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Sweaty feet? Here Are Some Great Tricks to Try

Sweaty feet? Here Are Some Great Tricks to Try Sweaty feet? Here Are Some Great Tricks to Try www.walkjogrun.net

Foot odor is a well documented and undesirable problem that most people would really like to avoid. What actually causes it though?

Bad foot odor begins with, you guessed it, sweat. Sweating is something that provides a good environment for bacteria to grow and proliferate. This may happen to everyone at some time, but chronic or severe odor of the feet may be due to excessive sweating.

Wherever you fall on this particular spectrum, there is no need to worry, we’re here to help. A daily hygiene routine along with a few other tricks can help you alleviate the problems generally associated with sweaty feet. For some hacks on how to avoid embarrassment and annoyance read on!

Causes and Treatment

Basic causes

Sweaty Feet

The direct cause of excessive sweating is not clearly been known through research but is thought to be hereditary (inherited). Most people start experiencing the sensation of sweat due to overheating from lack of “breathable” socks or footwear.

Extreme or hot (especially tropical) weather conditions can play a big role here as well. However, beyond these factors, there is a medical condition known as “hyperhidrosis” where a person may sweat persistently, even in cooler temperatures and without any of the other issues mentioned above. A consistent lack of dryness also can lead to bacterial and fungal infections.

How to treat sweaty feet – Hygiene & materials 

Making sure that you practice good foot hygiene everyday is extremely important. For those who perspire excessively, it is even more imperative that you wash socks and feet consistently. Avoiding the downstream negative effects of sweaty feet is often as simple as good hygiene. 

Giving some thought to the materials that are encasing your feet is also worth a bit of time. Pure cotton socks actually trap moisture and are not advised for excessive sweaters, the same is true for nylons. 

Moisture wicking athletic socks perform much better and may be made of a cotton-synthetic blend. Try to air out your feet whenever possible — especially in winter months where your feet are almost always covered in either shoes or socks. 

Also, avoid shoes made of synthetic non-breathable (leather) materials as well. Depending on your climate trying to wear open-air footwear or sandals as often as possible is another great solution. The brand Keen makes some excellent hybrid style shoes that can help out in this sense. 

How to treat sweaty feet – Hygiene, Foot scrub 


It’s important to wash your feet daily and dry them off thoroughly, especially between the toes and around the heel area. When you dry your feet with a towel after a shower or bath, a good idea could be to dab in between your toes with a cotton ball or smaller towel dipped in witch hazel or apple cider vinegar.

Once you have cleaned your feet and thoroughly dried them off, you can apply powders, like baking soda, or cornstarch or Goldbond powder because tend to absorb extra moisture. You can opt for buying a premade antifungal foot powder (like Goldbond) or you can easily go with some simple at home options mentioned above (not hard with just a few ingredients). 

Another tried and trued home remedy is to try caffeinated (black) tea soaks (easily found on amazon or other major retailers). The caffeine and tannins in this substance have been found to help prevent the sweat glands from running in overdrive — music to the ears of the excessively sweaty. Daily soaks are typically recommended in order to get the full benefit of this treatment — a big commitment, but one that has a big potential payoff. 

How to treat sweaty feet – Hygiene, Medical Treatment & Antiperspirants


Another simple, yet effective fix is to get some over-the-counter antiperspirant spray (avoid heavily scented ones such as Axe). This can be used as part of your daily regime before putting on your shoes. If over the counter products are not strong enough, prescriptive sprays are a good option (although they’ll obviously require a trip to the doctor).

Another medical treatment option is a technique called “iontophoresis”. Fancy sounding, this is just a simple procedure which uses water to conduct a mild electrical current through the skin. There does seem to be some evidence that this approach can reduce the amount of sweat your feet is producing. You can also buy iontophoresis machines for at-home use — but absolutely be sure to consult with a medical professional before experimenting. 


No one wants sweaty feet or by extension stinky feet. But there is good news, if you struggle with this issue in any sense there are plenty of options for you. We repeated hygiene three times in our subheadings for the specific reason of emphasizing itself importance. Most cases of sweaty feet and be curtailed through good hygiene. If you need a little more impactful treatment give scrubs, footwear, socks, anti-spirants, or some medical treatment a thought.

There are enough problems in the world, there is little reason anyone should have to put up with sweaty feet. 


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