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When winter rolls around, it’s crucial to keep your feet protected from the cold and the snow. Not only is it super uncomfortable to be walking around with freezing wet feet, but it can also actually be really damaging to your body because of the limited blood circulation. You might even get frostbite in your toes. To prevent this, make sure that you’re well equipped with a good, protective pair of winter boots.

The Momentum2 women’s winter boots are a good example of protective winter boots. They may not be fashion-forward, but they do have practical features like insulation, traction, and water-resistance to keep your feet warm and dry. After researching reviewers’ feedbacks on this pair, we wouldn’t say that these boots are the most protective or reliable, but for their cost, they are definitely worth the consideration. Readon on to learn more about their pros and cons.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Seamless construction
  • Compatible with snowshoes
  • Reasonable price
  • 200B 3M Thinsulate insulation
  • Moisture-wicking lining
  • Not very fashionable
  • Size runs small
  • Potential defects


Before zooming in on this particular pair, let’s first take a look behind the brand that designed and manufactured the model. This way, we get an idea of what to expect in terms of quality, features, and value. Kamik is a brand founded in 1898, family-owned from day one, though today they are supported by over 400 employees. They have improved and evolved through time, but they retain their commitment to providing protective footwear for wet or cold weather (they are, after all, Canadian). Today, they are working towards sustainable production via domestic production and recycling programs.


Footwear needs to be breathable in order for your feet to remain fresh and dry. Breathability tends to be prioritized more in the summer and in shoes like sneakers and runners, but you should also consider it in winter boots. If heavy-duty insulation is really provided, you run the risk of overheating. In the Momentum2 boots, airflow can’t really be provided or else the frigid winter air will make your feet freeze. Instead, the faux-shearling lining is moisture-wicking so that perspiration can be wicked away from the skin, keeping the feet nice and dry. In addition, the insoles are antibacterial and will prevent nasty odors.


It goes without saying that winter boots must be warm above all else. Not only is walking around with freezing feet uncomfortable, but it can also actually lead to frostbite, since your toes are an extremity and they are more vulnerable to the cold than, say, your ankles. The Momentum2 is made with 200B 3M Thinsulate insulation, which Kamik claims provides 1.5 times the warmth of down. According to Kamik, these boots provide protection for winter weather down to -40C (also -40 in Fahrenheit). It seems like most reviewers agree that these boots are warm. We did find one reviewer who claimed they were not warm enough, but it may be that their pair had defects.


The benefit of shoes that have adjustable laces or straps is that you can fine-tune the fit so that it’s just right. These boots don’t have traditional laces, though at first glance it might look like they do. Their laces are bungee-style, stretchy, and adjustable. In fact, we’d say that they’re more desirable than traditional laces. They are more convenient because they don’t need to be re-tied or readjusted every time you put them on; and due to their stretchiness, you could technically just slip the boot on. However, the tight fit of these boots might make that difficult in practice. To learn more about that, scroll down to the “size” section.


A variety of different materials are used to make the different parts of these boots. Firstly, the uppers are made of waterproof nylon to prevent water seeping through. The lining, on the other hand, is made of faux shearling, which provides the same moisture-wicking properties as real fur but is not as heavy or pricey. The cushioning remoative insoles are made of EVA, a synthetic material well-known for its lightweight while the outsole is made of rubber for better durability and a firmer grip. Lastly, the cuff at the opening of the boot is made of faux fur to seal away the cold air - not to mention also add to their look.


Correct sizing is crucial to footwear comfort. If the shoes are too small, you might get coins, bunions, or even deformities that require surgeries to correct. If they are too large, you’ll feel clumsy and feel fatigued easily because of the extra weight on your feet. When buying online, you can’t try on the shoes yourself to see which size fits best, but you can check out the sizing guides on the brand’s website and use them as a reference. What’s inconvenient about the Momentum2 boots is that they’re only offered in whole sizes and in only one standard width. In addition, an overwhelming amount of reviewers say that they run small in fit; some even recommend you order more than a full size bigger than your usual size.


When it comes to serious winter weather - for instance, if you’re going trekking in the mountains - style should be the least of your concerns. What you should be focused on is water-resistance, warmth, traction, durability, and other practical features. However, we can’t deny the fact that humans are judgemental creatures who are attracted to nice-looking things, and looking stylish makes us feel more confident, even if we’re all bundled up for winter. These boots aren’t the worst-looking; but with their bungee-style lacing, high shaft, and rubber outsole, they do look pretty rough and heavy-duty. They’re nothing like the fashionable uggs. We wouldn’t consider this a huge downside, however, because it’s their practical features that matter much more.


Traction prevents us from slipping on wet terrain. In the wintertime, traction is especially important because there is also ice to consider. The outsoles of the Momentum2 boots provide just that thanks to their deep lug pattern. If you take a look at the bottom view of the boot, you’ll see it. The open design at the edges allows any water you step on to escape rather than being trapped under your foot, making it easier to slip. Many reviewers noted that these boots had excellent traction.

Water Resistance

Several aspects of this pair are combined to ensure maximum resistance against water. Firstly, as we mentioned already in our ‘Materials’ section, the uppers are made of a waterproof nylon material. Secondly, the upper is seam-sealed to prevent moisture from making its way into the shoe. Thirdly, the flexible synthetic rubber shell outsole provides extra water resistance. Many reviewers seemed satisfied that they were waterproof, but others claimed they were not waterproof or would rip or tear so that they ceased to be waterproof. If may be that though it’s enough to ward off some light rain or snow, it’s not enough to keep you dry when stepping into puddles.


Whether or not a product is “worth it” depends on your necessities and your budget. As such, we can’t really tell you if this pair is worth it because we don’t know how much winter protection you need or how much is in your bank account. We will say, however, that the Momentum2 is pretty reasonably-priced for a winter boot. It doesn’t absolutely guarantee protection from water or cold weather, but it does seem very promising and it’s a good bargain because of that. We would recommend these winter boots to those who aren’t sure what they like or need but just want to stay warm and safe without breaking the bank.

Bottom Line

To conclude, the Kamik Momentum2 winter boots are a pretty well-rounded pair. They provide protection against water via their nylon material and seamless construction, as well as protection against the cold via their 200M 3B Thinsulate insulation technology. In addition, their outsoles provide traction and their bungee-style lacing ensures an adjustable fit. Though most reviewers agreed that the features were great, a few others claimed the water resistance and insulation were ineffective. But due to the much larger number of positive reviews, we would say that those are outliers who maybe got a defective product. So if you’re considering buying this pair, keep in mind that risk for potential defects.