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Making great quality products, including footwear, for almost two centuries, Clarks brings you the Teadale Rhea Oxford wedge. Customers love the way these look, stating that they are stylish and cute. Coming in a couple different color options and materials you are sure to find something that will look great. Not only do they look great but they feel outstanding. Consumers praise their comfort, your feet will not be disappointed at the end of a long day on your feet. There is superior cushioning underfoot thanks to an EVA foam midsole and OrthoLite insole so it is no surprise they are so comfy. Customers have mentioned, however, that they are a bit stiff so keep that in mind when purchasing. Additionally, these wedges do run a little narrow so they may not be the best option if you have particularly wide feet. Overall, customers adore these shoes and sing high praises for them, most even saying they would recommend them to their friends and family.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • All day comfort
  • Great look
  • Few color options
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Decent arch support
  • 1 1/2 inch heel
  • Cushioned OrthoLite insole
  • Runs a bit narrow
  • Feels slightly too stiff


The outsole of the Clarks Teadale Rhea shoes is designed out of a lightweight synthetic rubber. This is going to help give you a decent amount of durability and traction without adding a whole lot of extra weight to them. The sticky rubber sole is going to be able to hold a decent grip on a variety of surfaces. As long as you do not veer off the beaten path with these shoes you should have no problem staying on your feet when you are wearing these, no need to worry about slipping and falling while you are out and about.

These shoes are considered a wedge and as such, they are going to give you a little extra height while you are wearing them which many customers appreciate. The shoes have a one-inch platform as a base and then an additional heel for even more elevation. They have an average heel size of about one and a half inches (for a size 7.5 medium).


The midsole of these shoes is made out of EVA foam with an additional Ortholite insole added on top of it to give you a pleasant underfoot experience that your feet will thank you for at the end of the day. Thanks to the added insole you will also get to take advantage of some light arch support which many customers adore. Something to note, however, is that the insole of these is not removable so if you think you might need to add your own insole or insert for additional support or comfort into these you will not be able to do that unless you rip out the one that is in there, and that is not recommended as it can damage the shoes. Customers adore the amount of foam and padding they get from the thick and comfortable midsoles of these shoes.


The materials of the uppers of these shoes are going to vary depending on the color you choose. They are either going to be made out of suede or leather, either way, they are going to be super comfortable and feel great on your feet. The materials of the uppers are designed with durability in mind since they are such great quality materials and constructed well you are not going to have to worry about them suffering from premature wear and tear. Customers had no complaints about them getting holes or ripping apart at the seams which is always a good thing.

These shoes have a soft lining in them that is going to help with the breathability level of them as well as give you a more comfortable in-shoe experience. The liner, in combination with the leather or suede uppers, ensures that your feet will be able to stay relatively cool and dry inside of your shoes. They are very well ventilated, allowing air to flow easily into your shoes to help keep your feet cool on warmer days. This is also going to help allow the sweat from your feet evaporate more quickly and escape your shoes, keeping the extra moisture off of your feet, promoting a dry and healthy environment for your feet.


Customers praise the high comfort level of these great shoes. Most of the comfort is due to the padding and cushioning in the midsole, giving you a decent underfoot experience that your feet will thank you for at the end of a long day on your feet. They have at least an inch of foam under your feet, if not more, so it is to be expected that you will have decent cushioning. The added insole is also great because it gives you a little bit of arch support to reduce some pain you might experience if it was not there.

Additionally, the uppers are designed to help keep your feet happy and comfy all day long. There is a soft textile liner inside the shoes to give you some added comfort. As long as you get the proper size and fit of these shoes then you should not have to worry about uncomfortable rubbing which can cause blisters. There were a few complaints about them causing sores of customers feet, but that was mostly due to the shoe running a bit narrow so they did not fit too well on their feet which led to the rubbing.


Customers really like the look and style of the Clarks Teadale Rhea shoes. They have an athleisure style to them that looks great as a casual shoe and will even fit right in at the office. They come in a couple of different color options so there is sure to be something that is going to fit your style and personality the best. The materials of the shoes are going to depend on what color you go with, as they are available in both suede and leather. You can get them in beige suede, black leather with a black sole, black leather with a white sole, light grey suede, navy suede, and white leather. They all have a white sole with the exception of the one black leather pair, that has a black sole. Some customers have mentioned that they would like to see a couple more color options but for the most part, they were satisfied with the ones that they had offered to them.


The Clarks Teadale Rhea shoes claim to have a flexible outsole, however, according to customers, this is not the case. They have a thick sole, mostly due to the high platform and additional heel, so it is to be expected that they are a little bit stiff. Unfortunately, when the sole is rigid like that you need the uppers to have a little more give in them so your feet do not feel like it is locked in a prison and your movements can feel restricted. You want your feet to have the freedom to move as freely and naturally as possible and, unfortunately, that is not the case with these shoes. For the most part, the uppers are also stiff in these shoes which is rather frustrating for many customers. If you purchase one of the styles that come in suede it is a bit more pliable than the leather uppers so you will have a little more flex with those ones.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want to make sure you get the right size. If you get them too big you run the risk of losing some of the supportive features that keep you safely locked into place inside of your shoes. On the other hand, if you get a pair that are too small then they are going to be extremely uncomfortable or even painful. In the case of the Clarks Teadale Rhea Oxford shoes, you should get a pair that are going to be snug fitting but not too tight that they pinch your toes or feel uncomfortable on your feet.

Customers are saying that these are running pretty true to size, however, they are slightly more narrow than you might expect. If you have particularly wide feet then these might not fit you very well and will probably not be the best choice of shoe for you. If you are unsure of what size to order then you can always take a peek at a size chart just to make sure that you get the correct fit the first time you order them.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want something that is relatively lightweight so you do not feel like you are walking around with weights attached to your feet, you do not want to feel like your shoes are holding you back or slowing you down while you are out and about. That being said, the Clarks Teadale Rhea shoes are not too heavy but they do have a little weight to them. Some customers stated that they felt a little heavy but it was not too bad and did not deter them from continuing to wear them. The thick platform and wedge heel are mostly to blame for the extra weight, but many people think that the great looking and feeling shoe is worth that little extra weight. They measure in, on average, at about 12 ounces for one shoe in size 7.5 medium. It is not too heavy but comparatively, they are on the high end of the spectrum for some other casual shoes like these.


Durability is important with anything that you purchase, including your shoes. You want to make sure that you are getting your monies worth out of your shoes and you will not have to spend it again to replace your shoes shortly after you purchased them the first time because they the fell apart. For the most part, these shoes have a decent price tag, but that will vary depending on the style you decide to go with. The good thing about the Clarks Teadale Rhea Oxford wedges is that they do not seem to suffer from any premature wear and tear so even if you do spend a little more money then planned when purchasing these you are going to save a little money in the long run. They are very well constructed and made out of great quality materials so it is no surprise that they are going to last you a good long while. Customers will get their monies worth when they purchase these great shoes.


Support is important in your shoes. You want to make sure that you have a locked in and secure fit. As long as you get the correct size and they fit you snugly then you will have a moderate amount of support. They have a lace up closure that is going to lock your feet into place, helping reduce the risk of you sliding around inside of your shoe. The problem, however, is that since the shoes are not very flexible and there is a decent amount of stiffness to them, customers have complained that even with the correct size and perfect fit their heel will pop up and out of the back so the shoes, reducing the amount of support that is offered to you. Keep this in mind while you are out and about and if your heel tends to pop out of your shoe just use caution when you are walking so you do not risk falling.

As for arch support, they have an OrthoLite insole that gives you some light support which is much appreciated by many customers. Since the insole is not removable it is nice to know that you get some arch support right out of the box.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a comfortable pair of wedges that look great then the Clarks Teadale Rhea Oxford shoes might be the right option for you. They come in a couple of different color options so there is bound to be something that catches your eye and best fits your wants and needs. They are super comfortable, having plenty of underfoot cushioning thanks to the EVA midsole and OrthoLite insole. With a heel of about an inch and a half, they are going to give you a little extra height that many customers appreciate. Whether you are looking for a pair of casual shoes or something to wear to the office, these are going to be a great addition to your wardrobe.