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Best Gore-Tex Boots Reviewed WalkJogRunBuying Guide
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Best Gore-Tex Hiking Boots Reviewed
If you love to hike, stroll, or just communing with nature, you understand the value of investing in a pair of reliable boots. Nobody wants to return from a hike with stinky sweat-soaked feet. Likewise, you also don’t want to book a manicure after each excursion because of blisters. You need depen...
best choices for water proof hiking shoes offering top comfort, support, lots of durability and waterproof.Buying Guide
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Best Waterproof Hiking Shoes Reviewed
Shoes are the most important gear to a hiker. You will need the right footwear, whether you’re scrambling through mountain ridges, gullies, or weaving your way through groomed trails. If you don’t have the right pair, then you’re only setting yourself up for failure. The waterproof hiking shoes fe...
Best Thermal Underwear Reviewed and RatedBuying Guide
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Best Thermal Underwear Reviewed and Rated
Thermal underwear or thermals may come as an afterthought to most people. However, its usefulness is apparent when you take to the road, go hiking, or camping in the dead cold of November. Selecting the right pair of thermals can be challenging with such a wide variety of unfamiliar options. There...
Best Men's Underwear for Running, quality and very good comfort.Buying Guide
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Best Men's Underwear for Running Reviewed
The right undergarment is supposed to offer adequate protection and comfort. When you engage in highly intensive activities like sprinting, you need something that enhances those features as well as preventing chafing. Men’s underwear for running do this and so much more to improve your workout exper...
an in depth review of best knee sleevesBuying Guide
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Best Knee Compression Sleeve Reviews
If you love getting out there to pound the pavement every chance that you can get, you may be more prone to develop something called runner’s knee. This condition arises when your joints are under prolonged stress, and it sends radiating pain signals to your brain suggesting that you take it easy. ...
An In Depth Review of the Best Five Ten Shoes in 2018Buying Guide
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Best Five Ten Shoes Reviewed & Rated for Durability
If you're an extensive Adidas fan you may have noticed they had a "new" collection back in 2011, the Five Ten line. Every pair is specially made for activities like cycling, running and climbing to not only defend you from any outside sources (like sharp rocks) but to also ensure that you always have...
An in depth review of the best mountaineering boots of 2018Buying Guide
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Best Mountaineering Boots Reviewed & Rated
In mountaineering, one of the original extreme sports, summiting sometimes seems like everything. But you know better. Maybe you’re climbing a ‘small’ local mount over a day or two, maybe you’ve spent the last year planning your approach to K2, or maybe it’s something in between - Rainier to Denali o...
An in depth review of the best climbing shoes of 2018Buying Guide
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Best Climbing Shoes Reviewed & Rated
Are you someone who’s always looking for their next adventure? If yes, then we’re sure that you’ve either considered climbing, or are even an experienced climber eager to reach new heights. The sport, however, requires more than sheer will to push yourself harder and further - one of the most importa...
climbing shoesBuying Guide
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Best Climbing Shoes for Women Reviewed
If you're one who loves adventure and the great outdoors, then climbing is the sport for you. With tons of benefits you are able to reap from it, women of all ages will get the body they want and gain ultimate health with the help of climbing. The fresh air, sun-kissed skin… What's not to love? But o...
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An In Depth Review of the UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 in 2019
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UltrAspire Alpha 3.0 Review
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Long runs are hard on the body. They burn a lot of energy, so it’s imperative that you replenish your energy stores and stay hydrated. In addition, you need to keep all your necessities with you. For instance, your phone for music or emergencies, a windbreaker in case it gets cold, etc. That’s why hy...
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An In Depth Review of the Vuori Kore Shorts in 2019
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Vuori Kore Shorts Review
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Vuori, meaning mountain, may be lesser known but they will get as big as their name suggests. The brand wants to evoke the feeling you get when you conquer a climb. The Kore short is loved for being versatile and ultra-cozy. It is made to withstand any and all athletic activities. Vuori's Kore is the...
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