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Not just any pair of socks will offer the features you need for running. That's why so many athletes choose the Saucony Inferno for all their physical activities. This pair has a lightweight and breathable design that's perfect for running, walking, or playing sports. Breathable mesh side panels let plenty of air circulate your skin and prevent excessive sweating which means you will be more comfortable.

The Saucony Inferno comes in several colorways and offers a no-show style that is great with shorts and running shoes. One of the best aspects is the engineered arch support that protects this delicate area while you train. By supporting your arch you will prevent foot pain and lower limb fatigue so you can run that extra mile with ease.

These socks are the perfect addition to any athletic wardrobe and deliver proven results every time you wear them. Whether it's running, walking, or racing Saucony is a trusted brand that athletes turn to for superior performance. The Saucony Inferno is a worthy addition to their array of products. It's quality design and incredible features will take you where you want to go and beyond.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture Control
  • No-Show
  • Multiple Colorways
  • Arch Support
  • Mesh Side Panels
  • Minimal Heel Coverage


When it comes to athletic gear you want your socks to be just as well-made as any other piece. The problem is, most people overlook this tiny detail and forget that the socks they choose to wear can make a world of difference.

Your socks have a big impact on both your comfort and performance. They control moisture and regulate temperature, along with protecting you from getting a painful blister while you run. Being sure you wear the right pair is an important consideration before heading out for a jog.

The Saucony Inferno offers the perfect style for running and other athletics. It is lightweight and breathable so you are nice and comfortable while you push it. This no-show pair hides away inside your shoe so you don’t have to worry about whether they look good with your shorts and sneakers.

Choose from a variety of colorways that add to Saucony Inferno’s sporty appearance. With shades like black/red, white, black/white, and charcoal you won’t have any trouble finding an option you like.

Moisture Control

Moisture control is one of the most important aspects with any pair of running socks. It’s an unfortunate fact of life that when we exercise, we sweat! That’s why you need a sock that will control the moisture and prevent it from pooling around your skin.

The Saucony Inferno offers RunDry Pro technology that consists of moisture-wicking yarns. These ultra-soft yarns draw perspiration away from your skin. This results in a dry and comfortable feel that is ideal for running and other physical activities.

Odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments which is why it’s so essential to keep your socks nice and dry. Once odors sink in it will be difficult to get rid of and no one wants smelly shoes and feet while they train. It’s also uncomfortable wearing damp and soggy socks for any period.

Most socks just don’t offer the kind of moisture controlling innovation that the Saucony Inferno does. This sets these apart from the competition and makes them stand out in a big way. Anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle would benefit from this kind of technology.


Most people think their shoes are the only thing that provides support. This couldn’t be further from the truth! The socks you wear make a big difference and give you the additional support you need.

The arch is a delicate area that supports the entire weight of your body with every step. As you can imagine, without proper support the arch will get all sorts of aches and pains. That’s why so many athletes can’t get enough of the Saucony Inferno!

This pair offers engineered arch stability that improves performance while making them all the more comfortable to wear. You will experience less foot pain and lower limb fatigue which means you can run that extra mile with ease.


As I’ve mentioned, airflow is one of the most important aspects of any sock. Without adequate air, your skin will smother and you will sweat excessively. Once your feet get too sweaty it’s hard to feel comfortable while you run.

Sweaty socks are the perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria which is why it’s so important that your feet don’t get too sweaty. The Saucony Inferno offers the kind of breathability you need to stay cool and dry.

Airmesh venting keeps plenty of air flowing around your skin thanks to mesh panels that prevent smothering. Heavy fabrics limit the flow of air and make you too hot which leads to sweating. That’s why mesh is an excellent fabric because of its airy and open weave that is lighter than most others.

Design Features

Most socks just don’t offer any innovative design features. Luckily, the Saucony Inferno isn’t like those others. These socks have a ton of great features that make them a great choice to consider.

Take the seamless toe, for example. This aspect prevents rubbing and irritation which eliminates the issue of painful blisters. It also makes them that much more durable because the seam is often the first area that rips. A seamless toe is more comforting and enjoyable to wear because there’s no chance of rubbing or other friction-related irritations.

Then there’s the no-show design that keeps them concealed away inside of your shoe. This is a great feature that helps you look more stylish while you train, especially if you enjoy wearing shorts and sneakers. The only issue is that it leaves the heel more susceptible to blisters and rubbing if the material slips down. Though, the elastic material prevents any slipping or sliding and keeps them nicely in place.


The materials of your socks make a big difference when it comes to how comfortable they are. Some fabrics are too heavy and smother your feet which makes them hot and sweaty. Whereas, other materials can irritate and make you itchy.

The Saucony Inferno offers an excellent combination of materials that make them more enjoyable to wear. A 95% RunDry Pro polyester structure makes for a breathable finish that keeps your feet nice and cool even while you run.

With 4% natural latex rubber and 1% Spandex, these socks fit nice and snug. This means you don’t have to worry about your socks slipping down at the heel. This is important because exposed heel skin is more vulnerable to rubbing and friction-related irritation.

Spandex material is similar to elastic and holds the cuff of the socks in place. This is an important feature that most pairs just don’t offer. You will notice the difference when you run because you won’t have to worry about them slipping down over your heel.


Washing instructions are important when considering a pair of socks because you don’t want ones that are difficult to clean. The Saucony Inferno is easy to care for and you can toss them in with the rest of your laundry.

Just be sure to wash them on gentle and don’t add any bleach or fabric softener. This will preserve them and extend the lifespan so you get the most enjoyment and value. I love the fact that you can put them in the drier without having them shrink because polyester is an adaptable fabric.

As with most clothing items, you want to dry the Saucony Inferno on a low to medium setting. Anything higher might cause issues and will be tough on the material. But even still it’s nice to be able to toss your socks in the dryer.


Wearing uncomfortable socks is the fastest way to ruin your run. It will lead to foot pain, frictions spots, and even painful blisters too! You need a pair with proper cushioning to protect delicate areas but not so much that it feels unnatural.

The Saucony Inferno has the perfect amount of padding to keep you comfortable. The nice thing is that you still connect with the ground beneath you which is a must for many runners. Without that ground feel you won’t be able to react as quickly which is a problem while you’re on the go.

These socks have specific zone padding that protects the most sensitive areas. This innovative design feature makes for the most comfortable wear and gives you added cushion where you need it most.


When it comes to the socks you wear, no one wants to spend a fortune. That’s another reason that so many people love the Saucony Inferno; it’s such an economical choice. They sell in a value pack with three pairs. This saves you a ton of money than buying single pairs and is a way better value.

In today's world, everything is so expensive it’s nice to find a bargain every once and awhile. The great thing about the Saucony Inferno is that it doesn’t have an inflated price tag just because it sells in a 3-pack. Instead, it’s affordable!

When you weigh all of the great features with how durable these socks are, it makes them one of the best values available. Go ahead and buy them in all different colors because at this price you can't go wrong.


Saucony was started back in 1898 by four businessmen. Named after Saucony Creek in Kutztown, Pennsylvania, Saucony has since become a world leader in athletic footwear and apparel. With a rich history, this brand is a trusted label.

In 1979, two of Saucony’s running shoes were chosen for the top 10 by Runner’s World Magazine which saw sales rise 20-times. Today, Saucony is a front-runner at sporting events and among the hearts of athletes far and wide.

With a heavy focus on running, walking, and racing footwear, this brand manufactures the perfect gear for anyone who enjoys these activities. They focus on the finer details like the type of running, kind of arch, and pronation of the runner to deliver customized results. This model is the reason behind the one-of-a-kind fit and fantastic results that Saucony is so renowned for.

With retail outlets all over the world and a loyal following of celebrities and athletes, Saucony has proven it's here to stay. This label delivers time after time and it's great to have a brand to turn to for the ultimate in comfortable gear.

Bottom Line

When it comes to athletic socks the Saucony Inferno is an excellent choice to consider. It offers design features specific to the needs of runners and has a stylish no-show appearance. Choose from a selection of cool colorways to suit your style and enjoy the sheer comfort that this pair delivers.

Running is an intensive sport that requires excellent moisture control to prevent excessive sweating. When sweat pools inside of the fabric it starts to smell quickly because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments. The Saucony Inferno offers RunDry Pro technology that has moisture-wicking yarns for drier wear.

The built-in arch support lessens foot pain and fatigue in the lower limbs. This results in less downtime and more productive results so you can sprint every mile to the max. The Saucony Inferno is a breathable choice thanks to mesh side panels that allow for plenty of air circulation. This is a must to stay cool while you run and makes it much more enjoyable.

Comfort is never an issue while wearing the Saucony Inferno because it offers precise zone cushioning and a seamless design. Seams are the first place that rubs against your skin irritating it so it’s great that this pair has none.

The zone cushioning protects the areas that need it most and lessens foot pain. This means you can push it harder and reach new speeds without having to worry about recovery time.