part of the shoe. Certainly, the padded insole in the center for the shoe helps tremendously, but there’s no denying that even the small stuff like the ankle strap and the presence of leather in every inch of the shoe is an incredible effort in providing the comfort. Every inch of the shoe provides the comfort, and the fact that this is a shoe that features a kitten heel really boosts the comfort in the right direction. The level of comfort would have been significantly impaired if this was a stiletto heel, but since it’s a kitten heel the comfort is much more present.


The presence of the leather really helps with the support here in the Lizzie model. And when you think about the fact that even the outsole is made out of leather, the support becomes even greater. Sure the durability of that leather outsole is fairly diminished, while the price of the outsole is significantly higher than with the rubber counterpart, but there’s no denying that the support isn’t top notch. And that support goes a long way, especially on tricky terrains like wet marble and chalky slippery ground. Yes, the durability is not that impressive, but while this outsole is on the shoe’s surface, no terrain will prove to be that big of a challenge.

And don’t knock the feeling that you’ll get while walking in a kitten heel shoes. They usually get a bad rep, and they’re considered the shorter less attractive cousin of the stiletto, but your feet will look just as hot in a Lizzie model just as they would in any other stiletto style shoe. The only difference will be the support of the pain-free existence while you’re doing that.


There’s some good and some bad news in the durability section of this review. The leather used in the making of the shoe is a true revelation in the Lizzie model. The presence of leather really amps up the durability exponentially, since leather is one of the most durable and sturdy materials out there. However, the bad news in this particular section is the fact that the outsole of the shoe is made out of leather.

An interesting choice of material, since the leather outsoles are the least durable outsoles on the market. The leather in the outsole will significantly shorten the lifespan of the shoe, especially in the bottom area, but the good news about this is the fact that the rubber outsole offers endless possibilities for sole replacement. The outsole might not last as much as you’d like it to last, but it will present an opportunity to change the part of the shoe that needs to be changed.


A great thing about having a lightly padded midsole and a rubber outsole is the support awesome flexibility that you’ll get from both of the shoe areas. Yes, this is an open-toe type of a sandal, and on top of that, it has a kitten heel attached to the back of the shoe. So, every bit helps. The flexibility isn’t that grand, but it’s there if you need it.


Yup, while the leather outsole posed a challenge and a huge setback in some of the shoe’s features it’s a great asset in the stability section. And howls the leather outsole an asset here? Well, by the mere characteristics of the material. Leather is quite sturdy material that offers lots of stability, and when it’s used in the making of the outsole, it does precisely that. It offers stability not just to the bottom of the shoe, to the entire shoe as well. Bu the thing is, every single inch of this shoe contains leather, not just the outsole. Even better. Oh and that ankle strap is made out of leather too. It secures the ankles nicely without overbearing the foot in that area. You’ll just love the stability that the leather has to offer.


The Lizzie model by Frances Valentine is an open toe strappy style of a scandal that has leather in every inch of the shoe construction. The airflow isn’t just allowed here. It’s a promise that the company will make sure to keep. Seriously. The airflow is amazing. Firstly because a big portion of the foot will be exposed just by the mere fact that this is a summer style of a sandal. You know, it comes with the territory. Secondly, because every inch of that shoe is made out of real leather. Yes, the leather used in the shoe’s upper is patent leather, but it’s leather nonetheless. And leather has excellent moisture wicking properties. It allows air to penetrate and circulate through the material, leaving your foot moist and odor free.


Sadly, the fiery red color is the only available option that you can choose from. The sexy red-ish color that transitions into bright orange is the only color option available from this particular model. Yes, the limited color options are the true unfortunate flaw of this otherwise great shoe, and the possibility of owning a black, or a nude color option of the Lizzie model will remain just a wish.


The Lizzie model by Frances Valentine can reach a price tag of 276 dollars. Yes, the price is quite high, but when you take into consideration the high-quality material like leather, that was used in the making of the shoe, you’ll understand why this particular model is such an expensive purchase. The price is high, but this is a treat for every fashionista. It’s a great investment in every shoe closet, and the cost of the shoe will easily be forgotten when you think of the outfit combos that will be paired with this model.


If you’re looking for a way to add a splash of color, style and effortless sophistication to your wardrobe, then buying the Lizzie model should be a no-brainer. The shiny and glossy exterior of the red leather upper is only matched by the beauty and sophistication of the kitten heel. The Lizzie model will look amazing with your favorite dress, and with your favorite jeans. You can dress your style up or down depending on the occasion, and the shoes will be just the ticket for that.

Bottom line

The Frances Valentine brand is by all standards quite young. But when you think that the mastermind behind that brand is the one and only Kate Spade, you’ll understand the clean, simplistic lines of the design. Made with the best possible materials, and the American pragmatic effortless style, the Lizzie model is a true revelation. It radiates with both sex appeal and with the infectious simplicity, and it’s the perfect choice when you’re looking for a way to show both sides of your personality. The sexy vamp and the comfy fashionista. You really can’t go wrong with the Lizzie model. Yes, it’s flawed, and yes it’s expensive, but the quality behind it really makes you forget all the imperfections and focus on the bigger picture. The Lizzie model is a true revelation. and it's a shoe that will make you proud to be a woman. It's sexy, stylish and attention-grabbing in all the nice ways. It's a beautiful shoe.