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Being in the hot sun can be tough with or without a helmet. Products like the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner alleviate unpleasant perspiration and overheating. Even when wearing it on the hottest of days, it instantly cools on contact. Anyone who wants to stop sweat dripping into their eyes when they’re enduring the heat will relish in the cooling sensation of this liner. From the mountains to the mat, Mission has you covered.

With UPF protection, you can say bye-bye to a red, hot scalp from the sun. Cooling towels aren’t the most convenient but the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner certainly is! Some felt its relief was too temporary but this will cool for as long as you’re prepared to reactivate it for. Also, the snug fit allows it to be perfectly tucked under your favorite cap or a necessary helmet anyway! Start saving money on sunblock and personal fans by taking home this liner.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Proprietary Weave

Durable Polyester

Hollow-Core Technology


30 Degrees of Cooling

Slim Fit


May Run Tight

Dries Quickly Without Helmet


This slim-fitting cooling cap won’t be center stage when you’re wearing your other headgear. It rests comfortably under ball caps and helmets, making you feel cooler and more carefree without bulking up your look. That being said, the style of the actual Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner can vary.

It doesn’t always have the same logo decals and placement. That means you can’t get a solid idea of what the product will look like before buying. If you are using this for its advertised purpose, this won’t matter as much. For those who are planning on wearing the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner by itself, they may be wary to buy a product without one set design.

Since this works fabulously by itself, its understandable if buyers are unsure of taking the plunge without definite information about its appearance. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is much more about function than fashion though and its benefits greatly outweigh any inconsistencies with the style.


While this usually refers to the ability for fabrics to let moisture pass through them to evaporate, that isn’t really what you want on an item like the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner. Instead of looking to keep you dry, this liner aims to retain moisture. Moisture is what activates its cooling sensation.

The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner holds onto moisture for as long as possible to deliver longer-term cooling. While it wasn’t necessarily breathable due to this aspect of its design, it did serve some of the same functions a breathable cap would. When riding or even playing a game of tennis, excess perspiration can drip into eyes.

This not only burns but can distort your vision, distracting you from the game and making it harder to keep up. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner absorbs sweat before it ever makes it to your eyes. So it absorbs where you need it most without letting it evaporate, which would reduce the cooling sensation.


Being made mostly from polyester fabric, the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is built to last. Polyester is extremely durable with almost no maintenance or upkeep. It simply maintains its integrity through multiple washes and wears.

The polyester of the non-meshed material is blended with spandex for a stretchy but firm feel on the head. For the mesh portion, it is fully polyester. Materials like polyester have incredible endurance. This Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner will outlast many other athletic accessories.

The thermoregulation in the Mission Enduracool Helmet Liner isn’t powered by a special coating on the material. It regulates temperature with built-in technology. This helps it to last longer over time. Degradation, though highly unlikely, wouldn’t affect the overall performance of this product by Mission.


The reviews concerning fit vary but there seemed to be a resizing a couple of years ago which may be responsible for the mixed opinions. Some reviewers thought that this ran very small on their heads. Others said that it comfortably kept their hair out of the way in helmets and caps but the band going around the head was quite snug.

More recent reviews seem to acknowledge that the sizing and design of the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner may have changed. They say that the band around the head is still snug, but the actual cap itself isn’t quite so tight anymore. While this is great for those who complained of a too-tight fit, it may be a problem for people who previously liked how this fit them under helmets and caps.

Those who often wore this more incognito thought the slight size change was detrimental to the overall fit. Since these responses to the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner are so varied, one of the only ways to resolve these concerns for yourself is by trying one. This could pose a risk which reading the reviews won’t lessen! Though complaints were in the minority, there were still complaints and they should be taken seriously in the event of a purchase.


Easy-to-use cooling products are always a great find. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is one of those items. Just put any temperature water onto it liberally, wring out, and wear it and it will give you cooling relief. Not having to keep colder water at your fingertips to get the wonderful benefits of the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is a relief.

This can be reused multiple times without losing any of its effectiveness. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is tough enough to be machine washed. When you’re dealing with a fabric that will be absorbing and wicking away sweat, being easy to care for is a huge bonus. Since it is intended for repeated wetting, wringing, and wearing, it holds up without a hitch when it comes to washing.

This liner can be worn with or without a cap, and since it can fold up to be incredibly small, it is portable as well. This simple addition to your hydration pack before a long ride or your runner's vest can seriously change your whole experience. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner makes it easier to explore the outdoors and have fun while you’re out there.


Previously, the material of the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner was mentioned for their endurance and durability, but that isn’t all this polyester and spandex mash-up excels at. Since this is a cooling cap that is designed to get wet, you may not expect it to be moisture-wicking. This will, in fact, wick away sweat, even when using water to cool your head down.

The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner won’t keep you dryer, like much moisture-wicking, is intended to do. What it does do is provide a more pleasant experience when wearing the cap. Sweat won’t drip down into your eyes and burn while you’re doing a long-distance run or ride. For athletes who need to wear helmets, it can be downright impossible to wipe the moisture away from the eyes when you’re intensely sweating.

Proprietary weave on the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner sucks up moisture in the actual threading. The polyester helps to bring moisture away from the skin without evaporating it, as well. Athletes will love this Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner for a big game. The slight stretch around the band is intended to make it easier to get on and off, even when wet. Though there were complaints about just how snug this fit, the mesh and breathable polyester keep it feeling light despite its tightness.

Temperature Regulation

This Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner has one huge star of its features and that is the temperature regulation. What the brand advertises as thermoregulation is just a fancy way to say that this can keep you cool during intense heat. Just wetting it with any temperature of water activates its cooling properties.

Keeping you up to 30 degrees cooler, the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner can switch up the usual complaints during a workout. Since it protects against the sun, added irritation from overexposure won’t increase how hot you feel either. Some reviews did question the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmer Liner’s long-term effectiveness, however.

Though the response to this product was predominantly positive, some reviewers had less than positive things to say about it. It was thought that it dried too quickly, despite having special fabric to slow the process of evaporation. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner has a hollow-core construction to better spread water throughout the liner.

Their proprietary weave spreads out the moisture so you can get an even cooling sensation. The problem was that in very high heat, some reviewers felt that the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner couldn’t keep up. It kept them cool temporarily but quickly dried. This was more a problem for people wearing this without a cap or helmet.

UPF Protection

Though this is advertised as a helmet liner, many people use the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner as a cap on its own. It is less hands-on than a cooling towel and it is incredibly easy to use. One benefit that might not occur to prospective customers is that it also protects from the sun. With everything the world now knows in regards to the sun's rays and the damage that can come from them, the scalp is a frequently neglected area.

It is generally taking a huge amount of the sun in more than any part of your body. While sunscreen can be easily applied to the face and neck, physical coverage is best for the head. Sports sleeves with UPF protection are common, caps are much less sought out. The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner has 50 UPF. This makes it ready to protect you even on the brightest summer days.

If you’re wearing this sans a helmet, that means not only does it protect the scalp, an area often neglected, but it keeps the sweat out of your eyes while doing so. Giving you a cooling blast of moisture while also protecting your skin is the 1-2 punch that this mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner boasts. You can have fun in the sun without the stress!


Compared to other accessible helmet liners, the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is about 25 percent more expensive. That being said, it is also one of the few reputable name-brand options that are still affordable. It may seem high when contrasted against similar price points, but it isn’t high considering the vast range of pricing for liners.

The Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is machine-washable and durable, so it will stand the test of time. The price is more than reasonable when you start comparing prices with other items of the same quality. Overall, if you want to get a great deal but aren’t sure if you want to take the plunge with a 25 dollar or more option, this Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is a sensible pick.


There is nothing you can’t do in the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner. If you aren’t wearing helmets or a cap when active, this can be just as effectively worn on its own. Reviews loved this even for just days spent working outside. Once dry, it is soft and supple, making it pleasant even if you can’t replenish its moisture.

In the case of being unable to rewet it, the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner is still incredibly effective at protecting from the sun and moisture-wicking. That means you won’t be pouring sweat and can remain at ease even without additional wetting. Keeping you comfortable means helping you reach your full potential athletically. If you have never tried a cooling product such as this but are looking for ways to make the heat more bearable, you have to give the Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner a shot.

Bottom Line

With so many cooling products out there, it can be hard to find one that works for you. Since helmets often make us unable to use cooling towels to the fullest extent, products like this Mission Enduracool Cooling Helmet Liner are an absolute must. Its proprietary weave sucks up and traps in moisture for extended cooling. The polyester and spandex material, complimented by polyester mesh, is durable and strong for the toughest wear. While it may dry somewhat quickly when not being worn under anything, it is still a fantastic product at its price point.