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Different athletes have different needs. In fact, different days even have different needs. Instead of buying individual cooling products for each, try a 12-in-1 option like the Mission Multi-Cool. The Mission Multi-Cool can turn into multiple different cooling garments, saving you space, money, and time. 

Whether you wear it as a facemask or as a neck wrap, the Mission Multi-Cool wicks away moisture in a snap. Speaking of snaps, “snapping” the material when wet is what activates its cooling power. Though there are more durable products out there, the price of this versatile Mission Multi-Cool makes it a serious contender when it comes to cooling technology.

Editor's Pros & Cons

12-in-1 Styling

Moisture Wicking

Mechanical Activation

Soft To The Touch


UPF 50



Inconsistent Durability


What is so fun about this Mission Multi-Cool is that it can be worn in so many ways. There are twelve ways to wear this item, and the brand includes an instruction book for the different ways to fold it. It can be used as a face mask for construction on hot days. It can be secured around the head to keep sweat out of the eyes. The Mission Multi-Cool can even be worn around the neck as a scarf or neck gaiter.

In addition to the whimsical options for wearing it, there are a couple of different patterns and colors to choose from. If you’re often wearing this with an athletic uniform, you can match it to your team colors, or at least choose a coordinating color. Your look and performance can both be enhanced with a little help from the Mission Multi-Cool multifunctional headwear.

Since the material is so light and thin, it can even be mostly concealed with a cap or helmet, without the bunching of fabric. Runners can use it as a fashionable headband to get the dreaded sweat out of their eyes. With so many ways to wear it, its appearance can constantly change and surprise you.


When it comes to working out, breathable fabric is crucial. Breathability refers to the way a material can absorb moisture and allow it to quickly evaporate. This helps keep athletes, or anyone for that matter, chafe-free and comfortable even when working up a sweat. With a cooling item that requires moisture to activate, breathability might seem contradictory.

It makes perfect sense. The absorption of moisture allows it to circulate within the Mission Multi-Cool. This will absorb any sweat, regardless of how you are using it. The water will keep you cool without dripping onto you, so the Mission Multi-Cool feels more like relief than it does a wet towel.

The superior absorption works to both retain moisture and keep you dry. Reviewers were wild about how they didn’t have to worry about sweat running into their eyes or down their backs. This was a great companion for staying cool without having to fuss with a cooling towel. Adding another layer can seem like a silly way to get relief but sports sleeves prove that to be true.

At its core, the Mission Multi-Cool is an incredibly absorbent cooling product that will exceed most expectations. The material functions similarly to high performance running shorts, allowing air and moisture to pass through consistently during your workout.


Many people don’t like chemical cooling products with impermanent cooling solutions. The problem is, a lot of those same people also don’t like the mechanical activation that non-chemical cooling products require. Though chemical solutions may be faster, they can stop working after a certain amount of time.

Mechanical activation isn’t much work and it is relatively easy to do, but, understandably, some don’t want to go through the process. For the Mission Multi-Cool, all that you have to do is wet it extremely liberally, wring it out, and snap it three times. The cooling will be instant and provide much-needed relief. Though it can work for up to two hours, reactivation is going to have to happen more frequently in certain weather.

In very dry heat, it may only last up to an hour. If you are planning on hiking or going on a long bike ride and you have a limited amount of water, mechanical activated products like the Mission Multi-Cool might not be feasible. Being rewet and snapped is the way to keep the cooling going all day and without access to extra water that can be tricky. The convenience of a product that only needs water to bring your body temperature down is still pretty high.


Unlike other Mission products, the Mission Multi-Cool had some complaints about durability. It is unclear if this had to do with strain on the material from securing it in different ways, or if it was an issue of the product’s integrity. Reviewers said there were some threads loose on it and some even claimed theirs ripped, though it doesn’t have seams to rip at.

This is an incredibly affordable multifunctional item, which may have to do with a slightly lower standard of quality than more expensive items from the line. Regardless, most of the reviews were completely positive about the Mission Multi-Cool. This is a seamless design, so it is unclear where there may have been splits or loose threads.

Polyester is amazing for durability and really will stand the test of time. Frequent use and washing don’t degrade materials like polyester. Even if you are consistently wearing the Mission Multi-Cool, it will work like the first day you got it. That is one of the wonders about mechanical activation. It is intertwined with the fabric itself to ensure it won’t fail you when you need it the most.


This super stretchy and soft polyester blend feels like an angel’s touch against the skin. Polyester can stand up to extensive washing. When stretched it quickly returns to its previous shape. That means this won’t take on the shape of however you wore it last.

Part of the problem with a lot of multifunctional garments is that once you style it a certain way, the fabric seems to remember it. That means it can get stretched out or pulled and not only look bad in other positions but not be as effective. Constant contact with the skin is important for cooling comfort. If parts of the Mission Multi-Cool are loose and strained due to how it was worn, it holds back its ability to stay in contact.

Being both chemical-free and anti-microbial, this fabric goes above and beyond similar options for quick-cooling. Those who no longer want to rely on artificial means to endure the heat will appreciate the radiator-like design of the fabric. Plus, this is sure to be the most supple one of your outdoor or workout accessories!

Odor Control

Anything that you’re going to be sweating in is going to have an unpleasant odor after wear. That is unless it actively combats that odor. Mission tried to do just that with the Mission Multi-Cool multifunctional neck gaiter.

Bacteria is one of the leading cause of bad smells in clothing. To cut back on bacteria, moisture and heat should be reduced. Since this is frequently moist, it can be hard to keep it smelling at least decent after wearing. Mission uses antimicrobial material to ensure that it won’t stink up your bag or car after only a few wears.

If you sweat profusely and are wearing the Mission Multi-Cool during an outdoor job or activity, it will absorb the sweat and sometimes the smells that come with it. It can be quickly washed with water on the go if you find yourself having a problem with odor. The lovely thing is it won’t retain those smells and ruin the material.

Size Inclusive

A huge bummer about the Mission Multi-Cool is the size of it. A lot of wearers said that it didn’t comfortably fit their neck and they couldn’t wear it as a face mask due to the size. While I can understand a one-size-fits-all product for something like this, not everyone has the same dimensions above the shoulders either.

Bodybuilders who frequently lift weights may not be able to fit this on their neck. Heavyset people may also struggle. Both of these groups have a neep for cooling products. It is always frustrating when a one-size-fits-all product doesn’t even fit most. If you don’t struggle with other neck gaiters or caps then the Mission Multi-Cool is unlikely to give you sizing issues.

A lot of fitness wear tends to be size exclusive, with the emergence of larger items for larger bodies only becoming commonplace in recent years. Designers for brands should consider some alternate sizing when making a one-size-fits-all product that all kinds of people can benefit from. There are a few larger towels on the market, such as this one.


This is part of the Mission Max cooling line, and it utilizes the same technology that the rest of these fantastic products do. Their material is patent-pended to provide awesome cooling to those in need. The Mission Multi-Cool boasts that it can reduce the body’s temperature up to thirty percent!

Moisture and perspiration get sucked into the core of the fabric on the Mission Multi-Cool. From there, the inner part of the fabric allows the moisture to circulate, creating a cold sensation when against the skin. Re-wetting and snapping this versatile neck gaiter can reinvigorate the cooling so you can go all day.

In contrast to other cooling towels or neck gaiters, this stays soft wet and dry. A lot of cooling towels get almost a sticky feel. When they dry they are almost crunchy. Neither of these textures feels good against the skin. That is why the Mission Multi-Cool’s soft fabric is so important. Unlike other brands where cooling is the only benefit, you also get the soft touch of high-quality fabric.

UPF Protection

One of the benefits to this being worn so many ways is that the UPF protection can make it a whole new product. If you wear it as a headscarf or face mask, you can protect yourself from discomfort and burning. SPF has to be constantly reapplied and it also has a waiting period before it is active.

That means when you’re relying on sunscreen by itself, you have to be both prepared to spend time in the sun up to thirty minutes before you do. UPF protection is specifically referring to fabric that blocks out the sun’s harmful rays, and it is instantaneous. This is a great product to keep in your bag or car with a water bottle, just in case.

Hikers or concert-goers will benefit from tucking this into their hydration packs. You don’t have to feel greasy from sunblock but can still protect your sensitive scalp, face, ears, and the back of your neck. This is a must for anyone with sensitive skin who is spending time in the hot sun.


As mentioned, this can be worn so many ways. If you are a burner and attend festivals such as burning man, the beach can become difficult to navigate without protection. With the Mission Multi-Cool multifunctional neck gaiter, you’re able to repel dust and sand. This helps to protect your eyes and your skin.

Not to mention in high heat, it will prevent you from burning or sweat dripping into your eyes during your favorite set. Athletes can use this for literally any sport you could think of. Though it may not be versatile enough to be approved for actual gameplay, these will get you through practice with ease.

Runners will love this for those sweltering days where they have to constantly wipe their eyes on their shoulder to even see straight. Don’t think you have to be athletic to use this either! Yard work is no match for the Mission Multi-Cool. Whatever you’re choosing to do once you put this on, you’ll have a fantastic time doing it without the worry of getting overheated.

Bottom Line

This 12-in-1 item is one that won’t soon be forgotten. Its amazing cooling capacity can bring your body temperature down at a maximum of thirty degrees. It only comes in one size, which is disappointing, but its versatility gives it an edge above other neck gaiters or cooling towels. Perfect for festival-goers, cyclists, and runners, there is no way to wear the Mission Multi-Cool wrong.

Its patented material wicks away moisture while circulating it within the fabric. This offers fantastic cooling even in the hottest weather. The mechanical activation just requires a few steps until you’re ready to take on the world! Not all buyers were convinced of its durability, but its inexpensive price ensures you’ll get your money’s worth very quickly. If you can’t decide between a cooling cap, gaiter, or towel this incorporates all of them and more!