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How To Not Crease Shoes: 6 Tips To Prevent Shoe Creases

How To Not Crease Shoes: 6 Tips To Prevent Shoe Creases How To Not Crease Shoes: 6 Tips To Prevent Shoe Creases www.walkjogrun.net

When you purchase a new pair of shoes, the last thing you want is for them to become creased. Preventing a crease in your new shoes may not be as tricky as it sounds.

You can try using crease protectors, a shoehorn, and shoe trees, walking on your heels, buying higher quality shoes made with full or semi cap-toe brogues, and making sure your shoes fit correctly

Although some creasing is inevitable, especially with leather shoes, let’s talk about preventing or decreasing it from happening. 

What causes creasing in shoes?

Creasing in shoes can be caused by poorly fitted shoes. The leather shoes have extra space, which allows for creasing when your feet flex.

This does not mean that your shoes will not crease if your shoes fit properly. But, the tension that your feet put on the leather shoes when they fit decreases noticeable creases

6 ways to stop my shoes from creasing

  1. Use crease protectors – they will help prevent your shoes from bending while you are walking. 
  2. Use a shoe horn to help you put on your shoes.
  3. Use a shoe tree to keep your shoes stretched in-between wears.
  4. Try walking on your heels instead of your toes. 
  5. Buy shoes that are made of higher quality leather and materials and full or semi cap-toe brogues.
  6. Make sure your shoes fit your feet well. 

The quality of the leather that is used to make your shoes will determine how porous, water-resistant, and durable the material is. High-quality leather has more sturdiness and is water-resistant, and is less prone to creasing.

While a lower quality leather may come from the belly of the cow or calf; and this is where the skin is looser and already has creasing. 

Full and semi cap-toe brogue sallows the leather on your shoes to disperse the tension created from wearing your shoes. In contrast, plain or whole cut leather shoes have fewer pieces of leather and experience more creasing. 

Is it possible to not crease shoes?

It is possible not to crease your shoes if you do not wear them. But, considering you came here to know how not to crease your shoes, I am sure you are wearing them or plan to. 

To decrease your chances of creasing in your shoes, you want to make sure they fit your feet comfortably. And they should not be too long. Using a shoehorn to put your shoes on is helpful and when you are not wearing your shoes, use a shoe tree to keep them stretched. 

For your leather sneakers, using a shoe shield will help to prevent you from creasing them. The shoe shields prevent your foot from bending at the toe, in turn preventing shoe creasing. Also known as crease protectors or crease guards, they can be made of plastic or foam.

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It is recommended that you use a shoe shield made of foam if you want to use it while walking. The foam crease guard allows for more comfort. 

Walking on your heels and not your toes are how to walk and not crease shoes. I am sure this can take some getting used to, but it is an effective way to not crease your shoe while walking. 

Do crease protectors work?

Crease protectors work to help prevent creases. This is an effective way of how to not crease shoes while walking, other than walking on your heels.

Crease protectors also help to maintain the shape of your shoes while they are packed for travel. 

How do you make a crease protector?

To make your own shoe crease protectors, you will need the following items:

  • A plastic folder 
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Single hole puncher
  • Pen 
  • Sneakers 

With these items, you are going to make your own DIY shoe guards. 

1stTake your pen and piece of paper, and then draw an outline of the top of your sneaker. 

2nd – Trace a dotted line approximately a ½ inch wider around the outline of the top of the sneaker. 

3rd – Place the paper with the outline drawn on it on top of the plastic folder and cut along the dotted lines. 

4th – Once you have your plastic cutouts, punch holes along the top side of the cutouts to help with the breathability of your crease guards.

The take away

Preventing creases in your shoes may be a challenge, but I hope these 6 tips will prove helpful.

And shoe guards are an inexpensive way to stop your shoes from creasing while walking, during travel, and in-between wears. 


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