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How to Find the Best Zumba Shoes for You

How to Find the Best Zumba Shoes for You How to Find the Best Zumba Shoes for You www.walkjogrun.net

Zumba is a form of cardio exercise that is structured in a dance format. This format is Latin-based and has been modified to suit many groups of people seeking a fun aerobic exercise that gets the heart going.

The difficulty and style of dance are primarily based on the instructor’s style. But, Zumba classes are fun either way and I will help you find the best Zumba shoes for you.

What are Zumba shoes?

When I think of a Zumba shoe, I think of a shoe that is good for dancing. This shoe should give you just enough support to help you comfortably move around the aerobics floor. But, the shoe should not weigh you down. 

These shoes should provide you with the ability to pivot, step, and move to the music across the floor without slippage. And it can be a versatile shoe that you use for other indoor workouts. But, it has been recommended that you do not use your running shoes for Zumba.

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What makes a Zumba shoe different is that it has a more flexible sole or maybe even a split sole. If you have ever taken dance before, you would agree that some of the Zumba shoes look just like shoes that are often used in some dance classes.

This allows you to transition in your steps with ease due to the flexibility of the shoe between the ball and heel of the foot.

Can Zumba be done without shoes? 

Just like many other exercises, Zumba can also be done barefoot or without shoes. This is also dependent on the facility where you are taking Zumba classes. If you are in the comfort of your own home, then you can do whatever you want to basically.

But, you always want to be aware of your surroundings and make sure the surface you are dancing on is clear of any debris that could break your skin or cause injury. 

There are some benefits that go along with exercising, stretching, and dancing without shoes. Going barefoot to do Zumba can help to strengthen your feet and ankles and can also help the sensory reception in your feet. 

There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • If you have any problems with bone density
  • If you are diabetic
  • If you are doing a high impact Zumba class
  • If you are going to be exercising on a hard surface

You will want to make sure you are wearing shoes to protect your feet and bones from injury or tears and abrasions to your skin. 

How long do Zumba shoes last? 

The longevity of your Zumba shoes can be based on preference or based on the recommendations that you have received from the manufacturer of the shoe. The suggestion of replacing your fitness shoes is between every 300 to 500 miles. These are all suggestions and how often you change your shoes will depend on you and your shoe. 

If you use your shoes for other exercises or wear them more frequently, they will need to be replaced more often. You should look for signs that you need to replace your shoes like:

  • Wearing on a certain part of the shoe
  • Foot pain
  • Decrease in comfort
  • Decrease in performance

If you do not wear your Zumba shoes often and find it hard to keep track of how many miles are on your shoes, these are good indicators you can use. 

Are Zumba shoes worth it?

Having a pair of Zumba shoes is worth buying if your main form of exercise is aerobic dance. You will want this shoe to have a wide base/sole because if you are anything like me, then a narrow shoe base can lead to your ankle rolling. This is also a good reason to avoid over cushioning.

good zumba shoes

Not only does too much cushioning weigh your shoe down. It could also lead to overcorrection in the way the foot strikes the ground and lead to injuries and pain.

As someone who was previously on a dance team and saw people hurt themselves because they were not wearing the proper shoes for what we were doing, I think it is worth a try.

The Takeaway

When buying Zumba shoes, remember to make sure you try the shoes on at the end of the day to prevent them from being tight. Do not buy shoes that are loose because this could cause rubbing and irritation. And lastly, have fun! 

There are so many options for shoes that are great for Zumba. If you are buying shoes online, stand up and trace your feet on a piece of paper, and then measure your feet.

Use this as a guide to determine your size. And remember all shoe sizes will not fit the same. But, you are looking for the Zumba shoes that are best for you.


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