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The Under Armour brand has been around for decades. And they've developed a name for themselves thanks to their apparel. Under Armour multiple product lines that are ideal for outdoorsy folk and athletes alike. They also have an easily recognizable logo that inspires confidence in their customers. When you buy Under Armour, you know you're purchasing durable and long-lasting products.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest lives up to the company's reputation. It can function as an inner layer or as a windproof shell for protection on a breezy day. And that's because the Under Armour Storm AF Vest incorporates patented ColdGear technology. It is a type of insulation that will keep you warm and cozy all day long.

This vest also contains polyester, which is a very tough material. In addition, it works with high-quality zippers to make sure your product holds up under pressure. The vest features an action cut construction. This means you have more room in the back and keep your full range of motion. Altogether, these features promise a quality product.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Positive airflow

Cold Gear Technology

Premium fabrics

Zippered pockets

UA Storm Technology


Not form-fitting

Noisy when moving


People generate a lot of heat even when they are not moving. This is why it is very important to purchase clothing that can breathe. As your body starts to become hotter and hotter, breathable clothing will help dissipate some of that heat. This allows you to stay cool and comfortable for a longer period, thus decreasing the chance of becoming sweaty.

One of the great things that the Under Armour Storm AF Vest does is its ability to ventilate. Despite the many layers that go to creating this vest, all the fabrics are breathable. This means that when your body temperature becomes too high, some of the trapped heat will escape through the vest. The heat can escape through the porous holes found in the fibers of the material.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest uses materials that have large pores that allow air to transfer. This is ideal for clothing because the cold air can replace the hot air that leaves. This ensures that you stay comfortable and at a reasonable temperature the entire time you wear your vest.

Cold Gear Technology

One of the reasons why people wear vests is because they need an extra layer of clothing. A vest is suitable as extra protection during adverse weather or a chilly spring day. Some vests are made with poor quality where even a gust of wind can leave you feeling like never wore anything extra. While you are shopping around, it is important to find a vest that is weather resistant.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest has Cold Gear Infrared technology. This is patented technology that Under Armour had spent years researching and developing. Within this vest, there is an inner layer that has thermo-conductive materials. This means that when your body warms up, it can help retain the warmth for a longer period.

As your body grows warmer, the heat looks for places to escape. The Under Armour Storm AF Vest has technology that helps reflect the warmth of your body. This allows you to reabsorb the heat so that it does not go to waste. Wearing this vest will keep you warm and cozy for a longer period.


When people purchase items, there is an expectation that they last a long time. This is how people interpret the value. People work hard to earn money and it is only logical that they want to get the most bang for their buck. For a vest to be worthwhile, they should be durable and tough.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest was made to be extremely durable and long-lasting. It is made with three layers of bonded fabric. Vests are usually made with multiple layers of fabric that are held together by an outer layer. To ensure the durability of the Under Armour Storm AF Vest, all the layers are woven together.

Rather than have the layers separately placed into the vest, fibers cross through multiple layers to weave with each other. This means that the vest becomes much more resilient and harder to tear. This is especially ideal for people that are planning on exercising in this product. No amount of twisting and turning will damage this vest.

This product is built to last a long time and will not disappoint you!

UA Storm Technology

People can attest to the fact wet clothes are very uncomfortable. Damp clothing can increase the chances of becoming sick and wet clothes are extremely heavy. Any sort of moisture usually leaves you feeling uncomfortable as the moisture is absorbed by the fabric. For those who tend to be outside even in the rain, it may be worthwhile to invest in a product that is water repellant.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest comes with patented technology known as Storm Technology. This prevents the moisture from getting past the outer layer of the jacket and soaking into your vest. When moisture gets on the Under Armour Storm AF Vest, it simply sits as a droplet on your vest. This allows the water to roll off as you move around or simply brush it off.

Storm Technology has an additional benefit that not many consider, spilling. Everyone has that clumsy day where they accidentally spill drink or food on themselves. Because this vest is moisture repellant, the liquid will not absorb into the fabric right away. This gives you ample time to clean off whatever you spilled.


The materials which your vest is made of can make a difference as it can increase or decrease the lifespan. Ideally, purchasing a product that is durable means that it will last a long time. It can also save you time from having to go shop for a new vest every few months. A product with a longer life span may be slightly more of an investment, but the longevity saves you money in the long run.

The creators of the Under Armour Storm AF Vest had this in mind, thus creating a product out of Polyester. Those who are familiar with Polyester understand and know that this is one of the toughest materials on the market. Polyester is a synthetic material that was created to be rip and tear-resistant.

An additional benefit that Polyester has is that it does not lose elasticity. This means that regardless of how many washes or what you put the vest through, it will always revert to its original shape and size. It also has heat retention properties, making this a product you do not want to miss.

Molded Collar

When people are looking for a vest that keeps you warm, they often forget to look at the collar. This is a very important part of the vest as cold air like to enter and go down your chest. Having a vest that can keep the elements out is crucial to keeping comfortable and cozy during your activities.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest has a molded collar, which is stiffer so it can stand up rather than lie flat. This helps break up the wind that is blowing towards you, thus reducing the amount of cold air going down. The molded collar also makes the neck opening smaller and can help retain some of your body heat and prevent it from escaping.

There is also a second benefit to having a molded collar on the Under Armour Storm AS Vest, and that is repelling moisture. A molded collar has a slightly angled design that can help keep moisture out. If you're out for a run in the rain, water will simply keep rolling down towards the body of the vest. This can reduce the amount of moisture that gets inside your clothing.


This particular item is a great outdoors vest that is designed to be both an inner or outer layer. Some vests are meant to be worn only on the inside and have great heat retention properties. The downside of these vests is that they need the protection of a jacket. The Under Armour Storm AF Vest can be used as an inner layer during the winter months or as an outer layer during the warmer season.

One of the great things about the Under Armour Storm AF Vest is that it is windproof. This means that when the wind blows against the vest, the cold air is repelled away. This prevents the cold air from reaching your body and bringing your temperature down. In the long run, your body will be able to retain heat better.

A windproof vest is ideal for long-distance runners or trail runners. The winds tend to pick up in the backcountry and having a wind repellent jacket will protect you from the elements. Being both wind and rain repellant, this vest cannot be beaten!

Raglan Sleeves

It can be incredibly frustrating to purchase a product and have it rip or tear on you with just a few wears. This makes users feel ripped off or like the product was not worth the value. As the years progressed, manufacturers have been trying to find ways to make their products more durable and long-lasting.

In particular, the Under Armour Storm AF Vest is made with Raglan Sleeves. This means that the vest is constructed with one piece of material from the collar to the arm. This is very beneficial as it decreases the number of seams there is on the product. Most people can agree that if an article of clothing breaks, it is usually because of a seam that has burst.

A vest is large and usually requires multiple pieces of fabric to sew together. For every piece fitted, a new seam is made. This can increase the chances of a missed stitch, which causes seams to rip or burst. A reduction of seams on the Under Armour Storm AF Vest can greatly improve its longevity.

Range of motion

While some people may wear a vest in the house, it is safe to say that most people wear it with a plan to go outdoors. The materials of your clothing and your vest can cause friction and cause slight pulling in opposite directions. This usually leaves the wearer very uncomfortable as there is a feeling of tightness. Every moment made may cause the vest or the clothing to ride up as well.

One of the ways the Under Armour Storm AF vest prevents that from happening is in the construction. Unlike other products on the market, the Under Armour Storm AF Vest has an action back. This means that the construction of the back piece is made for extra movement and mobility. Reaching further or stretching in different positions will not damage the integrity of the product.

The design of this particular vest will not hamper your range of motion. Large movements have been taken into account during the construction of the vest, hence there are extra materials. The seams in that area have also been reinforced so that it can withstand more torque.

Secure Pockets

When people are getting ready to go out, they usually have to take a few things with them. Usually, this will include bringing things like your phone, keys, and wallet. If you plan on exercising while you’re out, then this may also include a water bottle and a granola bar. Regardless of what activities you are doing, the one thing for certain is that you won’t leave home empty-handed.

A great reason why you should wear your Under Armour Storm AF Vest is because it has zippered pockets. This means that whether you are jumping, crawling, or hopping, your items won’t fall out. This is especially useful when you have to carry valuable items. Many people who train outdoors often worry about dropping their phone or keys somewhere and have to replace them.

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest has zipped pockets that are large enough to put your smartphone in. The zipper is also reinforced so that it will not break or rust over as easily. Wearing this vest will give you peace of mind, allowing you to focus on your training.

Bottom Line

The Under Armour Storm AF Vest is a wonderful addition to your outdoor gear. This particular vest features a lot of technology that most companies would not consider. Investing in Cold Gear Technology ensures that your body heat is recycled so that the vest can keep you warm for a longer time.

The stitching on the Under Armour Storm AF Vest is also designed for durability. The stitches are closely placed so even if there was a skipped stitch, it would not cause a tear or rip in the vest. The reinforced stitching helps improve the lifespan of the product so you do not have to replace it as quickly.

The moisture repellant material will also prevent stains from becoming quickly absorbed so that you do not have to wash it as often. Eventually, it will get dirty enough that you will feel the need to wash the vest. When that happens, simply toss it into the washing machine and hang in a place with good circulation to dry.

There are a lot of running vests on the market. But Under Armour has really brought a high-quality product to the table that serious runners should consider.