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Converse Comme Des Garcons Play Reviewed Review Facts

First, there was Comme Des Garcons. Then, there was Comme Des Garcon’s Play collab line.

The collaboration line Play by Comme Des Garcons is a brand that is meant to be directed toward the youth of the world

This is actually noticed by the heart logo signature logo that most pieces of clothing by the brand features. The heart logo signifies the “playful heart” of youth and is meant to be a symbol of happiness and joy, which it is. To focus in on a single piece of the line itself, we are going to talk about their Comme Des Garcons Play sneakers; a collab between Comme Des Garcons and Converse. These sneakers have been on various individuals minds since their initial release in 2016, and for good reason- they're hot.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Insole has moisture-wicking properties
  • Unique design
  • Expensive


Since these are a collab with Converse, it makes sense for the sneaker to have a standard hardened rubber outsole. Many of the traditional Chuck Taylor shoe designs are used for skateboarding. The outsole, while being flat, still very closely resembles the typical skater shoe. Even though this Play collab isn't meant to be used as a skate shoe, it definitely does help. They included a textured sole in order to maintain this skater aesthetic. This textured sole provides the person wearing it with what they need to stay firmly on their board. The outsole is a standard brown color.


Many Chuck Taylors have the standard full rubber sole unit; the same goes for this Play collaboration. The midsole on the Comme Des Garcons Play is full rubber and is fashioned in a cream color. Much like the other colors that the shoe is made of, the cream color of the midsole allows the shoe to really pop; this is great for Comme de garcon collab overall due to the fact that it aids in providing the shoe with a bit of stylish flair.


The upper of the Comme des Garcon play sneaker is made from a standard canvas material that the uppers on many other Chuck Taylor shoes are made from. It has various contrasting colors which help to bring the design of this shoe to life. The heel of the Play for instance, is fashioned with a canvas strip that directly goes against the color of the fabric on the rest of the shoe. In addition to this, this sneaker features the standard Comme Des Garcon heart along the outermost side; this makes it extremely easy to notice what the shoe stands for. On top of the shoe having the standard Comme Des Garcon heart, it also features silver eyelets which work even harder to make the design of the shoe pop and be noticeable.


Other than the sole unit of the Play, their aren’t really many features that can remotely weigh this shoe down. While no weight has been specified for this particular shoe, it doesn’t feel very heavy when placed on the foot. This is due to the fact that, as mentioned above, the heaviest part of its design is the sole unit. Since this is a collab with Converse the Play has a solid rubber outsole. This comfortable and stylish shoe will definitely be hard to notice after a day’s worth of walking in them.


Canvas is one of the better materials to buy if what you’re looking for is breathability. Much like mesh, canvas is relatively porous and keeps the foot incredibly cool while worn. One feature that I believe to be really cool is the cloth insole that the Play collab has. The fact that the insole of the shoe is made of cloth allows it to soak up the sweat of one’s underfoot. While this will likely result in the shoe building up smells (at least in this area), it is a plus to not have to worry about your underfoot feeling soggy after a period of wearing the shoe. Besides, if you want to get rid of the smell that comes along with the build-up of sweat, all that you have to do is refer to our guide on ridding yourself of smelly shoes.


Comfort is something that you definitely don’t have to worry about while this shoe is worn. The design of this shoe will definitely give you the cushioning that you need in order to feel as if you have something that can be worn for long periods of time. The insole of this shoe is one of the major reasons why it provides the level of comfort that it does. The fabric in the insole cushions the underfoot to a degree that is incredibly surprising. Because of the cushioning that the insole provides, wearers are able to receive a comfort level that is nothing short of amazing. Also, the upper of this collab and the canvas that it’s made of allows wearers to have what they need in terms of comfort as well. If you’ve ever worn a full-canvas shoe, you probably know why.


Comme des Garcons is known for designing stylish shoes. With that being said it also helps that they’ve partnered with Converse, a company known for making slim cut shoes. The feature of the shoe (aside from the cut of the sneaker itself) that makes it stand out the most is the placement of the famous Play heart. The fact that the heart is in place on the outside of the shoe for everyone to see, makes the shoe somewhat flashy. These shoes can be worn almost anywhere with great ease; there are that stylish.


Rubber is a material that it’s very hard to doubt when it comes to dexterity. The design of the Comme Des Garcon Play features a full-length rubber midsole and outsole. The fact that wearers won’t really be engaging in activities that will cause the material to wear down quickly actually means that this shoe can last for a very long time. Even the canvas in the upper (which is incredibly durable by the way) will manage to outlast many of the other shoes that you likely have in your arsenal.


I wouldn't necessarily use this collab for activities that can even remotely open them up to damage. They just aren't designed for strenuous activity whatsoever. That being said, they do have a few features which allow them to provide an adequate level of protection to both the forefoot and underfoot. First thing’s first, the outsole of the shoe and the full rubber design that it has is great at stopping material from entering this shoe. The design of the Comme Des Garcons x Converse collab is meant to provide wearers with what they need in terms of security and protection when in use, and one of the ways that it does so is through the use of the rubber in the outsole. Another of the design specs that does a great job of providing wearers with what they need in terms of protection is the rubber toe cap. The most basic way that the toe cap can be utilized is when one stubs their toe (seriously, this is incredibly helpful when it comes to preventing swollen toes from occurring).


Well, seeing as Play x Converse is not meant for any activity that will require any level of energy return, it makes sense for it to not really have a design which works to give wearers that feeling. The full rubber midsole doesn’t really move along with the movements of the wearer’s foot and thus, can’t be considered responsive in the slightest. However, that doesn’t mean that the midsole doesn’t provide comfort, because it really does.


Chuck Taylor’s were once worn as basketball shoes, and for good reason; they provide a high level of support. Take the sole unit of this shoe for instance, the midsole and the cushioning that can be found in this area is meant to support the curvature of the underfoot; the insole somewhat back up the rubber midsole in this effort. In addition to this, the design of the high-top upper of this Play Collab also provides ankle support. This is a feature that is native to the Chuck Taylor brand and was transferred over by way of collaboration.


These shoes can be worn almost anywhere really. The design of these sneakers and the functionality present is transferrable to both roads and indoor surfaces. The key thing to keep note of when wearing these shoes though is the fact that they aren’t really designed for high levels of use. Their design is one that is meant to provide wearers with what they need in terms of style and, if used outside of an aesthetic realm, won’t really last for very long on the multitude of terrains that are available.


Chuck Taylor shoes are typically a bit lower priced than many other brands; for this reason, it wasn’t the most surprising thing to see that these shoes are priced at an area that allows them to make them easily accessible to various individuals. The great thing about the price of this collab is that individuals will get an amazingly stylish and comfortable shoe that is sold for a price well below that of what many less stylish shoes sell for nowadays. If you’re looking for a pair of versatile and incredibly stylish shoes, this is probably the best pair that you’ll find for the price.


Since Chucks have a design that has been used across a wide variety of sports, it’s safe to assume that their outsole’s have a decent level of grip present. The outsole of the Play collab is designed to provide wearers with the functionality of that typically seen in a skate shoe (since they are a skating shoe by nature). If you don’t mind getting these cool-looking sneakers dirty, it will probably be worthwhile seeing for yourself how well they stick to surfaces.


Canvas is one of the go-to materials to check out if flexibility is what you’re looking for. The design of these shoes enables them to provide wearers with what they need in terms of flex simply due to the fac that the shoes feature a design that makes use of like, no overlays at all; seriously, the shoe is very minimal in that way. Even though the sole unit is full-length rubber material, it still moves quite easily to the movements of the wearer’s foot. This means that there is relatively no stiffness in this area of the shoe either.


A thick rubber outsole is what keeps these shoes from feeling any where near stiff when worn. The design of the shoe itself enables wearers to have what they need in terms of stability due to the fact that the shoe doesn’t really bend on either side of the midsole/outsole. Another feature that allows these shoes to have what one would need in terms of security when in use are the laces. The laces can be tightened as much as one would need which results in the shoe feeling tight and secure on the foot.


No drop has been specifies but, due to the outsole of the shoe being flat, it would be safe to assume that these shoes feature a near zero-drop.

Key Features

• Full rubber sole unit
• Canvas upper
• Comme Des Garcons heart
• Sewn insole


These shoes are unlike anything that you’ve likely ever seen before by any shoe brand. The stylish graphics and simple overall design are what makes these shoes stand out. Another thing that gives these shoes what they need is the fact that, they are very inexpensive. It isn’t very often that you find anything by Comme Des Garcons that sells for a price near these shoes.