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Whether you're going out for a run or spending the day on the golf course, let the Alfamo Cooling Towel keep you chill and comfortable all day long. The cloth is designed to instant cool when it gets wet, simply soak it, wring it, and snap it. Viola, you now have a towel you can use to wrap around yourself to cool you down and prevent overheating. It is effortless to use and works very well.

Customers love the product. You can take it with you almost anywhere, and many consumers stated they use them when going on family outings to the parks to help combat the summer heat. It comes in so many different colors you can find something for everyone for every occasion. They come with a handy carrying case with a matching carabiner for convenience, simply clip it to your bag or your belt with ease. The low price tag and high durability make this an excellent choice for all your cooling needs.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Super easy to use

Lasts up to three hours

Very affordable

Variety of different colors

Multiple sizes available


Light materials

Unnatural fibers


Customers can use the Alfamo Cooling Towel for a plethora of activities, mostly those which they need to try to stay crisp and fresh to prevent themselves from overheating. Whether heading to an amusement park with the family for summer vacation or participating in a marathon or any other sports, this towel will be able to keep you fresh before, during, and after the event. Sometimes the summer heat can become, and you just need a little something to keep you comfortable. It's not always easy to find a place with air conditioning so you can cool yourself down, thankfully with this product you do not need one. You can simply wet this down and throw it over your neck for instant cooling. Customers have been known to use this for their golf outings while participating in hot yoga, marathon running, cycling, mountain climbing, gym workouts, family vacations, hiking, and so much more. It comes with an easy carrying back with a carabiner clip to make storage and traveling with it more accessible. All and all, customers enjoy this product and recommend it for all of your cooling needs.

Some people prefer to use this towel more for sweat rather than it's intended purpose, and it does a good job of that as well. It is exceptionally absorbent and works well to sop up the sweat from a particularly hardcore workout.

Ease of Use

This towel is super easy to use just about anyone can figure it out. All you have to do is get it wet, ring it out, snap in a couple of times (swinging it around seems to work as well), and presto, and you now have a sheet that will be able to keep you comfortable for hours at a time. When it starts to lose it's cold, then you simply wet it down again and viola, instant cooling. Consumers love how easy this is to use and have had no complaints on this aspect of the product.

Not only is activating and using the towel easy but so is storage and travel. It comes with a handy little bag to carry it around in, along with a convenient carrying clip. You can simply snap it to a backpack when heading to the park or toss it in your gym bag for use while working out.


The Alfamo is made out of a cooling fabric that consists of 55% polyamide and 45% polyester. They blend well to create a soft and cold feeling along your skin that you can appreciate. The difference between this product and some of the other, older types of similar towels is that this one is not going to get hard and stiff when it dries, it is going to remain soft and cozy, whether it is wet or dry.


You might not realize it, but ensuring that your cooling towel is breathable is kind of a big deal. You want to make sure that as it is sitting against your skin, you can still get a decent amount of air to flow against your skin. Thankfully, this product is not only going to keep you cool and hold a fair amount of moisture, but it is also going to be well-ventilated thanks to the particular mesh fabric that makes up the towel.


Customers have not really had any durability issues with the Alfamo Cooling Towel as they are designed to last you quite a while. Consumers have stated that not only is the towel itself made out of good quality materials, but so is the carrying bag that comes with it. Both are going to be able to withstand a lot of abuse without showing early signs of wear and tear.

One thing that some reviewers had some concerns about is the logo applique as it can stick to the rest of the cloth when you roll it up which could potentially lead to fraying and cause some durability issues. This is not a common, but it has been known to happen so you might want to keep that in mind when deciding whether or not this product is right for you or not.

When shopping around for a cooling towel, you will notice that this one falls right around the same price range as the rest but combine that with the extra accessories (bag and carabiner) and high durability and you will most certainly get your monies worth out it.


The Alfamo is aimed to ensure you are staying comfortable all day long, whether leading an active lifestyle or merely hanging out under the summer sun. They do a fantastic job at achieving this task as it is going to stay cold and keep you cool throughout the day. Of course, if it has direct contact with your skin, it will be much more effective and therefore keep you even more comfortable. They claim to be able to keep you cool for a couple of hours at a time, but some customers have stated that if it is unusually warm outside the towel can dry faster than usual and therefore lose it's chill, causing you some discomfort from the heat. If this happens, you can get the cloth wet again, and you will be good to go.

The towel is available in different sizes so you can find one that will best suit your needs to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you simply want something to wrap around your neck while you are running you might want to choose one of the smaller ones, so the fabric is getting in your way while you are on the go. If you want one that will come up and cover your head and neck, the larger sizes might be better. Choosing the correct one for your needs will drastically increase your overall comfort level while you are using the product.


This towel is designed to help keep you protected in many ways. Whether you are hitting the gym hard or you are braving the summer heat, you can be sure that the cloth will do its part to keep you cool and help prevent you from overheating. It is not only going to keep you chilly, however. It is also made out of materials that can help protect you against the harmful UV rays of the sun. It can offer you UPF 50 sunscreen protection.


When you place your order for the Alfamo Cooling Towel, you are going to get more than just that cloth that is designed to ward off the heat. You will also get a handy carrying back with a carabiner so you can clip to anything for your convenience. The flat plastic zip-lock bag is big enough for you to store your cooling towel in when not in use. Some customers have even opted into using it to store their cell phone, or other belongings, while they are out and about. The bag is waterproof so you will not have to worry about whatever you are carrying getting when unexpectedly. The carabiner (carrying clip) hooks into the plastic bag so you can easily attach it to your bag or belt so you can keep your belongings without wherever you go. The clip even comes in fun colors to match the towel.


The Alfamo comes in a variety of different sizes that you can choose from, depending on your needs. You can pick between the small which is 33x11 inches (85x28 cm), the medium measures in at 40x13 inches (200x33 cm), the large is 47x14 inches (120x36 cm), or you can get the extra large which comes in at 60x29 inches (152x74cm). Customers appreciate the variety of sizes they have available to them so they can get what they need without any hassle. Whether you are hitting the track and want to throw the towel over the back of your neck or you are heading somewhere that you would like to cover the majority of your body. It does not matter what size you decide to go with, the cooling effects are the same, and customers love them.

You might want to note that because of the elasticity of the materials that are made to construct the product then measurements might not always be exact. In most cases the actual size might be slightly larger than described, but not in all of them. This is just something that you might want to keep in mind when deciding what size you should order.


The Alfamo can be washed in a washing machine, and it is recommended that you do it frequently, especially if you are going to be using it for working out of any kind. It is highly absorbent so it will sop up sweat and hold it in the fibers, causing it to develop an odor. If you simply throw it in the wash, it should come right out and be good as new. Even though it is safe in a machine, many consumers still opt to wash it by hand in the sink and hang dry it.

Something to note is that you are going to want to wash it before your first use. The dye can run from the towel, and if you do not wash it first, then you run the risk of being stuck with a color stain on your skin or clothes. You might want to also clean it separately from other clothing, so you are not ruining the other things in the wash when you run it through.


The Alfamo Cooling Towel comes in a plethora of colors so you can find something that is going to best suit your style. Whether you want something plain and simply that comes in a neutral color, or you want one that is bright and vibrant to give you a fun pop of color, this product has you covered. You will be able to choose from blue, blue and gray, blue and green, dark blue, dark violet, dark violet and green-yellow, fuchsia, gray, gray and blue, gray and neon orange, gray and pink, green, green and charcoal, orange, red, turquoise, or violet. Whatever color you decide to go with, you will get a clear carrying bag with a carrying clip in the same color as the towel. Customers love that they have such a wide variety to choose from.

Bottom Line

If you are an avid runner, golfer, or athlete, in general, you might want to consider purchasing the Alfamo Cooling Towel to try to keep you cool during and after your workout, to prevent you from overheating and discomfort. The use of the cloth is not limited to those with an active lifestyle, however. Going on a family summer vacation? Going to the beach? Spending the day under the hot sun? Let this cooling towel keep you fresh and chill for hours at a time. Simply get it wet, wring it out, and snap it (or shake it) and you are good to go, instant cooling for up to three hours. It has a super affordable price tag, and it is highly durable, making it an excellent investment and the perfect addition to your summer or workout gear.