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Achieve greatness in the Legend React Running Shoe from Nike.

That’s the tag-line set out for the latest offering from Nike. The Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoe. Released in the summer of 2018, they’re still discussed and bought among the running aficionados.

And that’s the point. The Legend React Running Shoe from Nike are made for running, which means that you can run great distances without noticing that they’re on your feet.

But some of the strengths in the Legend React Running Shoe from Nike are the versatility and the ability to transition this type of sneaker in their everyday life. Whether you’re prepping for your marathon or you’re up on your feet throughout the day, the Legend React Running Shoe from Nike will be there for you to hug and protect your feet.

But if you do choose to buy them for running specifically, there are some amazing things that you need to know about them. Let’s start.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Breathable mesh upper

Lace up entry

Padded ankle collar

Cushioned insole




The outsole of the Legend React Running Shoes is made from increased rubber. It enhances the durability of the midsole and offers an additional dose of comfort to the feet. There are quite noticeable rubber sections at toe and heel as well, and the platform that’s embedded in the outsole is highly regarded for its flexibility by most of the customers who bought this type of sneaker. That particular jolt of flexibility is what helps with the bending of the entire sneaker and thus the need while and it helps with the added comfort of the feet. And for a special touch, the words of the React technology are visibly written to the back of the outsole with big and bold letters. The React word can be found on the back of the outsole, just below the heel, and it just completes the look of the outsole, don’t you think?


The midsole of the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes is contoured and it allows for it to move with you. It also has a springy nature that gives the hoot a god bounce. But do you know what exactly gives the shoe that fantastic bounce? The React foam technology that composes the entire section of the midsole. The cushioning made from the React foam is much softer, lighter and more appreciated by the runners. It’s also covered with soft fabric lining to make extra comfortable and pleasant to the feet. You’ll be able to feel not just the React cushioning in the sneakers, but also the very thin, soft and pleasant to the touch lining of the midsole. It’s precisely this particular cushioning will allow you to run great distances and achieve greatness, as it’s mentioned in the shoe's tagline. You will never get tired of this very comfortable cushioning, even if you decide to purchase these sneakers for your everyday lifestyle. Because who doesn’t want the perks of having a great running shoe, and not actually do that much long distance running? Well, if running on the treadmill at the gym counts great, but if you do choose to run a marathon you’ll be happy that you have these shoes on you, that’s for sure.


If you thought that the midsole is impressive, wait until you read about the great cool features that the upper of Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes has to offer. Where to begin? The upper is made from a nice mix of synthetic and fabric. It feels lightweight and very comfortable oh, and partial bootie offers the much needed strategic support not just for the entire feet, but also for the posture of the body while wearing the Legend React Running Shoes. The upper of the sneakers are made with a round toe design, and the mesh that can be located on parts of the upper provides breathability and ventilation. Those who’ve tried it, have noted the great breathability that this particular shoe has even with a prolonged time running. But that’s the point, isn’t it? Because the Legend React Running Shoes are made primarily for running, the feet get too sweaty, so the breathable mesh is actually perfect.

The inner sleeve of the sneakers provides a snug and very comfortable fit and the special easy pull on tab ads to the comfort and the easement of putting on the shoes and taking them off your feet. You’ll grow to appreciate the pull on tab actually. Over here in the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes it’s the low key star player that helps the running going. The lace up fastening is done in a very minimalistic way. The lace really blends in and match with the color of the upper, and that very recognizable Nike swoosh can be found off both sides of the sneakers. Just to remind you that it’s Nike that you’re wearing.

Oh and the finishing touch to the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are the overlays on both sides of the sneakers. They’re very supportive and quite help with the grip. They also provide the comfortable secure fit of the sneaker when it’s on your feet and they look damn good as well. Part of the overlays secure 2 holes of the laces and they blend beautifully with the rest of the upper, regardless of which color you chose to have in the upper.


The Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are noted for their comfort. They’re made for running so they have to be comfortable from the start all the way to the finish line. However the very base of that comfort is provided from the outsole made from increased rubber and quite the rest of the comfort is the work of the React technology based in the cushioned midsole. The Nike React foam midsole provides soft very springy cushioning, and it bounces back the energy to your feet.


The support is in great part from the chunky rubber outsole, but also from the cushioning in the React foam midsole. Both combined they make the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes to be one of the most supportive shoes for every type of running. Long distance and short. The enhanced outsole adds durability and support, while the midsole made from the React technology supplies the comfort and the stability to the feet. You won’t be able to live without the support that both outsole and midsole give to the lower part of your legs.


Because Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are made for the purpose of running, they’re made to last. The durability of the shoes is high, because of the high dose of technology that’s been put in the bottom part of the sneakers, and the quality of the materials overall. The Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are very durable and can withstand the high pressure of the running.


Just like in the durability department, the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are also quite flexible. It’s all thanks to the chunky but very flexible rubber outsole, the very responsive midsole and the lightweight and very breathable mesh upper. The upper is made from both textile and synthetics and both of those materials are known to be quite useful in providing the flexibility in almost every sneaker, let alone running type of sneakers. The supportive overlays that can be found on the sides of the sneakers, don’t restrict the flexibility of the shoe, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the general flexibility that the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes has to offer.


That chunky rubber outsole that you see on the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes is not put there for nothing. Despite being thick, it’s quite oft and very supportive to the feet. The stability of the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes come from the outsole but also the react cushioning in the midsole and the supportive overlays that hug and protect the feet. They’re located in the upper of the feet and the stability that they provide is significant, despite the fact that they look thin and unimpressive. On contrary. Don’t let the look of the overlays fool you. They’re more than capable to provide stability in every step that you take. You’ll love them with every mile that you run in these sneakers.


Say hello to the great mesh. Seriously. Yes the upper of the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes is made entirely from synthetic and fabric, and both of the materials are good providers of airflow to any shoe. But to the sneakers that are designed for running they’re essential. However, as an added bonus to the airflow feature is the very useful and practical way in which that upper is made. It’s made in a very lightweight and breathable mesh like design that coats the entire upper of the sneakers and allow the feet to breathe during the grueling time spent running in them.


The Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes can be worn on any type of terrain, and they’re not restricted to any type of weather. They’re meant to be worn inside and outside and they’re be durable in any type of weather conditions.


Just like with the terrain, the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes can withstand great deal of traction. The chunky rubber outsole takes care of that, and the ridges especially designed to the bottom of the outsole are there to prevent any slippery incidents that might occur while running.


The Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes is a sneaker with a style. And what’s more brilliant about these type of sneakers is the fact that they’re versatile as well. Yes, they’re running sneakers but the versatility allows you to wear them in your everyday life without any restrictions. They’re sleek with a classic design and the minimalism in the color palette allows you to combine them with several types of sportswear. They do come I variety of color designs and each and every single color choice is carefully selected so satisfy the needs of the very selective runners.

Key features

Nike React foam midsole
Textile construction
Inner sleeve
Padded ankle collar
Lace up fastening
Chunky grip sole

Bottom line

If you’re the running type or at the very least are spending your days active and on the go, the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes are the perfect choice for you. Because they were designed for running, they’re highly flexible and very durable in multiple of weather conditions. The rubber outsole and the cushioned midsole made from the famous React technology gives the shoes their fit, their stability and most of all their comfort even in the most grueling situations. They’re proven to be the best pick for everyone that loves a good running challenge, but they sure make that challenge a little bit easier. The cushioned midsole made from the famed React foam technology helps with the bounce and the return of the energy that’s been given by the running, and your feet will feel rested even after hours and hours spent running. The classic and beautiful design of the Nike Men's Legend React Running Shoes is in high demand, and the versatility that it projects makes them even more desirable in the every category of consumers. Both with the runners and with the everyday regular men that like to be supported by a great shoe on the feet.