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Crocs have become iconic as a light shoe to wear all year round. While there has been some good-natured ribbing about the appearance of Crocs in the past, they now offer a variety of styles for every taste. This Patricia by Crocs has a more updated style for those that want something different than the classic perforated clog. Crocs are known for their comfort and lightweight build and this pair is no exception. For a summer shoe that offers great support, the Patricia is an awesome addition to a warm-weather wardrobe.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Massaging Footbed

Wet/Dry Wear

True To Size



Durable Construction


Unventilated Sole

1-Inch Heel-To-Drop


People may know Crocs to be a trend that took the world by storm. Even though they may have been previously known for being less-than-attractive, sandals such as the Crocs Patricia totally change that perception. The three straps across the top of the foot the create clean lines. This is flattering on almost all foot shapes. The result from the upper is a relatively sleek sandal design that has all the capabilities of a more support oriented sandal. A wedged heel is incredibly on-trend, especially in sandals. Wedges are much easier to walk in and wear, but they also add a stylish lift to the foot which elongates the leg. Wedges are so cute with cuffed jeans or your favorite shorts, and this Patricia would fit right in with your favorite wardrobe. If you love a bit of variety in your flat sandals, including the Patricia for your summer seasons would spice up your collection. Coming in a range of colors that have something for the bold and the more traditional dressers, the Patricia by Crocs is a totally solid pick for anyone looking to have a lot of fun in the sun this summer.


Airflow is so intensely important in a shoe you’re going to be wearing to beat the heat. The Patricia by Crocs will definitely keep you cool and comfortable even on the most sweltering days. Crocs traditionally have holes throughout their uppers, as well as drainage holes in their base, to ensure that they stay cool and dry. The Patricia is slightly different, however, because the upper is already super open, and the raised wedge doesn't require draining due to the footbed not having a lip on it. The material makes up for what its missing, as does the style, but it doesn’t have the same kind of breathability throughout as their traditional options. This isn’t to say that it won’t have an amazing performance in truly hot weather, but those expecting it to have the same kind of ventilation holes and ports like its clog predecessor should keep in mind this is a pretty straight-forward wedge sandal. The upper may cause just a little bit of sweating directly under the straps, but its so soft and light I would doubt it will even be noticeable, especially compared to other sandals.


Crocs have truly become a loved brand in an incredibly short time. You may wonder how they did it, but it’s pretty simple: they really focused on the comfort element initially to ensure they had it right before venturing into more stylish avenues. Always in pursuit of ways to make shoes more comfortable for their customers, big and small, Crocs is a wholesome brand that pays attention to three key elements: weight, softness, and flexibility. Crocs believes that in the search for comfort elements, these are features that are absolutely necessary. Every shoe they create embodies their commitment to the consumer’s comfort level, if you try them first hand it won’t be hard to tell. Less than two decades old, Crocs has already sold 600 million pairs of shoes showing no signs of stopping anytime soon. Crocs even have a humanitarian division, bringing their goals to make you comfortable in your shoes to a grander scale. They emphasize work on families, animals, and the environment, and their ambition is not only noble but effective, using volunteer initiatives that are orchestrated by their very own employees. If all of these things sound like they might be up your alley, Crocs is a brand that you’ll want to support.


Comfort is this brands specialty. The Patricia is slightly different than the usual comfort options from Crocs. This sandal has a massaging footbed, something slightly new but not so scary, because the brand has such a great understanding of what will feel good on your feet. Their footbed is anatomical to perfectly fit the curves of your feet, but then they also have raised umps to give your foot a massage while wearing them. The wedge reduces pressure on the ball of the foot and doesn’t strain your arch either. The super-soft material feels buttery on the skin. Though a few reviewers had trouble with blisters before breaking the shoe in, it seems the overwhelming response is that this Patricia is extremely comfortable. The way the massaging nubs are arranged on the footbed make wearing the Crocs Patricia a truly unique and unexpected experience for such a modest wedge sandal. Crocslite material is always utilized to give you awesome cushioning without bulking up the shoe. This is so surprisingly chic it would be hard to remember it was a Crocs if it weren’t also so comfortable.


Reviewers were absolutely in love with this sandal for a whole host of reasons, one of the big ones being its durability. Unlike a lot of other sandals, Crocs aren’t just a one-and-done type of shoe. Seasonal footwear often fails to last even a season, but Crocs engineers incredibly long lasting materials that won’t feel like a chore to maintain. All Crocs simply wipe clean, keeping them looking great for a long time. Not only that, but they are fully able to be submerged in water without any damage to their integrity. That makes them awesome for beach shoes, just rinse off at the public shower head getting off the beach and they can dry comfortably right on your feet. This Patricia by Crocs is so great as a casual summer shoe because it holds up to all the wear and tears far better than shoes that just aren’t meant to sustain those kinds of conditions. Not having to stress about your shoe deteriorating before your eyes because you wanted to wear it with your cute new beach cover-up is a wonderful feeling.


Sandals are very hit-or-miss when it comes to fit. Due to the fact many of them are whole sizes only, may have to settle for an option that is either too small or too large. These may only come in full sizes, but Crocs ensures that they will feel like a perfect fit for every foot size. They do this by making them more relaxed fit sandals. The shape gives more room for those who need it, while the upper straps keep the shoe secure on your feet no matter what the activity. Reviewers boasted wearing this shoe for miles and feeling totally secure and comfortable in it, which is fantastic for a sandal option if you ask me. There are so few options that are good for such a wide variety of feet and their needs. The Patricia is sure to please and is true-to-size, so there is no guesswork when ordering online. The width is on-point and you will instantly melt when you try on this pair of sandals.

Heel to Drop

When people hear heel to drop they generally think of sneakers, specifically running or walking sneakers. Heel to drop is a very important factor when considering shoes such as that because it influences where the foot strikes the ground. On the Patricia, the heel to drop is more than minimal, a minimal heel to drop is generally the goal on support shoes to help control where the foot is striking when walking, even if it is doing so at a slower speed. What we are talking about when we mention this feature is the difference between how far the ball of the foot is raised from the ground and how far the heel is raised from the ground. Modest wedges generally have a very forgiving heel to drop, because the overall style encourages a less extreme dive than sky-high heels or espadrilles. This two-inch wedge drops down around an inch into the ball of the foot. This is a slightly bigger difference than performance shoes, so there may be some strain for those who are not used to raised heel options. This Crocs can be great for your feet but they won’t be the most effective in ensuring that your foot strike is more naturally balanced across the whole sole of the shoe.


Support is something the Crocs Patricia has in droves. So many sandals that are similar in style are totally lacking in support. Reviewers found themselves buying multiple pairs of the Patricia because it was unparalleled in support compared to their previous sandal purchases. Crocs is able to accomplish this level of padding and comfort with its Croslite foam material. This is a proprietary material that combines shock absorption and cushioning. The featherlight material is incredibly responsive, helping the foot bounce back from the impact of the ground. This is the kind of shoe that will reduce fatigue in your legs and feet on a long day. That is what makes it ideal for warm weather or vacations. We all want to extend our hours out enjoying ourselves in the beautiful weather, so to have a shoe that is helping make that happen is ideal.


Sandals with traction are completely necessary, especially when in a wet environment, but so many summer shoes fall flat, no pun intended. The raised traction on the Patricia by Crocs has major grip, ready to grab any surface, wet or dry, that you’re taking them for a spin on. On the ball of the foot and the heel, the traction is in a rib-like pattern. Two sides come together with space in the middle to add extra texture to the bottom of the shoe. The increase in the depressed area makes this shoe much more versatile in different terrains. Wear these on soft sand or hard asphalt, you will be pleasantly surprised at their traction! Slipping around on wet surfaces is an absolute nightmare. Thanks to Crocs, you won’t have to worry about losing your footing when carting the kids around or carrying your umbrella drink poolside.


Weight isn’t usually the first thought when it comes to shoes. Many people first look to materials, and with a preference for natural rubbers or quality leathers, they are actually picking heavier shoes than is optimal in the end. The Crocs Patricia, and all Crocs in general, really pay attention to the weight of the shoe. Lightweight foams and proprietary blends may not be sought after for many shoe buyers, but they are really, truly practical, much more so than a heavy shoe constructed of more structured materials. This Patricia is going to make you feel like you’re walking on air. The overall design stays close to the bottom of the foot massaging it without adding any bulk due to hard supports in the footbed. Many companies will put in arch support or heel pads after the fact, which can sometimes feel awkward in the shoe, adding unnecessary bulk and weight, making the inconsistency of material noticeable. This shoe is all made of simple foam, but it is constructed in a way that is beneficial to the foot. The result is an incredibly supportive shoe that is lighter than air.

Bottom Line

Sandal lovers know that a great pair of supportive sandals only comes around every so often. Patricia is decidedly one of those sandals. For Crocs lovers and outdoors lovers alike, the Patricia outperforms other sandals that are designed more for looks than for life. If you’ve ever been envious of your friends wearing the more traditional Crocs in the past, but the style was too far out of your comfort zone, contemporary pairs like this are what you’ve been waiting for. Massaging footbeds are the final touch on a sandal that will have you thinking you couldn’t possibly want more out of your footwear.