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If you’re someone who doesn’t struggle with pain and other symptoms due to either flat feet or high arches, the Sof Sole AIRR insoles could be what you’re looking for. Built to optimize performance in athletic shoes, work boots, and even military boots - they will have you covered.

Enjoy dry and cool feet thanks to the CoolMax top cover made of moisture-wicking fabric. Fight off odor and odor-causing bacteria with the Microban treatment on the top cover. Skydex air bubbles strategically placed in the arch and heel will help to absorb some impact from your foot strikes.

Unlike many competitors, Sof Sole AIRR insoles paid attention to your forefoot, including gel to add cushioning, and thus more shock absorption. These insoles are designed for people with neutral arches. The footbed is made of durable polyurethane so that you can go farther before having to replace the insoles. 

Sof Sole AIRR insoles are offered in men’s sizes ranging from seven to fourteen. They are broken down into four different sizes, cannot be trimmed to fit, and run small. If you are right on the line, it is suggested that you order up. And, always be sure to consult your Dr. before purchasing any products to alleviate symptoms of any condition. You don’t want to end up making it worse.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Moisture Management

Odor Control

Shock Absorption

Forefoot Cushioning



Runs Small

Durability Issues


Sof Sole got its start in 1991. In the beginning, it was just a small insole line specifically geared towards sports. It has grown to be a leader worldwide in various footwear accessory genres. Sof Sole doesn’t only make insoles, they also offer shoe care products and socks to suit your needs. Check out some shoe care products here.

Some of these products deliver extra comfort for day-to-day routines. Some of them enhance performance for those who perform high-impact activities, jobs, or sports. Sof Sole’s products are made with designs that are technologically advanced and materials that work together to improve the performance and comfort of your footwear. The brand has come to be known as “Sole of Performance”.


People tend to focus on what insoles do for you, and not on what they’re made from. It’s important to know what they’re made from, because it has a lot to do with how they’ll feel under your feet, how long they’ll last, what they cost, etc.

Sof Sole AIRR insoles are made with polyurethane, which happens to provide comfort for your whole foot. PU (Polyurethane) is very flexible and resistant to wear. It is cheaper than other materials and is also more animal-friendly. PU is easier to clean, environmentally friendly, and durable. For more products made with polyurethane, check here.

Moisture Management

It’s not enough to just have shoes and socks that work to keep your feet dry and cool. The third piece of the puzzle is the insole. If you don’t have an insole that works to keep you dry and cool, you’ll have to deal with odors and conditions that are completely avoidable.

The fabric top cover is engineered with CoolMax technology, which wicks moisture away from the skin and then quickly evaporates it. When you exercise, it only makes sense that your body heats up (everything is working harder). Your feet and body start to sweat to attempt to maintain your body’s internal temperature. If this sweat is left to sit in your shoes, it will enter the insole.

Luckily, Sof Sole AIRR won’t let that moisture sit under your feet. Your body will be able to maintain homeostasis. When the moisture is managed, it also helps to protect you from slipping, skin irritation, and blisters. If you do have blisters, this could help.

Odor Control

Something that many people deal with, suffer from, and are embarrassed by is foot odor. You are not alone. It is a very common issue and it is possible to control it. The Sof Sole AIRR helps to control foot odor by preventing the growth of the bacteria that causes it.

The top cover of the Sof Sole AIRR is engineered with Microban. This treatment provides premium protection from bacteria. The bacteria that threaten to attack are punctured and left unable to reproduce or grow. You are also protected from yeast, fungi, and mold. Insoles with this technology are easier to keep clean. It even prevents premature wear and stains.

You can take other steps to control your foot odor, as well. Wash (and dry) your feet thoroughly, every day. Wear socks that are breathable and have moisture management. Don’t wear shoes that are too tight. Let your shoes, and insoles, air out every day. Always avoid shoes that are made with plastic. It only traps heat and causes more sweat to be produced. Find breathable shoes here.

Shock Absorption

No matter how much time you spend on your feet, or how high the impact of each foot strike is, you could develop foot pain anytime. Your feet are striking the ground every time you take a step, and with those foot strikes come strain, stress, pressure, and shocks; which travel to your ankles, legs, and even your back.

Sometimes, if your feet aren’t naturally distributing your weight the way they need to to keep you comfortable, you will experience pain in your feet, ankles, legs, and back. If you do have pain, the Sof Sole AIRR insoles could be exactly what you need. (Of course, you need to consult your Dr. before buying products to relieve symptoms.)

Your feet have a lot of muscles, ligaments, bones, and tendons; all vulnerable to stress, strain, and pain. The shock absorption offered by the Sof Sole AIRR insoles can help to alleviate some of that pain. You can also enjoy some energy return, keeping you energized longer. You can find more relief with shock-absorbing shoes.

The Sof Sole AIRR insoles absorb shocks via the Skydex technology in the heel. It consists of many strategically placed air bubbles in the arch and heel. They take the impact and turn it into kinetic energy which will provide you with maximum shock absorption. The gel forefoot also plays its’ role in the shock absorption with its’ cushioning.


Whether you have flat feet, neutral feet, or high-arched feet, you need support from your shoes and insoles. When you’re walking, running, playing sports, or working on hard surfaces, you need support. Without that foundation, your feet and ankles become less stable. This creates a higher risk of pain and injuries. Here you can find a supportive shoe.

Sof Sole AIRR insoles provide the right amount of support for those with a neutral (medium) arch. If you have flat feet, they will give you too much support, causing pain. If you have high arches, they won’t provide enough support, causing pain. It’s best to know what you need from the start.

Sof Sole AIRR insoles provide you with cushioning in your forefoot and technology in the hell and arches to take away some impact from walking. However, they do not provide a whole lot of support if you’re someone with high arches or performing high-impact activities often. The insole doesn’t “hug” your arches or your heel, thus not providing support or stability to them. If you need insoles that hug your feet, try these.


When people are designing, or shopping for, insoles, it is common to pay less attention to the ball of your feet than on your arches and heels. While those areas do need attention to provide enough support, stability, and comfort; so does the forefoot.

If the balls of your feet aren’t receiving the cushioning and support that they need, your feet are vulnerable to burning, itching, blisters, cracks, and pain. Here are some tips for foot care. The Sof Sole AIRR insoles are engineered with gel in the forefoot that works to maximize shock absorption and provide sufficient cushioning. The forefoot cushioning can even help to reduce pain experience from metatarsalgia and Morton’s neuroma.

Metatarsalgia is a foot condition in the ball of your foot that causes pain and affects the bones and joints in that area. Morton’s neuroma is when you have an inflamed nerve in or around the ball of your foot. Consistent pressure on your plantar nerve will cause these conditions and the pain that comes along with them. Sof Sole AIRR is here to help.


If you’re somebody who doesn’t have flat feet, but you also don’t have high arches, you fit into the neutral category (also known as medium arch). This is for the “standard” foot that pretty much naturally distributes your body weight evenly across your whole foot. Sof Sole AIRR will enhance your shoes’ performance and allow even less stress on your feet. If you need insoles for flat feet, check here.

Even if you have neutral feet, you can still suffer from the pain the ball of your foot, your arch, or your heel. People with “standard” feet don’t always distribute their body weight perfectly on their own. That’s why there are insoles made specifically for those with neutral arches.

The Sof Sole AIRR insole provides shock absorption which will help to lessen the pressure put on those sensitive areas of your feet by helping to distribute your weight more evenly. If you have high arches, you can look here for appropriate shoes.


It’s annoying trying to look for insoles that fit everything you need. Are they the right size? The right width? Do they provide the impact protection you need for the activities you do in the shoes you’re using them in? Can you wear them all day long?

Sof Sole AIRR insoles are ideal for walking, running, and cross-training. Cross-training activities include biking, weight training, hiking, yoga, swimming, using an elliptical, Zumba, and walking. These activities are considered medium-impact.

The Sof Sole AIRR is suitable for most shoes from athletic shoes to military boots. They are considered max volume, which means that they will take up your entire shoe. If you are looking for insoles that work for thinner shoes, like heels, check here.


An important factor to think about when you’re considering which insoles to invest in is how they’re going to fit your feet and your shoes. Will they take up three-quarters of your shoe, or the whole thing? Are they able to be trimmed to size or do they come in separate sizes? Are there different sizes for men and women?

The Sof Sole AIRR comes in men’s sizes only, and they range from seven to fourteen. They are separated into four different size categories. It is recommended that you order a size up because they run small.

The first size offered is seven to eight and a half. Next is nine to ten and a half. Then there is eleven to twelve and a half. And lastly, there is the size that fits shoe sizes thirteen to fourteen. If you need insoles that can be trimmed to fit, check here.

Bottom Line

If you’re somebody who doesn’t have flat feet or high arches but still needs an insole that will improve your performance and keep you comfortable, Sof Sole AIRR could be perfect for you. Made of durable, flexible material that is easy to clean, these insoles can go miles and miles with you.

The top layer is going to provide you with both moisture management and odor control. It will wick moisture away from your feet, and help it evaporate quicker. This will keep your feet dry and cool. Because your feet are drier, and because of the treatment (Microban) on the top layer, the bacteria that would normally cause odor, and other conditions, won’t even have a chance to grow or reproduce. Microban will stop them in their tracks.

The Sof Sole AIRR is meant for medium arches, so they will provide medium support and be suitable for medium-impact activities. Be sure to know what you need from insoles and what they provide before purchasing. Also, consult with your Dr. if you plan to use them to relieve pain from medical conditions.