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Strollers as a way of transportation for the babies have existed since the 18th century. And they catered more to the needs of the baby inside, than to the needs of the parents. Sure the parents enjoyed pushing them, but not for the purpose of physical exercise.  That all changed in the 20th century. More specifically at the beginning of the ’80s.

That’s the period when the jogging as a form of exercise really took off, and the parents needed something easy and practical for children as well. It was then when the jogging strollers were invented. Phil Baechler was one of the earliest inventors of such models. And for that purpose, he used the tires from his old bicycle and placed them on the stroller for his daughter. His model had three wheels instead of the usual four, and the rest is history.

The jogging strollers of today offer much great security, comfort, and amortization but the essence in the design remains the same. So, let’s have a closer look at one such model. The Flex 3.0 type of model. What’s so great about this item, and what can it be improved in the next edition? Find out more in the review below. Enjoy.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Reflexive fabric

Stability in every occasion

Develops great speed

Adjustable handlebar


No treys


Just like with the Flex Duallie, the Flex 3.0 has a strong and durable aluminum alloy in the frame and two types of weave fabrics in the seat. The aluminum also adds to the lightweight feeling, and the ease of use, while the Dobby weave and the Poly weave attribute to the water repellent nature of the entire seat.

The seat is also padded sufficiently to provide comfort, but the water-repellent nature of the fabric from which the seat was made will certainly come in handy in two of the most likely situations. First, if you and your child get caught in the rain, and secondly if your child spills something on the fabric. A battle of milk, water or some other liquid. The moisture-repellent nature of the fabric will make sure that the seat and your child remain dry at all times.


Oftentimes the comfort and security go hand in hand, and in this particular case, they’re so intertwined that it’s really an obligation from multiple sources to deliver comfort. The seat’s position is fully upright and allows for the child to be completely seated for the entire ride. And speaking of the seat, it’s fully padded with a nice compression and extra ventilation that will ensure your child is seated comfortably from the beginning of the ride, and all the way to the end. But why make solely the child comfortable?

After all, the parents are the ones that are going to be pushing the model. Well, Bob Revolution has a solution for the parent’s comfort as well. Let’s start with the handlebar. Much like the seat, the handlebar is also padded and adjustable is a total of 9 separate positions. That way, the use of the stroller can become a real breeze regardless of the height of the parents. And something else, that not that many strollers have?

A brake that can be activated while the parents are wearing flip-flops. Let’s say that you’re a free-spirited easygoing parent who just doesn’t want to put on socks and sneakers all the time. All you need is a pair of flip-flops and your child to go for a nice relaxing stroll. Well, with this particular item you can. You can be comfortable in your flip-flops, and while wearing them you can activate the brakes located on the two rear wheels. How cool is that?


You don’t really have to worry about the fit. With a narrow front design and three wheels to maneuver, the Flex 3.0 another addition that helps with the improvement of the entire fit of the stroller. The fact the rear two wheels are easily removable. Yup. So, if you find yourself in some tight and narrow spaces, and you can’t go through them, just remove the wheels and try again.


This is an extremely lightweight, but highly durable model. The total weight of the stroller comes down to 28.5 lbs or 12.9 kg, and it’s all down to the aluminum alloy used in the frame. Yes, the padding adds a sufficient heft and comfort for the seat, but don’t confuse the comfortable and sturdy nature of the padding to the adding of the total weight of the model. The item will remain lightweight and easy to maneuver even with all of the padding.


When it’s in an unfolded state, the Flex 3.0 can go all the way to 48 inches (or 122 cm) in height, while the overall width reaches 24.5 inches (or 62.2 cm). That applies to the fit in many of the narrow closed spaces, and ability to be squeezed into many seemingly unreachable areas. But what about the inside? You know, the area in which the baby should be placed? Well, the width of the seat is 14.5 inches side or 36.8 cm.

But those dimensions are for the unfolded state of the Flex 3.0. What are the dimensions of the item when it’s actually folded? Keeping up with the practicality, the wheels of the stroller can be removed for better storage options, or you can choose to leave them on if you have the space to store the model as it is. But when the wheels are on, the stroller has a height of 16 inches (or 40.6 cm), and when they’re removed the item is 10 inches in height (or 25.4 cm).


Besides being a regular stroller (if you choose to use it as a regular model), the Flex 3.0 is at the same time great option for the jogging type of parents. Yes, you can actually jog while taking care of your baby. But that’s not it. Besides the tires that are filled with air, the model has a special type of suspension that allows you to step it up a notch. And that type of suspension is the mountain bike one. You can have a smooth ride on sidewalks, the city park and on your next mountain bike adventure.

Why deprive your child of that experience? No take the baby with you and go on that fantastic adventure.

Oh and the front wheel that’s so amazing? Well, it’s amazing for a reason. It’s Swivel-locking type of wheel, and you’ve guessed it. It both swivels the model for better maneuverability and it can be locked through that wheel for better and more efficient stability when you’re off the road. If you’re jogging on well-established roads, that’s great but if you’re on the uncharted territory (and on rough terrain), that wheel will really come in handy.

And when you’re not using the model for jogging (or any other type of transportation of your child), well, you can actually store it very comfortably in very small spaces.

Let’s imagine that you don’t have a great deal of space in your tiny flat. No worries. The folding is easy peasy and done in a matter of just two simple steps, and at the same time, you can actually store the model with and without the rear wheels. Yes, they’re easily removable and allow you to have more compact storing of the stroller, that doesn’t require taking a lot of space.

And last but not least, the entire weight capacity of the model is 75 lbs (or 43 kg), enough to carry a small child very comfortably. The capacity of the total weight


When you think about it, Flex 3.0 has three separate ways of use. Yes, it’s a stroller, and yes, it’s a jogging type of stroller. And yes, the fact that it has a special mountain bike type of suspension allows you to use it for… you’ve guessed it. Mountain biking. Just grab the stroller, attach it to your bike and head to that mountain.


It’s always nice when the durability and the lightweight nature of the item not just meet, but at the same time support each other.

Especially in the frame of the Flex 3.0 where the practicality and the lightness meet with the durability right down in the middle. Sure, the durability depends in large amounts on the use of the aluminum alloy, but don’t knock or downplay the importance of the two types of moisture-wicking fabric.

They’re practical in keeping the moisture away from your child but very durable and easy to maintain and clean as well.

Oh and let’s not for forget about the rims of the wheels, made out of polymer composite. They’re strong, durable and with excellent high impact performance.


There are several types of security to be provided to both the child and the parents, and Bob Revolution knows all about them. Not only that the company implements several types of security that greatly benefit the parents that are pushing the model and the child that’s inside. But let’s start with the parents, shall we?

The wrist strap is a great source of security and safety. The parent is in charge of the strap, that sits comfortably on his/her wrist and its smooth sailing from there. Not to mention the buckle that’s included with the purchase of the stroller. The buckle allows you to lock the stroller when you’re not actually using it, and that’s especially convenient when it’s actually closed and folded.

The harness of the model has a security system with five points, which locks and secures your child nicely within the stroller, and any type of accident is prevented with the use of that harness security system. The canopy that sits on top of the stroller and the basket that sits on the bottom have reflective accents that make thing easier for the parent. They make the model visible in poorly lit areas, and on nightly runs when any daylight is severely lacking.


Bob Revolution has a simple maintenance and care advice for the Flex 3.0. First, make sure you use a delicate sponge when trying to clean the model. Secondly, use mild soap and lukewarm water. The hot water and very abrasive soap (or detergent) will most likely damage the frame and the seat, and before you leave it out to dry, try and remove all excess soap. Any remaining soap on the surface will likely damage the model and make it unusable.


Compared to the Flex Duallie, which had only 5 separate accessories, this particular model has 12 separate accessories that can be purchased separately. As most notable examples of the accessories roster are the handlebar console, the adapter for the car seat, an additional travel bag that can be attached on the handlebar, the sun and bad-weather protective covers, and the fitness kit.

The snack tray and the handlebar console are also not included with the actual purchase and can be bought separately from the long list of accessories. Which is a real shame? The console and the trey are considered essentials for every parent, and can really do wonders for the convenience of both the parent and the child.

Bottom line

Lightweight, durable, practical, versatile and easy to maintain. Yes, all of that really describes the third generation of the Flex model. You can use it as a regular stroller, as a jogging type, and for mountain biking. It’s up to you. It can carry a load up to 75lb or 34kg and has excellent padding and several sources of security. It’s truly a great purchase, and you’ll find yourself loving the model as much as the parents that already did purchase it. If you take a closer look at the official page of the Flex 3.0, you’ll notice that 24 out of all the 25 customer reviews have a 5-star review and glowing positive remarks. Amazing right?