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Whether you’re an active person or not, you can always benefit from extra protein in your diet. The Think protein bars are gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, Kosher, and free from added sugars. Not to mention, they are high in protein, delivering twenty grams for the perfect energy boost.

No Cow is dedicated to only using the best ingredients possible when making their products. When you see a product marked with “vegan”, “gluten-free”, etc, you can rest assured that the food is a lot safer and healthier for you than some competitors.

These bars are great for people who are passionate about fitness, against animal-cruelty, have sensitivities to gluten, soy, or dairy, and those who live a vegan lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for a meal replacement, a healthy and convenient snack on-the-go, or an after workout rejuvenation, you can reach for a No Cow protein bar.

In the variety pack, you get ten bars per box and there are four flavors to choose from. These flavors include Brownie Crunch, Chocolate Fudge, Chunky Peanut Butter, and Creamy Peanut Butter.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Good price comparatively

High in protein

Kosher and Vegan




Can melt during shipping

Taste isn’t for everyone


Lizanne Falsetto is the busy single mom entrepreneur who founded Think!. Lizanne’s passion for eating healthily led to her discovery that it is possible to create foods that are delicious and support the wellness of your overall health. To this day, the company eats, sleeps, and breathes Lizanne’s passion for not only eating well but also living and feeling well too.

Think passionately supports its consumers’ wellness by providing the best nutrition possible. They believe that it is nourishment which helps to fuel your greatest accomplishments in life. Thinks’ team is consistently watching trends in the market and coming up with new ideas to give you the best mixture of ingredients for impressive texture, taste, and value.

Every day of every year, Think is putting in the work required to continue keeping up with the times to always offer protein-rich, flavorful food that happens to also be good for you because they know that it requires perseverance and energy in order to reach your goals. When you nourish yourself and eat healthily, that’s when you’re likely to feel your best. That’s why you should reach for a Think bar when you’re ready to tackle a big day or project!


People reach for protein bars a lot, even though they’re not better tasting than the unhealthy options. Why is this? Protein is worth it. It is what can help keep you fueled all day by sustaining your energy. It is digested slowly, giving your body energy while it is doing so. The Think protein bars each contain twenty grams of protein.

If you get a pang of hunger in between meals, need something to grab after a workout, or are just looking for a boost of energy, protein bars are a great solution. Not only will they give you energy and help you keep it but they can also assist you with your weight loss efforts when paired with daily exercise and a balanced diet.

Protein preserves your lean muscle mass, which will improve your metabolic rate. Digesting carbohydrates doesn’t take a lot of energy, but it does take a considerable amount in order to digest protein. This will boost your body’s capability of burning calories.

It’s obvious that if a bar can help you to feel fuller, longer, then it will be easier to say no to the typical temptations you have between meals. You don’t even really need to have a reason to start eating protein bars regularly. They can be consumed simply for their convenience or their taste, but you’ll be doing your body a favor at the same time. It’s a win, win.


The market is littered with products today that are stuffed with unnecessary, and quite frankly, unhealthy ingredients. Think, on the other hand, decided to keep it simple with their ingredients and only utilize the best. Instead of opting for ingredients that have been modified in laboratories, they choose ingredients provided directly from Mother Nature. Remember, it is your body that you’re putting these products into, and this body is the only one that you get. You want to know that you’re not harming it.

To be considered vegan, every portion of every product needs to come completely from nature. Think’s protein bars are considered a vegan option. Typically, when companies are on a mission to create a product that is vegan while still being able to deliver on taste and texture, people shake their heads. No one believes it’s possible to make vegan food taste anywhere near as good as processed foods.

Think took on the challenge, and they delivered. It may be difficult to accomplish the good taste along with the good nutrients, but Think nailed it with these protein bars. Of course, everyone has different tastes and preferences, so they’re not for everybody.


If a product that you grab off the shelf in the grocery store is labeled ‘Non-GMO’ it means that the product does not contain any ingredients that have been genetically modified in a laboratory. Why do you care? Because there are numerous environmental and health-related risks associated with ingesting products that contain GMOs.

Companies commonly use genetical modification in the production of products in the commercial field, but most often, it is used in the production of food products. Companies like to use GMOs because they believe they will help enhance the foods’ resistance to certain diseases, improve the nutritional level of the food, help crop yields increase, and to forcefully create desired traits in certain animal species. GMOs have been proven unsafe, though.

Foods that contain GMOs have been linked to a number of diseases and conditions such as cancer, infertility, gastrointestinal disorders, and even organ damage. GMO containing foods also are known to have a much higher concentration of chemicals and pesticides. A large number of people are becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies, and because of this, GMOs are finding that they are being shoved out of the door.

One more thing that non-GMO products can help with is decreasing or deleting your symptoms for some conditions. You’ll notice a difference once you’ve begun eating non-GMO products that don’t contain any growth hormones or antibiotics that have been injected into animal foods. These injections can cause your body damage and even weaken your defenses against germs and viruses.


There was a time when no one even knew what gluten was. Now all of a sudden, everyone believes that they are intolerant of it. Most of these people are misled and/or mistaken. Only one percent of the population is actually sensitive to gluten products. If you do happen to be part of that one percent, these bars are safe for you.

Even if you’re not somebody who is sensitive to or intolerant of gluten, you can still reap the rewards of living a life without consuming gluten-containing products. When you eat less or no gluten, your good cholesterol levels will start to improve. It’s important to have that good cholesterol. If you have, instead, a buildup of bad cholesterol, you are more likely to develop serious health risks such as a heart attack or a stroke.

If you reduce your intake of products that contain gluten, you will improve your digestive health, increase your energy levels and endurance, and be encouraged to give up processed and otherwise unhealthy foods from your diets such as desserts, oils, bread, and fried foods.

Vegetables and fruits will be more appealing to you when you begin eating less gluten because they are gluten-free and easily prepared (sometimes there isn’t any preparation) and extremely convenient to snack on. You’ll reduce your risk of developing certain cancers, diabetes, and even heart disease. You’ll even build up your body’s defenses against germs and viruses because you’ll eat more minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Kosher means fit, or proper, according to Jewish (Torah) law. When food, or any product, is labeled ‘Kosher’, this means that the product is suitable for use or consumption. An important standard for Kosher food is that the dairy and meat products must remain separate at all times, both during preparation and consumption. In order for your preparation to be Kosher, your dishes, utensils, preparation areas, and cookware must have both meat and dairy assigned items.

In order for any product to be Kosher certified, every single ingredient or component must be compliant with Kosher standards. Torah law dictates that only meat which comes from game and cattle that chew the cud and have split hooves is allowed to be consumed. If an animal meets of these requirements but not the other, it is not permitted to be consumed in a Kosher diet. Some Kosher animals are sheep, lambs, cows, goats, veal, and springbok.

Torah law also claims that an animal which qualifies as Kosher must be killed by a specific slaughterer. Jewish law does not permit one to cause pain to the animals, and this includes the butchering process. The animals must be killed in a humane manner which makes them lose consciousness instantly and pass away quickly after. Think protein bars are Kosher.

Satisfaction Guarantee

An important thing to look for when you’re shopping for any product from any company is a money-back guarantee. If you have no guarantee of a refund then it’s pretty risky to purchase the product. There is no need to worry with a Think bar, though. There is a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied and would like to request a replacement or refund, all you have to do is reach out.

Start the exchange or refund process as soon as you possibly can. You’ll want to include your packing slip in the package with your item, as well as your reason for return/exchange written on the back of the slip. Make sure the package is sealed securely and send it to the address that comes on your shipping label.

If you have misplaced your packing slip, simply write your reason for the return, your name, your email address, and your phone number on a slip of paper and include it inside the package. It is recommended that you use FedEx or UPS for shipments. Upon receipt, your card will be credited for the cost of the product and taxes. The cost of shipping will not be refunded unless the return is due to an error by Think.

Bottom Line

There are so many reasons for people to be flocking towards protein bars. Not only does protein give your body the energy it needs, but the bars typically contain a lot of other great nutrients as well. The Think protein bars are even vegan, free of gluten, non-GMO, Kosher approved, and has no added sugar. Almost all diets will allow a protein bar of this kind to be consumed.

The ingredients that these bars contain are a protein blend of calcium caseinate, soy protein isolate, and whey protein isolate, as well as maltitol syrup, water, vegetable glycerin, cocoa butter, almond butter, chocolate, alkalized cocoa, sunflower oil, sodium caseinate, lecithin, tapioca starch, natural flavor, salt, and milk fat. For your safety: This product contains soy, milk, and tree nuts. It is made in a factory which processed peanuts, other tree nuts, and eggs.

Even if you don’t require a special diet, your body can benefit from all that these bars have to offer. Grab a bar to replace a meal when you’re in a hurry or dieting or use it as a pre or post-workout boost of energy. Either way, make sure that you combine the bars with a balanced diet and daily exercise.

Offered at a reasonable price with a money back guarantee, what do you have to lose? Your body will thank you if you give it a shot.