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If you are in the market for a great looking pair of shoes that will catch anyone's eye then you might want to consider the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 sneakers. They have a very unique look to them that will definitely stand out at any event. The fun color options and metallic leather materials make them a great looking choice for those who want to stand out above the crowd. They do have some downfalls, but most things do. They are not the most comfortable pair of shoes right out of the box but that can typically be fixed with the addition of an insole for added padding. There are some durability problems but as long as you take care of the shoes properly then they will last a while, although maybe not as long as you would have hoped for. Overall, though, they are a great looking pair of shoes that customers adore.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super stylish look
  • Couple different color options
  • Good fit
  • Smooth leather lining
  • Easy pull-on design
  • Premature wear and tear
  • Not very comfortable
  • Steep price tag
  • Shoes are relatively heavy


The uppers of the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 sneakers are made out of metallic leather. The metallic effects found on the leather of the uppers are generally only found on really smooth leathers and consist of a laminate coating over the top of the leather. Unfortunately, there are some durability issues that come into effect with the use of this material, as the leather is generally thinner to add the metallic effects and after some time the coating can start to wear off.

The leather upper, however, does give you a decently comfortable in-shoe feel which customers can appreciate. They are flexible and give you a decent amount of breathability which is important. Having a pair of shoes that allows for decent airflow is great because it can allow the air into the foot chamber keeping your feet cool on warmer days. It can also help keep your feet dry because the air can get in then it means that the sweat from your feet will be able to evaporate more quickly and escape the shoes, reducing the chances of walking around all day with wet and soggy socks and helping to promote a healthy environment inside of your shoes.


The Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 have a very unique style that customers seem to absolutely love. The metallic look of the uppers are very eye-catching and will be able to stand out in a crowd. They come in a couple of different colors so you will be able to find something that is going to best suit your wants and needs. These sneakers are available in Kokis Bianco fuchsia, diamante chic Bianco, white and gold, Barlume violet, or Elettra pink. No matter what colorway you decide to go with, they will have the iconic brand logo hardware on the tongue of the shoes.

These sneakers have a rounded toe silhouette and a traditional lacing system that uses blind eyelets as well as dual functioning zippers on the sides of the shoe. The zippers are not just a fashion statement, they are also there to help when putting the shoes on or taking them off. Additionally, they have a pull tab on the back of the heel to add to the look and functionality of the shoes.


These sneakers feature a lightly padded leather insole to help give you a little extra cushioning under your feet to try to give you a higher level of comfort. Unfortunately, there just does not seem to be enough cushioning in them to make them very comfortable. Customers are unhappy with the lack of underfoot padding in these sneakers. It is possible to purchase an additional insole or insert for some added cushioning, but there is not much right out of the box.

Additionally, there is a soft and smooth leather lining inside of these shoes to help give you a more pleasant feel while you are wearing them. It does not make up for the lack of cushioning, but it does help a little bit.


Unfortunately for many customers, these sneakers are just not comfortable. They do not have very much padding in the sole of the shoes so there is no real cushioning under your feet to increase the comfort level. Yes, you can buy an insole that will help give you a higher comfort level of the shoes, but if you are going to be spending this much money on a pair of sneakers you might not want to have to spend any more just to make them comfortable.

They do have a relatively soft lining in them that gives you a decent in-shoe feel, however, the side zipper can cause some problems for your feet inside of the shoe. The seems can rub uncomfortably on your feet, causing irritation and blisters, making you not want to wear the shoes again in the future. This can usually be prevented with wearing socks, so customers do not think that it is too big of a deal.


The outsole of the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 sneakers is made out of textured rubber to help ensure you will get a decent amount of durability and traction while wearing them. The rubber is designed to be durable so you should not have to suffer from premature wear and tear when it comes to the soles of your shoes. Additionally, the grippy rubber is going help keep you on your feet on a wide variety of surfaces. You do not want to be out and about and have to worry about your feet slipping out from underneath you because your shoes could not quite do their job.


When it comes to your shoes, especially a pair that you are going to be spending a pretty penny on, you are going to want to make sure that you get a pair that is going to last you quite a while so you do not have to spend that much money again to replace them. Since the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 are rather expensive you would hope that they would be durable and not suffer from premature wear and tear. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Yes, the outsole is made out of strong rubber and they are designed to be able to handle your repeated pounding into the ground with each step you take, but the uppers cannot say the same.

The metallic leather uppers of the shoes might look nice and make a great fashion statement, but they are not designed to last. Since the leather is shaved thin to make room for the metallic coating on top of it, it just cannot take us much of a beating before it starts to wear down. Even if you do take exceptional care of them, which most customers do, it is only a matter of time before the metallic finishing start to come off of the leather all together, leaving you with a dull looking pair of sneakers.


When it comes to your shoes you want to try to have something that is going to be relatively lightweight. You do not want to have to feel like you are walking around with extra weights attached to the bottoms of your feet. If your shoes are too heavy, by the end of the day it can start to feel like they are holding you back and slowing you down. The ideal weight of your shoes is going to highly depend on what you are wearing them for. If you are in the market for running or racing shoes then you can expect something that weighs almost nothing, on the other hand, if you are shopping around for work boots you can expect a decent amount of weight thanks to all the added protective features.

That being said, the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 shoes do not fall into either category and can be found somewhere in the middle. They are a casual and fashion sneaker and as such you do not need to worry about them staying too light as you most likely will not be doing a lot of running in them. They have some extra bells and whistles added to them for aesthetic reasons which can help contribute to the weight. They are not the heaviest shoes on the market but they do have a little bit more weight on them than the average shoe. Weighing in, on average, at 1 pound and 2 ounces for a US Women's size 9. Keep in mind that this measurement is for a single shoe and not the pair.


The way your shoes fit is crucial to your overall comfort level while wearing them. You want to make sure that your shoes are snug enough that you will not fall out of them or slip and slide around inside of them while you are walking, but at the same time, you do not want to have them so tight that they are pinching and squishing your feet and causing the sneakers to rub uncomfortably on your skin.

In the case of the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 shoes, you are going to want to pay special attention to what size you order. They are made in Italy and as such are sold in European sizes. If you are unsure as to what size you should purchase you can always consult a sizing chart and/or a conversion chart so you can be sure to get the perfect fit the first time you order them. They are running true to size so that is going to help take some of the guesswork out of deciding which size is going to be perfect for you.


Support is an important feature when it comes to your shoes. You want to make sure that you find something that is going to give you the support and security that you will need for the activity you are doing while wearing the shoe. In the case of the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 sneakers, they are a pair of casual shoes and as such you will probably not be very active in them and will not need as much support as some other shoes on the market.

These sneakers are going to help keep your feet locked into place thanks to the traditional lacing system and the dual functioning side zippers. You can be sure that your feet are going to stay securely locked into the shoes. You will not have to worry about slipping and sliding around inside the sneaker, or worse, completely slipping out of your shoe altogether which could cause you to fall and injure yourself or others.

As for arch support, unfortunately, these shoes do not offer any. There is only a little bit of padding in the midsole and that is not enough to give most customers the support that they need. You can purchase additional gel inserts for added support if you want to, but you will not get it right out of the box.


Since the Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 fashion sneakers are more of a casual pair of shoes they are not really designed to be taken on a variety of terrains. It is generally recommended that you stick to flatter and non-abrasive surfaces and do not veer off the beaten path. If you are looking for something to wear into the woods or up the mountains there are much better options on the market. However, if you are heading to a party, running errands, or heading to work then these shoes are going to be a great choice.

Bottom Line

The Giuseppe Zanotti Rw70001 sneakers have a very unique look that will stand out in a crowd. The metallic leather uppers of the shoes give them a shiny gleam to them that customers adore. They are not the most comfortable shoes on the market but that does not stop many customers from wearing them. The biggest downfall, however, comes with durability. As long as they are taken care of properly they will not wear down too fast but they probably will not last you as long as you might light given the price tag. Overall though, customers think that the great look and style of these sneakers are worth the price tag and they will show off their great purchase any chance they can.