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If you've exhausted yourself searching for an organic and power-packed energy chew, ProBar Bolt could be it. With a blend of electrolytes and vitamins, the ProBar Bolt Energy Chews work to replenish the essentials that your body loses during a workout. Its refreshing and sweet taste comes second only to the energy it provides. 

ProBar Bolt uses complex carbohydrates to provide long-lasting and intense boosts. They are not suitable for a meal replacement or a nutritional supplement, however. They are intended only as just power-ups.

These energy chews contain caffeine derived from the yerba mate and complex carbohydrates for a well-founded energy boost. And, as a bonus, they're completely gluten-free and fat-free!

On top of all that, they come in a wide range of flavors. They're convenient and suitable for most diets, including those limited by allergies to wheat, dairy, or poultry. Once you give them a try, they are sure to become a staple in your routine.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gluten-Free
  • USDA Organic
  • Vitamins B and C
  • Electrolytes
  • Made With Superfruits
  • Great Taste/Texture
  • Not A Meal Replacement
  • Mainly Complex Carbohydrates


These ProBar Bolt energy chews are fantastic for sustained energy but they have an unexpected added short term boost. Not only are these filled with complex carbohydrates to keep you going all day, but they also have caffeine to jump-start your energy. The caffeine sensitive need not fear, these contain less caffeine than the average decaffeinated brew.

The caffeine in this ProBar Bolt is derived from organic yerba mate, a member of the holly genus. The 20 milligrams of caffeine help provide that initial surge of motivation to tackle your day. Thanks to its source and the low amount, you can have it all without feeling like you just drank jet fuel.

Excessive use of yerba mate is warned about due to some links to certain cancers but some use is beneficial. It helps provide mental clarity and energy and is filled with antioxidants. ProBar Bolt has just enough yerba mate to boost its health benefits to you and your workout.

For those trying to avoid caffeine completely, ProBar Bolt has two flavors that don’t contain any. Both the orange and strawberry contain no caffeine. The ProBar Bolt is perfect for if you normally get anxious jitters or an upset stomach from caffeine.


With so many fad diets being talked about and heralded that cut-out carbohydrates completely, carbohydrates have gotten a bad rap. Many associate carbohydrates with energy crashes and weight gain. In moderation, carbohydrates are a healthy part of any diet and ProBar Bolt utilizes them as such.

ProBar Bolt uses complex carbohydrates for long term energy. Instead of crashing after eating these chews made of mostly carbohydrates, you have sustained energy. Every five chews have 24 grams of carbohydrates just waiting to fuel your next run or bike ride.

Since this has no fiber, it won’t keep you from being hungry for really long periods, despite the more complex carbs. Not to worry, these come with two servings of five chews each which can be spread out throughout your day. Complex carbohydrates in the ProBar Bolt will prevent a debilitating crash. Helping you perform your best while eating them.


So many reviewers loved the ProBar Bolt for being mess-free and convenient. These are perfect to use as a supplemental pick me up on long, active days. Thanks to the package being divided into two servings, you can space out your chews or eat multiple in a sitting. Each package contains ten chews, with five chews being a serving size.

These didn’t leave any mess or residue on anyone’s hands. Reviewers said the ProBar Bolt was able to be eaten in freezing temperatures, without the chews becoming hard and frozen themselves. The textured remained soft and chewy, making it easy to eat at any temperature, at any time. These are compact enough to fit in a running belt as well!

While a lot of energy chews can cause some cottonmouth from the sugar content, the ProBar Bolt does not. Reviewers said it didn’t make their mouths dry to munch on these. Their small packaging makes them perfect for taking with you on a run. Their compact size and individual chew portions create a convenient option for anyone who likes to move.


When it comes to complex carbohydrates, sometimes it can be difficult to avoid gluten. People with celiac disease or gluten sensitivities have to be extremely careful with what they eat. When foods don’t directly contain gluten, they can often be made where gluten is also handled. This can pose too great a risk for many trying to avoid it.

Gluten generally comes from certain wheat products. Using tapioca, the ProBar Bolt avoids gluten entirely. They consider dietary restrictions in many ways, this being just one of them. Since gluten can cause bloat and pain due to the inability of the intestine to absorb it, athletes with sensitivities to it are careful to avoid it. Tapioca is derived from the cassava root and is pure starch, with no other substantial nutritional value.

ProBar Bolt Energy Chews realize that carbohydrates are the body’s biggest source of energy, they just avoid using the gluten-filled options. Tapioca is lacking in fiber, an undigestible form of carbohydrates, making the ProBar Bolt virtually fiber-free. Don’t forget to get your daily fiber from other sources because the ProBar Bolt does not provide it.

Fat Content

One of the things that are most impressive about delicious fruit snacks is that they almost never contain fat. That is why you will see big name candies advertising themselves as fat-free right on the front of the packaging. Considering this, it isn’t too surprising that these delicious, fruity energy chews contain no fat at all.

If you’re trying to keep your fat intake low, the ProBar Bolt Energy Chews are a dream. Energy chews are a fantastic fat-free alternative to grain bars. When people are looking for complex carbohydrates, they will frequently go for whole grain options. These tend to contain higher fat for flavor or have healthy fats from nuts or nut butter.

Sweet, fruity gels don’t need added fats for flavor. They also don’t contain any common allergens if you have restrictions, being mostly made up of fruit and tapioca. These are a versatile energy-boosting alternative to other complex carbohydrates.


Since these are made from tapioca and fruit, they all have strictly fruit flavors. Not only is the type of flavor contained, but the range of them as well. These come in Berry Blast, Orange, Raspberry, Strawberry, and Pink Lemonade.

As previously mentioned, the Orange and Strawberry flavors of the ProBar Bolt do not contain any caffeine, something to consider when deciding which flavor is for you. All of their yummy flavors get superpowered with a combination of superfoods! They all contain pomegranate, acai, and blueberry powders to give a deeper flavor profile and added nutritional benefits.

Reviewers loved the flavors of the ProBar Bolt. They thought they were reminiscent of high-quality gummy bears. Being organic and packed with complex carbs, these eat like an indulgence without any crash. The flavors were sweet without being overly sweet.

Some reviewers did think the Raspberry went a bit overboard in terms of its sugary taste. The favorite flavor of the ProBar Bolt seemed to be the Strawberry and Berry Blast. While you may expect a tangy twinge in the Orange energy chew, it didn’t provide the same kind of bite other orange flavors do.

Meal Replacement

For the price, you may hope that these can be a meal replacement but they don’t provide adequate nutrition or calories to be one. Each package contains only 180 calories in total, with that making up two servings of the ProBar Bolt Energy Chews. 48 grams of complex carbohydrates alone and less than ten percent of the daily value of multiple essential vitamins are not enough to sustain the body.

The ProBar Bolt Energy Chews need to be used before, during, and occasionally after, a workout as a supplement or to stave off energy crashing when you’re unable to eat. Some reviewers said they bring these along to work when they miss breakfast or have to stay late. Others love them for long hikes, runs or bike rides.

Since these are so easy to eat, you can be doing virtually anything while enjoying ProBar Bolt Energy Chews. Most people know what their body needs but it can be common to see skipping meals and replacing them with subpar alternatives. These are fantastic if used as they are intended but they are not sufficient in providing long term nutrition. Electrolytes do help to replace those expelled by the body but that is more of a quick fix than an adequate dietary addition.


It can be hard to find products that are certified organic. Chewy fruit treats often are stamped with labels loudly proclaiming that they are “natural” or “healthy” without much information on where and how the ingredients are sourced. Organic standards are different all over the world but getting the organic stamp of approval always means that the product came from produce that was organically farmed.

ProBar Bolt Energy Chews get their fruit from farms that avoid harmful pesticides and genetic modification. Being organic doesn’t change much in terms of health benefits but it helps to quell the fears many have with food industry distrust. So much distrust in the food industry due to a lack of transparency makes the organic stamp of approval mean much more to consumers.


When first checking out the unit price of the ProBar Bolt, some may be a little put-off. For something that can’t be a proper meal substitute, the price can seem high. There are some factors to consider when assessing their value to the average person trying to get active.

These may not be a perfect breakfast or lunch food but they are in no way expendable to people who live very active lifestyles. With long term physical activity, you need a way to keep yourself going and that often can’t be a full meal. Many protein bars cost less per unit than a packet of ProBar Bolt Energy Chews.

What isn’t immediately obvious though is that each pack has two full servings. Protein bars usually have one serving per package. The price is more comparable and makes more sense when you consider these to be a super concentrated energy boost that won’t be eaten as a meal. Most won’t be using these as a daily meal replacement or supplement, which slows down how quickly you consume them.


Though these do have some added vitamins, there are a few important ones completely missing. Per serving, there is no calcium, which helps muscles contract, letting you get the most out of your movements. These have no Iron or Vitamin A either. Vitamin A helps to maintain the immune system. In short, you may want to grab a multivitamin if you feel you're lacking key nutrients.

They do however have B complexes, which are great for energy and focus. 100 percent of your daily B12 and B6 is in every five Energy Chews, which is equivalent to one serving. ProBar Bolt Energy Chews also contains 100 percent of your daily Niacin, also known as B3. Beware, excessive Niacin can cause you to flush, so don’t get caught up and start eating these like gummies! These can nourish you on long hikes or just a long day.

Half of your daily Vitamin C is in the ProBar Bolt Energy Chews. Vitamin C is used in many of our functions and helps our bodies in a myriad of ways. It helps to grow and repair tissue, as well as helps the body absorb Iron, which you would have to get from another source. Overall, this does have some important nutrition but don’t rely on ProBar Bolt Energy Chews to make a complete, healthy diet.

Bottom Line

Superfruits help make the ProBar Bolt Energy Chews delicious but these are more than just great tasting. When you get a lag in your energy for the day, these energy chews can put the pep right back in your step. With complex carbohydrates making them perfect for long physical activities, ProBar Bolt Energy Chews make sure to keep you going.

Yerba mate provides an initial jump start to your workout in all flavors except for the Orange and Strawberry. These are not well-rounded enough to be a regular meal replacement but they work wonderfully as a supplement to an already balanced diet. Try one of the refreshing flavors of these chewy energy chews on your next hike and you will feel and taste the difference.