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Women’s loafers have a polished appearance and a modest elegance. They sit somewhere between flats and Oxfords. They are suitable for both casual and formal occasions, so you can wear them to work, to school, or just to run errands.

The Saban slip-on loafers by Naturalizer are the perfect example of a classy women’s loafer. Their simplicity allows their old-fashioned style to really stand out. Practicality wise, it is also made with Naturalizer’s N5 Contour technology, which gives this model five great features: cushioning, breathability, stability, flexibility, and light weight. With that said, these loafers also have their downsides when it comes to size, color, and style. Read on as we touch on all the key features you should know about this pair before choosing to purchase them.

Editor's Pros & Cons

N5 Contour technology

Promotes natural gait

Good for work-wear

Precise sizing

Non-slip outsole


Few bright color options

Size may stretch

Plain design


It’s always a good idea to learn a bit about the brand behind a product before considering the product itself. This way, you kind of know what to expect and also the brand that you are supporting with your money spent. Naturalizer is a brand that was founded over a hundred years ago and is designed especially for women’s footwear. In their own words, they were the “first brand to ever make a shoe specifically designed to the contours of a woman’s foot.” In addition, their signature style is a simple yet rich and authentic one that makes a lot of their footwear suitable for formal wear and a polished, professional look.


Breathability is an important quality in a shoe because it prevents the accumulation of moisture, bacteria, and odor. When air flows through the shoe, your foot is kept nice and fresh as perspiration is cleared away. The low-profile loafer style of these shoes leaves the top of the foot uncovered, so you definitely get points on breathability for that. In addition, the upper and lining materials are made of materials that are both relatively breathable, as opposed to synthetic materials that can trap in moisture and create the perfect moist environment for bacteria growth in your shoe. Naturalizer’s N5 Contour technology also provides porous linings that also ensures proper airflow.


Despite being a pretty simple shoe, this model comes in a whole range of different colors, giving them more variety than otherwise. The many options include dark and neutral colors like black, brown, and navy; as well as lighter ones like white, taupe, and even an eye-catching hibiscus red. Due to the simplicity of the model’s design, all the colors can be worn in professional settings and with formal outfits. You don’t have to worry about the red being too bright or bold because the loafer style and simple upper combined is enough to make them retain their modest look and polished elegance. However, no bright colors besides red are offered, which can be a downfall.


Cushioning not only provides comfort, but it can also prevent foot fatigue and strain on the arches. In this model, Naturalizer’s N5 Contour technology provides cushioning, amongst other things that we’ll mention later on. In the sole, a latex foam can be found in three critical places: the insole, under the ball of the foot, and in the full length of the lining. It is situated here in order to distribute pressure more evenly throughout the foot and not leave everything to your poor arches. It also provides shock absorption and support. Although you probably wouldn’t be jumping around or doing heavy-impact exercise with these loafers, you’d be surprised at how much stress is put on your foot from day to day just from walking, so this cushioning is a benefit.


This model is made of a combination of different materials, and the light weight of these materials is another characteristic of the N5 Contour technology. The uppers are made of either leather or suede depending on the color you choose. Both of these are essentially cowhide, except suede is processed to be softer, more flexible, and to feel soft and fuzzy to the touch. However, keep in mind that because of this, it is also less sturdy than leather, which is often used in heavy-duty work boots because of their resistance to abrasion and even chemicals. As for the linings, these are made of textile. They feel smooth against the foot and allows the shoe to be more breathable. The flexibility of the materials is great for comfort and a short break-in time, but scroll down to “Size” to learn about the potential detriment of flexibility.


Naturalizer seems to have thought of all kinds of people with all kinds of feet when designing this pair. First off, the model is not offered in only one standard width, but there are actually three options available: wide, narrow, and regular. This way, if you know that your foot is slightly wider or narrower than the typical foot, you can pick what would best accommodate you. Secondly, half sizes are offered. You are not required to round your shoe size to the nearest whole size, which means the size is more precise and more likely to suit you well. Lastly, if you’re still worried about ordering the wrong size, there is a fit guide on Naturalizer’s site for you to check. The downside about size, however, is that due to the flexibility of the leather, consistent wear could actually stretch it so that the shoe becomes looser than before. One reviewer said that their shoe felt too loose and floppy after a few weeks of wear. It may not happen to you, but just keep it in the back of your mind.


Stability not only prevents you from slipping on newly-mopped office floors, saving you from the risk of injury as well as the embarrassment; but it also ensures that your feet don’t need to strain to keep you balanced. The 1.9cm heels in these loafers keep you close to the ground to provide more stability. The outsoles also have a non-slip pattern to prevent slipping, which doesn't look like much in the photo, but it’s enough for indoor floors. In addition, the N5 Contour technology provides a heel cup designed for a secure fit that keeps the heel stable, promoting a firm heel strike and toe-off when walking.


When it comes to style, these slip-on loafers are undeniably good-looking. The loafer style and subtle heel give them a modest and almost old-fashioned elegance. The simplicity of their uppers - no embellishments, no patterns, not even so much as a buckle - gives them a clean and minimalist person that makes the wearer seem neat and organized. It also makes them versatile, since you can pair them with simple outfits as well as use them to balance out bold outfits with lots of colors and patterns. However, the simplicity also makes them seem a bit dull, so if you’re someone who likes to go all-out with their outfits, the plainness of this pair might leave you unsatisfied.


The last thing provided by the N5 Contour technology is flexible soles. Having flexible soles allows the foot to move more naturally when walking rather than pressing against a rigid rubber outsole. It reduces foot fatigue and foot strain, leaving you feeling more energized and relaxed even after a long day of walking and standing. With that said, there is also a downside with this criteria: one reviewer claimed that there was a lack of arch support. If true, this could counterbalance all the other support and cushioning by leaving all the pressure to the arches, leading to tired and potentially aching feet.


Whether or not a product is worth the purchase will depend on your budget as well as your personal preferences and requirements, neither of which we know about. However, after researching and looking through the brand’s site, we can say that the Saban loafers are one of the cheaper loafer options by Naturalizer. It’s pretty similar to those that are priced much higher, and not far from those that are priced lower. The versatility of their simple design also renders them more versatile. Since you can wear them both to work and on a casual day, they can technically fulfill the role of two different pairs of shoes and save you money.

Bottom Line

We would recommend the Saban loafers to working women who spend long hours indoors or on their feet. The simple and modest style of these shoes makes them appropriate for your work attire. On top of that, the cushioning, breathability, and flexible soles provided by the N5 Contour technology renders them comfortable and supportive. They reduce foot fatigue and strain, leaving you feeling more energized than otherwise at the end of a long day. Of course, you can also wear them on casual occasions for a look that’s more polished and feminine than sneakers. Their downsides are that their size may stretch and become bigger, that they may lack arch support, and that the simplicity of their style may seem dull to some. However, on the whole, they are a great pair for a great price.