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Founded by the brother of Adi Dassler, the brain behind Adidas, Puma is a German company that pays close attention to the sportswear industry and its needs. This is due in part to the famous rivalry between Adi and Rudolf. The trends of the last few seasons have seen Puma make breathtaking collaborations and essentially reinvent itself as a brand that goes beyond performance. This Incite is the perfect example. Their design is stunning, the mix of shapes and fabrics that come together on this one-of-a-kind upper absolutely exemplifies what a cool sneaker looks like. Its high-performance nature makes it a fast favorite for the masses. Sneaker lovers and athletes alike will immediately be drawn to their interesting, unique, and refreshing design.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Geometric Design Elements
  • Raised Midsole
  • Zoned Rubber Outsole
  • Softfoam+ Foodbed
  • Dynamic Eyelets
  • Padded Collar
  • Unique Mesh Texture
  • Slightly Stiff Outsole
  • No Men's Sizing


For sneaker fans everywhere a unique, aesthetically pleasing shoe can be quite hard to come by. The Incite by Puma is honestly an ethereal find for the average sneakerhead. Geometric overlays come up from the outsole to create an interesting draw for the eye. Similarly, a part of the sole spikes up at the arch in a fluid way up from the rest of the foam molding. Mirrored geometric grooves complement the designs on the upper, creating this outstanding and gorgeous intersection of lines. The eyelets also bend from the norm on the Incite, even they have an element of interest, as the lacing snakes up the upper in a zigzag pattern. Their leaping Puma logo accents the base of the tongue, while the heel boasts their name boldly in contrasting white stitching, matching the tab in front of the shoe.


The Incite has a mesh that differs from most that you see on athletic shoes. Where many sneakers have a tight, untextured mesh, Puma has decided to make their mesh accent the Incite’s already sweet aesthetic. Their mesh lays in a scalloped pattern. Feminine and pretty, these are extremely breathable and light, and they encourage air flow to the foot no matter what activity you may be doing. Their foam soles regulate temperature as well as their upper, and the eyelets are stunningly situated which increases overall airflow throughout the inside of this sharp sneaker by Puma. The Incite’s slogan may insist they want to ignite your fire, but I can assure you this shoe will only be igniting your game, your feet will stay breezy as a spring day.


All we see these days are alarmingly bright athletic sneakers, or staple black, white, and gray options. Having already explained how beautiful these are in both style and construction, it is no surprise they offer them in gorgeous, smooth hues. Blush and pink were incredibly popular color options that emerged a couple years ago, but these are one of the first sophisticated pink performance sneakers I have seen. Though they have options in the more subtle tones, any color you pick pops perfectly on their mesh with its shingled scalloped details. The Incite has the capacity to turn heads and has to be one of the most aesthetically interesting performance Pumas that have been released in recent years. A Puma Formstripe with contrasting lining adorns every color of this shoe as the finishing touch on a visual masterpiece.


Memory foam feels amazing, which is no secret, especially when you’re wearing a shoe that is decked out with it. Luxurious foam on the insole makes this responsive to every strike against the ground when walking and running. The Incite cushions and supports your every step, and the EVA midsole gives another layer of comfort to every wear. Puma’s Incite pads the tongue and collar, and they come up a bit higher than other sneakers with a similar main body, ensuring they don’t hit in a rough spot. Their dynamic lacing gives you a more customized fit, as it stretches across different lengths and spots in the foot more thoroughly than standard lacing. Fabric lining plus the Softfoam+ footbed come together to make this shoe feel like a dream. It doesn’t hurt that it looks like one too.


Just from looking at this, you can tell its construction is well thought out and sturdy, the midsole that comes up a bit higher is almost a driving force through the shoe. Consider it like a pillar for the rest of the shoe to build off of. The toe is guarded a bit with protection that curves up from the outsole and the EVA is much stronger than a vulcanized or multiple piece option. The outsole itself is a rubber which offers amazing traction. Puma’s Incite utilizes a raised heel and a tongue pull tab to decrease strain on the upper itself when pulling this on before lacing. This may not seem like a crucial element for a performance sneaker, but it certainly helps to maintain the shape and seams of the upper.


The shape of the Incite lends to it a sturdy appeal. The problem with this shoe is while it isn’t completely stiff, the Incite also isn’t super flexible. Puma’s Incite is a perfect gym shoe and can hold up really well to a plethora of activities, but if you would prefer something that is very soft and unstructured for maximum flexibility, this isn’t the best choice on the market. Many shoe brands now have specifically flexible lines, which can be awesome as runners and can also meet whatever needs you to have that require a degree of hyperextension in the shoe. That isn’t to say that this shoe is inherently stiff, the way the outsole is made utilizes slits directly into it that increase its movement and keep it comfortably flexing with your feet.


With locked down loops, a great responsive mesh upper, and super effective midsole, this shoe basically has it all. One slight flaw, however, is the way it is constructed kind of removes the wearer from direct contact with the ground. For seasoned athletes with great form, the Puma Incite will only add to their overall performance. Unfortunately, for someone who has not yet developed a strong gait and stance, these can make it slightly difficult to feel when your feet are in the correct position. The support is amazing for your back and legs, but if you are out of touch with where your foot is making contact with the ground, walking or doing particularly balanced activities could be difficult.


So few midsoles are a subject of intrigue. Puma’s Incite has a midsole that does something others don’t. On the incite, the midsole comes up into the center of the shoe. This creates stability for the whole foot. On either side of this raised EVA midsole, there are overlay panels that reinforce the structure and support. It is a really fun looking design regardless of function, but what it adds to the shoe is much comfier wear. The whole show centers around correctly holding your foot in place, it has the dynamic lacing for fit, the raised midsole for stability, the reinforced panels for support. I had mentioned before how the midsole is like a pillar for the rest of the shoe to build itself from, and when you think of how all the elements come together in the Incite, you can see how that is the case.


Not only is this rubber outsole given slits to increase mobility to keep it from being a rigid sole, but it has different textures incorporated to improve function in other ways as well. Zoned rubber is on this outsole, which changes the game for the wearer. Zoned rubber makes quick movements even quicker and gives you leverage when involved in any activity that requires any kind of footwork. The Incite puts it on both the ball of foot area and heel and has a pattern running through the outsole to increase the longevity of their futuristic sole design.

Shock Absorption

With the high rise midsole alone, shock absorption is incredibly improved on the Incite. Add in the fact the outsole isn’t purely EVA like most other lightweight athletic sneakers, and you have a combination that absorbs impact and prevents fatigue and strain for your legs and knees. Getting fit or maintaining a proper workout regimen isn’t supposed to cause pain, even if you want to look good while doing it. No matter your weight, build, or ability level, the Incite will help to diminish and decrease high-intensity impact where it matters the most. If you’re hesitant to work out post-injury, a shoe like this that is incredibly supported is indispensable. The padded tongue and collar come together with the cushioned insole and fully lined insides of the Incite to give an incomparable boost to your foot health and comfort when getting active.

Bottom Line

Puma’s Incite is gorgeous, from top to bottom. Whether you love it for its wildly creative lacing style with a strip for securing them and performance features or its beautiful aesthetics, once you see this shoe in person you will fall in love. This shoe looks like it is from the future, and its features implicate a grand future for performance wear in and of themselves. If you value a shoe with a strong core that is still supple but forgiving of even tough wear, the Incite could very well be one of the most innovative new options around. With so many reasons to love this shoe, it is increasingly difficult to find a single one not to.