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What Color Shoes Go With Everything? 6 Choices to Complete Any Look

What Color Shoes Go With Everything? 6 Choices to Complete Any Look What Color Shoes Go With Everything? 6 Choices to Complete Any Look www.walkjogrun.net

There is always that question that lingers in everyone’s head when they buy a new pair of shoes… What color shoes go with everything? Your 6 go-to color choices are:

  1. Black
  2. White
  3. Brown
  4. Nudes/skin tone
  5. Blush
  6. Animal prints

All of these neutral shoe colors are great to have in your closet and will allow you to look dapper on any occasion. 

Now, if you want to know what color sneakers go with everything, it is safe to say that a pair of white or black tennis shoes will give you what you are looking for in versatility. 

What color shoes are the most versatile?

Your most versatile shoe that will make any outfit picturesque is:

  • Your nude shoes
  • Your brown shoes

Because the skin tonal colors of brown shoes can be paired with more colors, such as greens, reds, and blues, compared to the other shoes in your closet, and if you really want to make your outfit pop, add an animal print!

Is it OK to wear brown shoes with black pants? 

You do not wear brown shoes with black pants as a general rule of thumb. And vice versa. So, if you are wearing black pants, it is best to wear black shoes

But, a nude shoe is a perfect addition to wear with black pants or a black dress. 

Do black shoes go with blue jeans?

Yes, black shoes look lovely with blue jeans! 

Blue jeans are a casual wear item that gives you way more flexibility with the colors of the shoes they can match. So, I say if you are feeling creative, go with it! You are wearing your trendy, comfy blue jeans *wink* 

color shoes and trousers

Try wearing your comfy blues with a white or black t-shirt and add an animal print or nude heel. Or you can pair them with your black or white sneakers.

That is the beauty of blue jeans, you can pair them with any shoe in the color of the rainbow, and you will still be within the going trend. 

Are black shoes OK with a navy suit?

It is ok to wear black shoes with a navy suit. But, if you have a pair of brown shoes, they are way more fashionable to wear with your navy suit and a much better choice. 

Are black or brown shoes more versatile?

If you are in the store and you are hung up on what color shoes match everything, and you cannot decide between the black boots or the brown boots. Go with the brown boots. 

Brown shoe colors give you the flexibility of shoes that go with every outfit and complement most colors without the harsh clashing that may happen with your black shoes. 

Do brown shoes go with everything?

Brown shoes do look great with most outfits and on most occasions. A nice pair of brown or nude shoes can complement your casual or formal look for the day. But, there are limitations to every shoe color. 

As stated earlier, brown shoes should not be your first choice when wearing black pants. Also, neither black nor brown shoes should be your first choice with brown pants.

Black pants

  • Nude shoes
  • Black shoes
  • Animal print shoes
  • Blush shoes

Brown pants

  • Blush shoes
  • Nude/skin tone shoes
  • Animal print shoes

These are perfect options for you to choose from when selecting a pair of shoes to complete your look with black or brown pants for any occasion. 

Still, struggling?

If you are still struggling with what color shoes should I wear? Go with what makes you feel good!

All of these options will set you on the path to a beautiful look. But, feeling good is equivalent to looking good in my book. So, be bold and color outside of the lines.