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How many of you love walking in the rain? A summer shower is not a problem when you are on a beach in the Caribbean islands, but when you are in rainy weather in England, you may want to wear something more than a bikini. It’s not fun walking in drenched shoes and socks, and you can also say goodbye to the hairdo and make-up you just had done. Well, if you live in England, we hope you have learned all the tricks about gloomy days. If you are considering replacing your old rain boots for the season, look no further. Rainy days don’t have to be miserable and grey anymore, once you fall in love with the Kamik Heidi rain boot.

Made with 50% natural and plant material upper, this Kamik Heidi model will remain waterproof at all times and won’t slow you down when you are rushing to get somewhere. On top of that, you get comfort out of an EVA footbed and great traction from the ATRIUM outsole. If you want to keep those feet on the ground when walking through puddles and slippery terrain, stand by and discover how to do that with the Heidi rain boot by Kamik.


Editor's Pros & Cons

Fashionable model

Substantial traction

Attractive color selection

Inexpensive style

Waterproof design


Minimal insulation

Sizing runs small


Typically, rain boots look big and feel big, but according to some customers, the Kamik Heidi feels relatively snug around the calves. Therefore, all those with bigger calves should be more careful when choosing the size. Since they feel tight, wearing them with thick pants and jeans might make them even more uncomfortable; however, leggings will work alright. Some buyers who wore the boots for long hours found themselves in pain at the end of the day, while others found them to work perfectly for short walks with the dog, or just running some errands in the rain. It features a basic EVA footbed, which can be easily removed. The upper is made of rubber with a very thin nylon lining, not allowing ample airflow. If you want to make up for the lack of comfort, you may insert a custom insole. On the other hand, it provides great support, and if you find the perfect size, they may be satisfactory to wear for a more extended period of time. In addition, the design is easy to put on and off, and at only 2.71lbs, it is super lightweight for their height. Moreover, the rubber upper is quite flexible and gives your legs more freedom to move as you walk.


Some customers agreed that they only lasted them for a year at the most. Comparing to last year’s quality, they have noticed some changes, and while the prices seemed to be going higher, the quality was not. Someone mentioned that there were pieces of rubber that were not removed from the molding process, or the inside of the boot was not lined up correctly; however these are rare cases. The rubber upper is easy to keep clean as well as the ATRIUM outsole. The Kamik Heidi is a true bargain for those wanting to combine functionality and style. It offers more than one can expect from a rain boot without emptying your pockets.


The famous rain boot can be found in whole sizes from 6-11 US. You will be happy to hear that this model runs true to size. However, it is recommended to size up if you wear half sizes. For instance, if you wear 7.5, size 8 will work the best, and there will be room to wear thicker socks. At the same time, if you decide to wear them with thin socks, there shouldn’t be any issues regarding fit and comfort. Since the toe box fits snugly, we would agree that it is best to size up. Another thing you need to keep in mind is that if you do decide to get extra insoles, you may also want to size up. Otherwise, the consequences of a tight toe box include inflammation of the nerves, pain at the ball of the foot and even arthritis. This model is reported to be wide at the ankle and narrow at the calf. This is not good news for those with thicker calves, or those who want to wear the boots with jeans. Although the boots may feel a tiny bit small, according to some buyers, they are still comfortable to wear. Overall, it is a great rain boot for people with narrow to medium width feet and narrow to medium calves.


Designed without any insulation, the boot is most suitable for warmer to mild climates. The boot is lined with thin, soft fabric but they are certainly not to be considered warm. If you are looking for something with more insulation to wear in freezing temperatures and snow, you may want to start looking somewhere else. Wearing thicker socks could help keep your feet warmer, but these rain boots are ideal for spring and fall rain. Just make sure to size up if you want to wear them with thicker socks. If you happen to be in the snow even for a few seconds, don’t be surprised if your feet get cold straight away. You won’t notice scratches or tears on the boot, but you will feel the cold. Some customers reported that after they placed fleece rain boot liners, they were able to wear them in the snow. They were happy to say that their feet were warm and dry and the snow didn’t ruin their boots. Although they are designed to be worn in spring and fall, many said that they had no issues wearing them in all seasons.


We all want to look stylish, but at the same time, we need our shoes to be functional and well made. It’s hard to find a rain boot that will have it all. They are an affordable pair of rain boots that would look good with many outfits. They look sleek and fashionable, and there is no bulky toe box like most rain boots. Some customers mentioned that they expected them to be taller, almost to the knee. The images online make it look like a riding boot, however, they give more of a rain boot galoshes look. With a mid-calf height and bright solid colors, they are a perfect rain boot for a rainy season. The colors it comes available in include yellow, blue, red, turquoise, dark mint green, dark navy and red just to mention a few. The model looks great with leggings, but those with thicker calves may not be able to tuck pants or jeans in them. The flexible design allows you to fold and pack them easily, more so than most rain boots. These features a vinyl-covered upper and is great to wear rain or shine.


These are designed to be a rain boot, not a sneaker, meaning they won’t feel as comfortable and supportive if you wore them for long hours. Although, many have said that they are pretty comfortable as far as rain boots go. They are light and give just enough support if you go and walk your dog in the park or if you are just going to the mall on a rainy day. They are rated as the top 3 bestselling rain boot and has competitive alternatives in the same price range. Unless you plan to take long walks or be out and about all day, then this model is an ideal rain boot.


Traction might be the strongest feature. They have been tested in snow, ice, mud or another difficult terrain, and the tread has proved to perform as excellent as expected. Many customers expressed that they felt safe, and didn’t need to take extra care when walking through such terrains. Kamik’s Atrium outsole plays a great role in keeping your feet on the ground. However, this model is not made for hiking through slippery or rough terrain, because the sole is thin as well. When compared to similar alternatives to the Heidi, the tread will keep you steady with providing maximum traction. For the price point, these provide traction, style, and waterproofing for all your adventures on a rainy day.


Featuring a simple design, dressed in bright colors and glaring shine, this rain boot appears attractive, easy to put on and easy to clean. The shine comes from the synthetic rubber with a glossy finish, which makes it 50% lighter than natural rubber and 30% lighter than other synthetic rubbers. The model comes up to mid-calf height and is not a knee-high boot as some may get confused by the images provided online. While the shaft is only 12 inches high, the circumference is 14 inches, which is perfect for thin calves. When compared to other Kamik rain boots, such as Jennifer and Oliva, these are much lighter, more flexible and easier to pack. The style we are taking a closer look at today is the deep red color, that looks more like the color of a Cabernet Sauvignon. This block of color is encased in a transparent, molded rubber. It seems like it is a very popular color and some people have taken the boots to dinner and a night out with friends. On the inside, they are not lined, so in order to keep your toes nice and warm, you need to wear thick, fuzzy socks.


When it comes to walking in the rain, working in your garden on wet grass, or jumping through puddles, rest assured these will keep your feet dry. These waterproof, synthetic rubber boots provide excellent weather protection, even though they score above average as compared to the taller options. They have proved to stand up to rain, mud or snow. A number of customers were happy to say that besides trusting the outsole to provide maximum traction, they also relied on it together with the upper to keep water at bay.


As per many customer’s reviews, these do run small. For instance, if you are a size 8, you need to purchase size 9. The length of the boot is great for some, but others were not so excited about it. If you size up, normally there is a little extra room for an insert or thick socks. However, even though they might feel comfortable at the beginning, walking around in them for too long may not be the best idea. Buyers with wide feet were not as happy as the ones with a more narrow foot. What customers liked about the model is that the material is not too stiff and the opening at the top not too wide. This may be an issue for someone with bigger calves, as it will be more difficult to fit the boots over jeans or pants. Overall, these are recommended for narrow to medium width feet and narrow to medium calves.

Bottom Line

To sum up, the Heidi rain boot gives everything a rain boot should. First of all, it is waterproof, making sure your feet stay dry when you need to run some errands in the rain, or walk your puppies in the park. Also, they are great for those days when you want to work in your garden, and the grass is wet. Furthermore, it is fashionable, and the mid-calf height only allows for more versatility in the wardrobe. You can find the Kamik Heidi in a variety of shiny colors, vibrant and bright, giving the model an even more stylish appearance. The traction is superior and comes from Kamik’s Atrium outsole. The design is easy to slip on and off, but may not be as easy for those with bigger calves. Although it is noted that the model runs true to size, due to the tight toe box and opening, it’s recommended to go one size up. Without much insulation, they are ideal for spring and fall rain, but also good to wear in winter, if you placed rain boot liner in them.

Moreover, the Kamik Heidi design provides enough support for shorter walks in the rain, rather than walking in them for hours. Although, if you size up, there is extra room to place a custom insole and you may get better support out of the boot. Weighing only 2.71 lbs, this model is also very lightweight for its height. What’s even better is the price, and that when you can no longer wear them, you can send them back to Kamik to be recycled.