Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox Review

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The Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes are inspired by the low profile of retro tennis shoes, but they are jam-packed full of skateboarding functionality. They are designed to be durable, after all, they have to be able to keep up with the abuse they will endure while skating. The OrthoLite insole and Nike Zoom Air technology in the midsoles of the sneakers give you superior shock absorption, as well as additional heel protection to help keep your feet and joints as safe as possible while practicing your jumps and hitting the board. The great look and decent price tag are what draws customers in but their amazing versatility and phenomenal feel are what keeps them coming back for more.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Reasonable price tag
  • Highly durable
  • Great underfoot comfort
  • Excellent shock absorption
  • Heel Bruise protection
  • Nike Zoom Air technology
  • CONS traction rubber
  • Not the lightest shoe
  • Only a few color options


The uppers of the Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes are made using extremely durable materials. The bulk of the uppers are made out of suede, which is durable, to begin with, but they are also backed with rubber to give you extra time onto the already long lifespan of the shoes.

Additionally, the uppers have butted seams which are designed to help reduce friction that is caused by your feet rubbing up against the shoes. Since you will not have to worry too much about your feet rubbing uncomfortably along the seams of the shoes, you should also have a reduced risk of getting irritating sores or blisters that can cause you pain or discomfort while you are out and about.

Finishing off the uppers is a traditional lacing system with flat laces for a more customizable fit and a low top design. They also feature a padded tongue and collar to give you all-day comfort.


Customers adore the midsole of the Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skating sneakers. They are packed full of great features to help keep you safe and comfortable all day long. These are, after all, a pair of skating shoes and as such you are going to expect a lot out of them, and they are not only going to meet those expectations, but they will far exceed them.

They feature an OrthoLite insole that is going to help ensure you get all-day comfort and an amazing underfoot experience. The insole is made out of a combination of recycled rubbers and some proprietary polyurethane materials and they are very eco-friendly. They are designed to be tough and last a long time, not easily losing their cushioning to ensure you are going to be able to keep your feet comfortable wear after wear. This insole is also going to help fight against odor and bacteria thanks to their environmentally friendly biocide. This, in addition to the moisture wicking feature of the insole, is going to promote a healthier environment for your feet and help fight against smelly feet.

One of the best things about the midsole, however, is that they are made using Nike's Zoom Technology to give you amazing support and phenomenal shock absorption. If you are going to be wearing these while you are skating impact absorption is crucial. When you come down from your jumps and land on your feet, these sneakers are going to help save your joints some of that impact from landing, saving you some pain and discomfort. Not only are they amazing at shock absorption, but the heels of the sneakers also provide you with some heel bruise protection to help with those harder landings, keeping your feet as safe as possible.


The outsole of these skate shoes is made out a very durable and grippy vulcanized rubber compound that skaters can appreciate. The rubber that makes up the outsole has undergone a process called vulcanization, which basically means that it is a mixture of natural rubber and other additives (such as sulfur) to make sure it is going to be a whole lot stronger and offer exceptional flexibility. Additionally, it is going to be a lot more resistant to heat and many other environmental conditions. The great materials that make up the outsole are going to ensure that they are not going to wear down and fall apart on you anytime soon.

In addition to the vulcanized rubber, these sneakers also feature Cons Traction Rubber to help improve the grip you get while on the board. They are going to keep their iconic blue outsole that customers have grown to love about Converse skate shoes, but they have updated their compound to give you a better grip. You can take advantage of about a 70% increase traction on grip tape, giving you a much better experience while skating, no need to worry about your feet slipping off the board because your shoes were not up to the task.


Customers seem to really like the look and style of these shoes. They are very simple and have a very basic look to them, but that works well for most of the people who are going to wearing them. They have a low top silhouette, a traditional lacing system with flat laces, and a padded collar and tongue. They have the "L. Lopez" written on the side of the shoes, as well as the Converse logo. Additionally, they say "Cons" on the back heel of the sneakers and "Converse Cons" on the tongue.

They only have a couple of color options that you can choose from but customers do not seem to mind that. They are available in black with white, white with black, or sharkskin and casino.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want to try to find something that is going to be relatively light. The general rule is, the lighter the better. In the case of you skate shoes you are not going to want something that is going to slow you down and hold you back, but at the same time you can expect a little extra weight because you are going to require some additional supportive and protective features you might not find in your typical pair of sneakers.

That being said, the Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes are right about average when it comes to weight when compared to other similar products. For one shoe, size 11.5 medium, they weigh in, on average, at 15 ounces. This is slightly higher than the average running shoe, but again these are designed with far more protections and jam-packed full of features that are not found in your run of the mill tennis shoe.


When it comes to your shoes you are going to want to make sure that you find something that is built to last. Your skate shoes are going to take quite a beating, that is basically a given. If you are wearing these while on a skateboard they are most likely going to take a whole lot of abuse so you are going to want to find a pair of sneakers that will be able to handle that kind of lifestyle. The good news is, the Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes were designed with this beating in mind and they will not suffer from premature wear and tear. From the vulcanized rubber sole to the rubber lined suede uppers, they are not going to fall apart anytime soon.

They do have a very reasonable price tag but do not let that fool you, these are going to last and you will not have to worry about spending extra money to replace them anytime soon. Customers have been very pleased with their purchase and have stated that they are well worth the money they paid for them.


When it comes to your footwear, in general, you are going to want something that is going to have a certain amount of flex to them. You want to ensure that your feet are going to have the freedom to move around as freely as possible without restricting the natural movements of your feet. When it comes to skate shoes, you are going to want a little bit more freedom and flexibility. That is what you are going to get with the Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox sneakers. They are designed to allow your feet to bend and move without your pesky shoes getting in the way.

The rubber outsole is designed with flexibility in mind. It is not rough or rigid and can easily bend and move with your foot while you are on the go. Additionally, the uppers are going to help by giving you some wiggle room and not restricting your foot's movements. It is essential when you are on a board to be able to move unrestricted and these shoes are the perfect choice to help you move naturally.


Comfort is key! You want to find yourself a pair of shoes that are going to provide you with a decent amount of comfort, whether you are hitting the half pipe or simply heading to work these sneakers are going to ensure your feet will thank you by the end of the day.

The OrthoLite insole and Nike Zoom technologies work together to ensure you have a pleasant underfoot experience that your feet will love. The uppers are designed to be flexible and comfortable. The butted seams are great because it can help reduce the risk of getting uncomfortable and irritating blisters. Even the outsole helps contribute to the comfort level. The vulcanized rubber ensures you get a great deal of flexibility so you can move your feet freely and without restrictions.


The Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes can offer you a great deal of ventilation which is great for those who lead an active lifestyle. You want to make sure that you have an adequate amount of air flowing into the foot chamber to help keep your feet nice and cool, especially on warm days. If the air can get in easily, that also means that the sweat from your feet is going to be able to quickly and easily evaporate and escape the shoes, helping keep your feet dry as well.

Converse goes above and beyond when it comes to helping keep your feet dry and healthy. In addition to the breathability, the OrthoLite foam insole helps prevent fungus, bacteria, and unpleasant smells, promoting a healthier environment for your feet. The foam is 95%-100% breathable allowing air to flow easily through the sock liner, combined with the high level of moisture wicking your feet will remain nice and dry throughout the day.


Customers love a pair of shoes that give them a nice little spring in their step while they walk, and that is just what they will get with these skate shoes. They have an OrthoLite insole on top of a vulcanized rubber outsole with Nike Zoom technologies incorporated into the midsole which will all work together to ensure that you get a responsive ride that skaters can appreciate.

When you are walking, running, jumping, or skating, every time you come down on your shoes your feet will sink into the cushioning of the midsole but that padding will want to quickly and efficiently bounce back to its original shape, giving your foot a little push forward when it does so, propelling you into your next action. This can help you run faster and even save you a little bit of energy while skating. No matter what you are doing while wearing these shoes you will be able to appreciate the responsive ride that comes with them.

Bottom Line

If you are in the market for a great pair of skating shoes that look great and feel even better then you have come to the right place. The Converse Louie Lopez Pro Ox skate shoes are designed with durability in mind, ensuring that they are going to be able to keep up with the brutal lifestyle of a skater. They have a reasonable price tag which draws customers in, but their great feel and amazing versatility are what keeps them coming back for more. Whether you are looking for a pair of sneakers to wear while boarding or simply for a pair of casual everyday shoes these are going to be the perfect fit for you.