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Before we dive into the specifics of the Storm Jacket by Craft, let’s take a closer look at the Cross Country style skiing.

The sport that this item is mostly designed for. Cross Country style of skiing. And as suspected, the origins of the sport are really attributed to the Sami people in the northern parts of Scandinavia. Yup, they were the first recorded people that used the primitive version of this sport, and back in the 10th century Norway, when one of the Kings of this country would send his servants to collect taxes from the people wearing wooden skis. Hunters that hunted wild game, explorers in the Arctic cycle, also used this sport as a way of transportation. But today it’s a source of transportation of the resilient Scandinavians, a recreational past-time and as a much-beloved sport. And in fact, the Norwegians still excel at it.

But for now, let’s take a closer look at the Strom Jacket. A specialized jacket for a cross country type of skiing which is made by the Swedish company Craft. What are the specifics regarding this item? What are the pros and cons? And what can be said about this particular jacket? Is it a worthy purchase? Find out in the review below.  Hope you’ll like it. The model and the review.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Very smooth and pleasant

The sleeves are pre-shaped

Made with reflective tapes

Machine washable


No hood


Made entirely out of synthetic material, this particular item is known for its lightweight nature, smoothness, comfort and moisture-repellent properties. Oh and don’t think for a second that the use of the material is that simple. Synthetic and that’s it. No. Far from it.

The front panel of the synthetic fabric is made to be an excellent provider of windproof protection, while the small elastic fabric in the back of the item allows you to have better management of your body temperature. And why is this important? Well, because the cross country type of skiing< is done out in the open in often extremely cold temperatures.

The front panel blocks the cold wind at the front of your body, while the elastic on the back will regulate the temperature changes to your body. Think about it. You’re outside. Out on the freezing temperatures. You’re skiing and on top of that, you’re sweating. The mixture of sweat and cold air can be damaging to your body, and every little thing helps.


The Craft’s official statement about the fit of the Storm jacket is rather vague, but with little bit explanation, you’ll understand why. Well, Craft states that the fit of the item is comfortable, and it’s true.

The adjective best describes the overall feeling of the entire model and frankly is an excellent term to describe the fit itself. Why? Because the comfortable fit is very much helped by the ergonomic design of the jacket and because of the sleeves, that are pre-shaped. We’ll get to the design a bit later, but the pre-shaping of the sleeves is an actually brilliant idea.

By tightening and pre-shaping of the sleeves, the amount of air (cold air) that penetrates to the arms is limited and what you’ll be left is a sense of warmth and comfort. And it’s easy to understand why this was done. Cross country type of skiing is a sport that involves heavy use of arm muscles, and because of that, the pre-shaping of the sleeves is actually genius.


Sure the materials and the tiny details in the design (like the sleeves and their pre-shaped design) are awesome contributors to the comfort. No doubt about that. But let’s take a moment and one very clever thing that seems to affect the comfort by frankly a lot.

The Ergonomic design of the entire model. But what does the word Ergonomic mean? Well, it’s a specific applied design that maximizes the productivity of one person by reducing the discomfort. The entire jacket does that. It reduces the discomfort in order for you to have the best possible performance while on those skis. The sleeves 9which are pre-shaped) offer additional comfort and freedom in your movement, while the brushed interior of the model, offers plenty of warmth.


The main function of the Storm jacket is to keep you safe and warm while you’re braving the cold, the ice and the snow in the very cold environment. Not only that, by being involved in the cross country style of skiing, you’ll have to stay active for a lengthily period of time, and those two things don’t always go together. The physical activity on such harsh weather conditions.

Luckily for you, Craft knows how to minimize the discomfort and to offer you better results. And although the use of the synthetic material in the making of the jacket is a great option, the smaller details like the pre-shaping of the sleeves and the ergonomic design of the entire model really pack a punch in the overall functionality.


Right here in this particular item, there are two separate types of protection that are offered to the person that’s actually wearing the model. The first type of protection is the protection from the external influences. Like the extremely cold weather, like the wind, like the snow and the eventual rain.

Cross country style of skiing is a sport that’s been practiced out on the open and in the harshest weather imaginable, so any type of protection is greatly welcomed. Sure the synthetic material, the elastic placed in the back of the model and the brushed interior of the actual jacket really helps with the protection from the cold weather. A hood is lacking just to reinforce that protection to the top of your body, but a small and very practical neck guard is present. But there’s also a second type of protection, and it’s the type of protection that could eventually save your life in a tricky situation. Yes, we’re talking about the reflective prints (with strips and tapes) that are placed all over the jacket.

The reflective print is actually visible in the dark, and in much of the poorly lit environment and will come in handy if you accidentally get lost in such environment. By wearing the mode, you’ll become much more visible and therefore protected from any unwanted accident.


Sporty, simplistic, heavy on the practicality with a dash of minimalism in the sartorial part of the style. The ergonomic design is really in line with the simplicity of the style, while the sleeves that are pre-shaped ensure that the fit coincides with the overall comfort of the item. But a great thing about the style is the sheer minimalism in the use of details. There are no additional details, besides the print tapes, the adjustable hem, and the zippers.

The Scandinavians are well known for their minimalism, and the model really shines that simplicity through every inch. But if you take a closer look at the style, you may notice that some additions are omitted here. Additions like a hood for example. Yes, this particular model lacks a proper hood, and despite the fact that the style is based on the much beloved Flex fleece type of jackets.


Well, when it comes to the sizing, Craft is keeping things simple. Both the male and female version of the jacket has the same sizing options. Both the male and the female version start at the XS side of the scale and end at the XXL. None of them go beyond the XXL in size, as the company doesn’t offer plus size options above the XXL sizing. But if you’re having some trouble figuring out your size, Craft has an excellent charting system filled with dimensions of each part of the body and you can easily find out your size based on those laid out dimensions.


What is considered a supportive feature in a jacket aimed for Cross country style of skiing? Well, aside from the fact that it’s aimed for such style of skiing, the additional details really help with the support system. Like the front panel and the elastic fabric in the back of the jacket that actually regulates the body temperature.


Yes, the fact that synthetic, elastic and another high-endurance type of materials were used in the making of the jacket, speaks volumes for the durability and the longevity of the item. And that’s all great. But other factors contribute to the durability as well. Factors like the ergonomic design and the fact that the sleeves are pre-shaped. Think about it. If it wasn’t for the ergonomic design, both the productivity (and the performance if you will) and the durability would have been severely diminished. The fact that the sleeves of the jacket are pre-shaped allows you to move more freely, efficiently and with any fear of interruptions from the surrounding areas. That means no branches, not trees would be able to damage any part of the model because the model is designed to be close to your body.


Oh boy. There are some extensive instructions regarding the maintenance and overall care of the jacket, so pay attention. In fact, the Company has a separate section of the page dedicated to the maintenance, but it’s for your own good. It’s a must for everyone that wants to preserve and upkeep the model for future use. First and foremost, try not to wash the Storm model more than it’s actually necessary.

By limiting the washing of the item, you can actually preserve the garment and the actual environment (section borrowed from the Company’s instructions). Before washing the model with mild soap and very lukewarm water in your washing machine, try and close all of the zippers that are attached on the surface. Also, when putting it in the washing machine, flip the item inside out, and wash it with other colored items. Never mix this model with clothing that’s exclusively white. Remove the garment immediately after the cycle is done, and the item is clean, and whatever you do not tumble dry it.

Try to dry it on the open air, as the tumble drying can also damage the materials.


The protection and the responsiveness of the Storm jacket are aimed at the protection and the responsiveness from the cold, the cold wind and the snow what if in fact rain in crystallized form. But all of these things are covered, thanks to the synthetic material used in the overall design, the front panel of the model that’s also windproof and the elastic panel at the very back of the model that is there in order to regulate the changing of your body temperature when it’s exposed to such harsh conditions.

Bottom line

When it comes to the usage and the practicality, this particular jacket is very low maintenance. Because this is a cross country style of jacket, it should be used for a cross country style of activities. That means that it’s desirable if it’s worn on very cold, icy weather since there are helping features on this item that are supposed to keep you warm.

Things like a front panel that’s a windproof and elastic panel at the very back that regulates the body temperature when exposed on such harsh weather conditions. The model lacks a hood, but the dropped hemmed is there to offer protection to the bottom part of the jacket, while the neck guard offers some protection to the top part. Oh and the ergonomic design and the sleeves that are conveniently pre-shaped for you allow you to have better movement, better efficiency, and much better performance while still being warm and protected.

This a great jacket that is sure to become your favorite piece of clothing regardless if you’re a fan of the cross country style of skiing or you’re looking for a great model for your next hiking trip.