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The Vans Atwood is a sleek, low-top shoe designed in the rich tradition of Vans footwear to offer a solid mix of functionality, durability, and style.  A sporty, casual and skate-capable pair of sneakers, it stands out from a crowded field of footwear with its signature look. Sporting the classic waffle outsole, the Atwood keeps your foot secure on the board, while also offering great stopping ability without too much damage to the shoe.

Casual or sporty, the Atwood is a low-key sneaker that ensures a comfortable, wider fit and doesn't skimp on detail while still remaining simple and classic.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • attractive design and aesthetics contributing to a cool, casual look
  • lightweight and very breathable
  • very grippy outsole; useful to skateboarders
  • large selection of colorways to fit any style
  • comfortable to use for walking or standing for long periods of time
  • generally viewed as inexpensive and offering good value for the price
  • able to accomodate custom orthotic soles due to internal depth
  • may take a while to get broken in
  • some report separation of sole from canvas after a short period of time.
  • long laces have been reported as a nuisance for some skaters.
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  • I use my vans in my everyday life, school etc. They look better when kept clean.
  • Love Vans' look. It's a great idea to have several pairs.
  • Only had my Vans for a week but so far no complaints. These are comfortable and after walking a long time my feet don't hurt. Like how stylish and sleek these are too.
  • Got these as a present for a sibling. He likes the pop of blue color. He's been wearing vans for a while and likes these even more.
  • These are my go-to shoes for every day. I like the way they look and feel.
  • I love Vans because they go with everything and they are stylish and super comfortable.
  • My Vans fit great and their color options are endless.
  • These are very comfortable and not so easily marked up. But when it rains they do retain moisture and turns different shades of blue. But still these are my favorite shoe and they can last for a few years.
  • I bought my vans because of their reputation of being well made. I like the fit and they are very comfortable.
  • I wear these Vans every day and they still look new. I've had this same pair for years and they have a little wear on the sole but to be expected.
  • The Vans are a good everyday shoe and can be worn dressed up or casual. I like that I can stand for long periods due to the wide fit.
  • Had to return because these were too wide, they were men shoes and I am girl. I love the quality and look of the shoe, however.
  • Big thumbs up for these shoes. Learn your true Van size and there will be no problems. They tend to run larger compared to Clarks.
  • Vans are well made and comfortable just as expected.
  • I am so happy with vans because they are nice looking and my husband can finally change from his other shoes.
  • This is my grandson's second pair, he's thirteen. He loves them. As for me, love the fast delivery and excellent packaging.
  • Got these for my son who is 14. He loves them. He says they are comfortable and they appear to be true to size for him. They are made well.
  • My Vans look and feel great. They are so comfortable. I like the spongy and thick tongue on the shoe too.
  • These Vans were a present for my dad. He loves the style. Great purchase.
  • Nice looking and the fit is good too. These are great and look better for work. The faux leather holds up well in the winter too.
  • I went through two pairs in one year.
  • My son hasn't worn them all that much and the tongue is out completely on one shoe and halfway on the other.
  • These shoes look good but the glue on the sole is not strong at all. It started to separate after only a few months.
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The Vans Atwood comes with its signature vulcanized "rubber waffle" outsole providing superb traction for the avid skater. The outsole also features extra emphasis on rubber grip in the area corresponding to the balls of the feet.


With a cushioned EVA midsole, the Atwood delivers maximum comfort and cushioning for the walkers and the skaters alike. The midsole is also removable, so owners can opt to replace with their preferred orthontics, or just add it on top since the show is deep enough to accommodate both.


The Vans Atwood comes with a canvas upper that is built with breathability in mind. A lace up front, padded collar and metal eyelets give it a comfortable and sporty look while keeping the feet secure.


With a lightweight construction, the Atwood will lean light over heavy to wearers 9 times out of 10. Actual weight depends on the size chosen but, on average, stays relatively close to the median of 12 ounces using a Men's skate shoe as a point of reference.


Due to the canvas incorporated into its design, the Vans Atwood offers adequate ventilation for the feet in every activity. The metal eyelets also help with airflow as wearers can opt to leave a few of them unlaced, and even when fully laced, offer enough space to allow for the passage of air - much like a vent.


Comfort is an essential consideration for any sneaker owner. The Atwood takes this into account by offering a well-cushioning EVA midsole and adequate space within the upper to insert a preferred orthontic sole right on top. Also, some users with wide feet reported that the fit of the Atwood was comfortable for them.


Multiple colorways - as bold as Cordovan or as low-key as Grey - make the Atwood an easy shoe to style with; both for casual and business casual. It can go equally well with a pair of khakis as it does with jeans. The metal eyelets also give it a sporty look.


From it's vulcanized sole design, to its padded collar and the sturdy metal eyelets embedded into the canvas upper, the Vans Atwood is pieced together with durability in mind. The rubber outsole takes the punishment of wear that skaters produce with remarkable endurance while the rest of the shoe does its part to contribute to longevity for casual users.


The Atwood comes with a rounded toe box that provides a comfortable fit around the toe area. Also, for skating maneuvers involving pushing down on the toes, the box is roomy enough in front of the feet to allow for flexibility.

Width & Length

Width and length will vary depending on size and manifest as part of the product dimensions. For instance, a size 11 Mens Atwood has dimensions of 8x6x16 inches. Sizes for men range from 6 to 13 while sizes for women range from 5 to 11.


Structural integrity and support is evident in the Vans Atwood in the form of its vulcanized rubber outsole and the EVA midsole within the upper. Proper cushioning coupled with superb shock absorption (especially due to the waffle-esque construction of the outsole) translate to seamless support whether walking or skating in these shoes.


With an assortment of colorways to choose from, consumers can find a pair of Atwoods in basic Black or Grey, and in more vibrant offerings like the burgundy-inspired Cordovan and even Mint.


Pricing for the Vans Atwood depends entirely on where consumers choose to buy - online or in-store, outlet versus standard sneaker shops. However, most consumers agree that these shoes are not overly high-priced and they feel like there is considerable value for the spend.


The rubber "waffle" outsole of the Atwood offers reliable grip and traction for skaters. The way the pattern is extra- concentrated on the area right underneath the balls of the feet allows skaters to flip their boards, and other athletic maneuvers, with confidence.


The Vans Atwood is made to contort with the movement of the feet - whether while skating, or just casual walking around. The rubber outsole is bendy and the lightweight canvas upper is easy to flex in. As it is a low-top shoe, the Atwood also allows for a range of motion in the ankle - which also supports the overall flexibility it provides.


The EVA midsole within the Atwood forms the bedrock of its stability. With a great degree of cushion for the feet and being the intermediary between the footbed and the outsole, this midsole does the heavily lifting of keeping wearers stable in all their natural movements. On the upper, the lace up front does the job of allowing wearers to adjust the snugness on top of the feet, thus contributing to the overall stability as well.


Perhaps the most technology-oriented aspect of the Vans Atwood is the vulcanized rubber outsole - particularly the "waffle" pattern that adorns the underside of the shoe. For the purposes of grip and traction, the thought-process of this design is evident in how effective the pattern is. Moreover, adding extra clusters to the balls of the feet was a smart choice by the designers to aid in enabling skateboarding actions like flips and ollies.

Key Features

- Double-stitched Canvas Upper
- Padded tongue and collar
- EVA midsole
- Rubber waffle outsole
- Metal eyelets

Bottom Line

The Vans Atwood sneakers will offer all-day comfort, great traction and flexibility, and sturdy support for casual use; and can double adequately as a skater's shoe. Lightweight and breathable, and with a simple yet stylish design, it can be worn in almost any setting with the exception of formal settings. On the flip side, some consumers report that it can take a while to break in and that the outsole began to separate in a short period of time. All in all, the Atwood is reasonably priced and can be considered a good value for the spend.