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If you would rather wear your bedroom slippers everywhere, but want to look put together and stylish, then the Ugg Neumel is for you. This ethical brand combines comfort with quality in a unique and truly innovative manner, that will not leave anyone indifferent. Everything from its EVA sole to the Uggpure wool lining contributes to the overall quality and performance of this boot. Prepare to enjoy all day comfort with this amazing Chukka Boot from Ugg.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • EVA sole
  • Good traction
  • Ethically made
  • Uggpure wool lining
  • Warm and cozy
  • Comfortable
  • Unisex model
  • Lacks support
  • Runs smaller


The Ugg Neumel has a lightweight, very flexible EVA sole, with a unique tread pattern for added grip and traction. EVA is well-known for its durability and flexibility, and it is used in many running shoes exactly for these qualities. Due to its lightweight nature, these Chukka Boots will not weigh the wearer down or cause fatigue, even after a long day of wearing them.

The tread pattern slightly resembles a snowflake, which suites this boot very well, as it is primarily meant to be worn in the colder months. It has excellent grip on rain and snow-covered ground, and the wearer can walk with confidence and without fear of slipping mid-stride. The Ugg Neumel provides a springy and effortless ride all day long, thanks to the cushioning effect, that the EVA sole has, not to mention its shock-absorbing qualities. However, perhaps the best feature of these boots, according to reviewers, is that they can be worn both outside and inside, thanks to the comfort and warmth they provide.


Not many companies source their materials and produce their products ethically nowadays, and Ugg is one of the few ones that do, which is something that they take much pride in. Ugg is making its shoes only from non-mulesed wool and from countries, that comply with Animal Welfare laws, ensuring no animal is bred or harmed solely for their skin. The upper of the Ugg Neumel is made of quality, soft to the touch suede, however, it comes with a full-grain leather upper as well. The suede upper is very comfortable and flexible, and they feel more like slippers on the feet, rather than full-blown boots. They have a traditional lace-up closure, with metal eyelets for added durability, while the laces are round, to keep the boots from untying mid-wear. The lace-up closure also provides a customizable fit, as the wearer can adjust the snugness of the boots to fit their preferences.

Inside the boot, Ugg included an Uggpure wool lining, which provides excellent breathability and temperature regulation all year round. The footbed features a good amount of padding and is also lined with wool, wicking away excess moisture and providing all-day comfort. They are warm and cozy, and many reviewers choose to wear them in and outside of the house equally. The wool lining acts as good insulation for the feet, keeping them warm during winter, and cool and dry during hot summer months. Although it is strongly advised to apply some water and stain repellent to the upper, as the suede gets dirty quite easily and does not guarantee, that water will not get inside the boots. However, as long as you coat them with a generous layer of water repellent, they will be your best friends for the cold and wet weather.


Even though the Ugg Neumel boots look kind of bulky, especially with the thick wool lining, they are incredibly breathable. Wool is a natural insulator, meaning that the feet will stay dry and cool all year round. It breathes very well and helps absorb any excess moisture, that could build up during the day. In the cold winter months, it keeps the feet warm and cozy, without the need for thick socks, whereas in summer, most reviewers wear them without socks, as the wool helps keep the feet dry and odorless. Many customers wear these boots throughout the year without any issues. Just wipe the dirt off the soles and they can also double as slippers, for a multipurpose use.


Ugg footwear has made a name for itself as one of the most comfortable shoes to put on your feet. Reviewers have confirmed this by saying that it is like walking on clouds. The Ugg Neumel provides all-around comfort, from the moment you put them on, until the moment that you take them off. Everything, from its sole to its lining, contributes to the overall comfort levels that this boot delivers. The sole is made of a lightweight and flexible EVA, that not only will keep you steady on your feet on both dry and wet surfaces, but allows your feet to move freely without any restrictions. It cushions each footfall and absorbs the shock of impact, for a bouncy stride.

The upper is covered in a soft suede material, that is very flexible as well. It also has quite some give to it, that allows it to conform to the shape of the feet, creating a custom fit for each individual. The inside of the boot is lined with Uggpure wool, featuring a wool-lined, foam footbed, that molds to the feet beautifully, in order to provide maximum comfort for the wearer. The wool also helps absorb the excess moisture and keep the feet odorless, as well as regulate the temperature inside the boot, making them comfortable year in, year out. Reviewers love the comfort they get from their Ugg Neumel, and wear them everywhere: from grocery shopping and running errands, to lounging around the house. These Chukka-style boots are excellent for long hour standing or walking a lot in, so they are a great choice for people working in office settings.


When it comes to durability, reviewers were generally quite satisfied with their Ugg Neumel boots. This multipurpose boot will serve you well all year round, provided, that you take good care of them. As they are not naturally waterproof, it is recommended to manually waterproof them, using a water repellent spray. The suede upper also gets dirty quite fast, which is especially visible on the lighter models, so a stain repellent is also needed. One thing, that a few reviewers noted, was, that the sole is more prone to early signs of wear and tear, than the rest of the boot. While this Chukka-style boot is meant for everyday wear, it is by no means a heavy duty work boot or a hiking boot, and it should be used on roads and pavements only. However, if the boots do get worn out prematurely, Ugg has great customer service, as well as excellent guarantees. Additionally, Ugg includes an authenticity tag in every box of shoes they ship, to ensure that the customer gets what they are paying for.


The general consensus is, that these boots fit pretty true to size. However, considering the thick wool lining, people with wider feet might need to size up, so that the boots do not fit too tight, especially if socks are worn with them. Some reviewers advised about going up a size, as they run smaller and wider, in their experience. Although a little snugness is nothing to be alarmed about, since the wool will eventually mold to the shape of your feet, and the suede upper will also stretch out enough.


The Ugg Neumel Chukka Boot is quite flexible, thanks to its carefully selected materials. Namely, the sole is made of a lightweight, very flexible EVA, most commonly found in running shoes. It provides the wearer with springy, unrestricted movements, as it bends together with the feet for a natural stride. Meanwhile, the soft suede upper hugs the feet and allows maximum freedom of movement for the wearer.


Although most commonly known as the quintessential boot for teenage girls in high school, Ugg was determined to show the world how versatile they are, by introducing their unisex Ugg Neumel Chukka Boots. Featuring a slightly different silhouette with its Chukka style and lace-up closure, this boot is meant for both men and women, and thanks to the many attractive colorway, everyone can find a pair to their liking. They are very easy to style, as they go with almost anything. They can be dressed down with some jeans and a flannel for a laid back, casual look, or they can be dressed up with a nice pair of khakis and a blazer for a more business casual outfit.


While they might not be the most supportive boots out there, the Ugg Neumel does have decent enough support, thanks to the rich padding inside the boots, as well as their cushioned soles. Namely, the thick Uggpure wool lining covers the entirety of the boots, including the foam footbed, which molds to the shape of the feet over time, providing a custom fit and cushioning to the wearer. Not to mention, that the foam footbed is also sufficiently padded. The suede upper, likewise, conforms to the feet, creating a custom fit, while the EVA sole absorbs the shock of each footfall, and provides a lightweight and springy ride. A handful of reviewers did, however, complain about the lack of arch support and inability to insert their custom orthotics, so that is something to keep in mind if you are someone who needs more support in their shoes.


Considering all the materials used in the production of these boots, they are quite lightweight and do not weigh the feet down. Starting from the lightweight EVA sole cushioning, all the way to the suede upper and wool lining, everything about this boot screams comfort. Many reviewers also use them as their house slippers, often commenting, that it feels like they are walking on clouds. They weigh about 25 ounces and are excellent for people who need to stand for long hours at a time, or like long walks, as they will not cause fatigue or sore feet.

Bottom Line

As one of the few companies, that ethically source their materials and produce their products, Ugg puts a lot of thought into each of their designs, as can be seen in the Ugg Neumel Chukka Boot. The upper is made of soft and durable suede, which has been ethically sourced, as well as the Uggpure wool lining. The upper has a standard lace-up closure for a customizable fit, while the eyelets are made of metal, for added durability and style. Inside the boots, there is a thick, warm wool lining, that also covers the well-padded footbed. This wool lining acts as a superb insulator, as it keeps the feet dry and cool during summer, and warm and cozy in winter, making for a truly versatile boot.

The lining, as well as the upper will conform to the wearer’s foot shape in time, delivering a custom fit for maximum comfort. This all rests on a lightweight and flexible EVA sole, that has excellent traction to keep the wearer on their feet on both dry and wet surfaces. It is a unisex Chukka-style boot, that both men and women enjoy wearing since it is very easy to style with pretty much anything. Most reviewers wear their Ugg Neumels both inside and outside the house, as they are that comfortable. One thing to note is, that they can be a bit small, depending on your foot shape, so the best thing is to try them on in a retail store, to get the right fit for your feet.