Danner Pronghorn 8″ Gore-Tex Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
Whether your passion for hunting and hiking is down to the search it entails, the feeling of being at one with nature, or the adrenaline you feel when you are chasing or catching something, one thing is for sure, you're going to be walking a fair few miles and over some intense terrain.

Walking through difficult terrain and over uneven ground for numerous miles at a time is definitely my bag, so let me start by saying with confidence that when it comes to your feet, I am more than confident in the boots I am about to discuss with you.

Firstly, what are the most important factors you should consider when looking at hunting/hiking boots? Comfort, traction, support, durability, and design, yes, they are incredibly important to review before purchasing a pair of boots that you're going to trust with your feet.

The Danner Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex shoes are an impeccable example of what a hunting shoe should entail. They have a Vibram Pronghorn outsole for excellent traction, the materials used for the body of the boot are both richer in look and comfort, the Gore-Tex lining is breathable and waterproof and the shaft comes generously up the leg to provide extra support and protection.

You're interested, aren't you? Well, I would be too. Read on for a more in-depth look at the Danner Pronghorn 8" Gore-Tex's.
Danner Pronghorn 8″ Gore-Tex Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Waterproof lining

Terra Force Next Platform

Vibram SPE midsole

PrimaLoft insulation


Be sure to wear thicker socks to stop rubbing

Key Features


Danner is an excellent craft maker when it comes to boots, they use only the best materials and the most up-to-date technology to ensure their customers get only the best. The Pronghorn 8" are made from oiled nubuck leather to give them that richer look and to help with movability and stability.

Leather is a generous material, it offers a great look, fits well and is breathable and warm. Along with this, the GORE-TEX inner lining is a soft membrane that makes the boot waterproof, another must-have with any hiking boot you're purchasing.

The Vibram Pronghorn outsole provides great traction and the Vibram SE midsole offer cushioning and durability. The laces continue up the shaft to give more support around the ankle and foot and for that added stability when maneuvering over and under difficult spots. The Danner Pronghorn also offer PrimaLoft insulation for extra warmth, so if you’re caught out in any weather, these boots have got you covered.


As I mentioned above, the materials that Danner has utilized are strong, sturdy, and are the highest standard. The leather body is greatly resistant to different weathers, the outsole is designed for rouged ground, the midsole will give your foot the comfort it will so desire on long outings and the Terra Force Next Platform will give you stability and increased support.

Based on the technology Danner has used on these hunting boots, they will be a durable and comfortable purchase.


The Danner Pronghorn hunting shoe gives a great amount of support to the ankles and heel through the heightened shaft and the Terra Next Force platform offers further support. Danner has also added a bi-fit board (the lasting board midsole and shank combined to one unified piece) giving further stability.

The laces, which go fully up the shaft, are valuable for the ankle and offer yet more support. All in all, the Pronghorn are a great hunting boot for support and stability.


Danner is a brand worth paying for, it’s a simple yet true statement. The Danner Pronghorn 8” hunting shoes are expensive and there are other boots that are cheaper on the market, but these boots are an investment and given the quality of materials and craftsmanship that Danner produces, I am not surprised by the heavy price tag these boots hold.

I have always been true to my belief that you pay for quality. If you want quality and your feet to be protected then you should expect to pay the price.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If you’re not completely convinced and need a look at a few different options, then let me introduce you to the Danner Recurve Dry 7" waterproof hunting boots.

These boots offer a similar performance to the Pronghorn's, however, the shaft is slightly smaller standing at 7”. They also offer 400g of Thinsulate Insulation and their smaller shaft height makes these boots perfect for walking as well as hunting.


If you've got all the way down to this section, then you've probably already made up your mind about these boots, but still, I will give you my input. I think the Danner Pronghorn are excellently designed with the best technology to provide your feet with a comfortable feel on your outdoor trips.

The Danner Pronghorn 8" are designed specifically to support your feet, give great stability and durability, all whilst looking the part.

I said this earlier, I do know what I’m talking about when it comes to boots and taking care of your feet, and I can confidently say these boots are a worthy purchase.