Columbia Morning Light III Vest

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Columbia is a brand that has been around for decades. They are leaders and innovators for sporting equipment and extreme weather apparel. They are well-loved for their technology and durability. The Columbia Morning Light III Vest is just like any other Columbia product, tested and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has a host of wearable technology. One of the major benefits of the product is its ability to retain heat using the Omni Heat technology. This heat retention system can withstand negative temperatures and can keep you warm by recirculating your body heat. The heat that is bounced back towards your body is reabsorbed so that you can use it again.

The Omni Shield technology featured in the Columbia Morning Light III Vest helps repel water. This can be especially important if you expect to be training in adverse weather. The inability for the best to absorb or retain moisture will keep the vest light and comfortable all day. This means you can stay dry and comfortable throughout your entire excursion.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Omni Heat Technology

Omni Shield Technology

100% Polyester Made

Zipped Pockets

Lifetime Warranty


Bell bottom vest

Heat escapes through bottom

Too hot in summer


People often choose a branded item because it elevates their status and brings their social standing up. Others choose specific brands because they’ve worn it and it is comfortable, or it is a brand they trust. A third reason why people choose a specific brand is that they offer certain perks.

In the case of the Columbia Morning Light III Vest, a major reason why people choose this product is because it’s warm. However, the Columbia brand is also very enticing as it offers a lifetime warranty on all their products. This includes everything from their sports equipment to their clothing and sports apparel.

Columbia has always been a very strong brand and has built up quite a reputation over the years. They are known for having very durable and reliable products that can deal with severe adverse weather. The Columbia Morning Light III Vest and their clothing apparel are well-loved for their ability to protect people and keep them warm.

Purchasing this brand not only promises comfort during all sorts of weather but a guarantee that it can stand up to any challenge.


For those who participate in outdoor activities, there is always a need to prepare for adverse weather. During these times, you must have something that can protect your body from the elements. Choosing the proper gear can make a huge difference in your experience and ensure your safety.

One of the ways to do so is purchasing a Columbia Morning Light III Vest. These vests are incredibly durable and work well as an extra layer underneath your jacket. In the event the vest gets soiled, it can be thrown into the washing machine. This allows you to wash it quickly and be able to wear it again.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest is stitched by a machine and has very tightly spaced stitching. Using a machine reduces the chances of missed stitches and makes it very hard to rip the fabric apart. The tight stitching style works as a safety net to prevent the jacket from tearing in the event there are missed stitches. These two things alone make this vest as to one of the most durable and rip-resistant products on the market.

Heat Dispersal

During the wintertime, having a vest that can keep you warm is crucial. This is especially true if you plan on doing any sort of outdoor activities. Wearing the additional layer can help you warm up faster and keep you at a comfortable temperature for a longer time. However, the Columbia Morning Light III Vest was designed to be able to be worn during all sorts of weather.

This vest serves as a great inner layer during the winter and as a light outer layer during the spring and summer. Columbia is very well known for its heat retention technology, which is only beneficial during the colder months. Since the Columbia Morning Light III Vest was meant for all seasons, there needs to be a way for the heat to disperse when it gets hot.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has designed the back of the vest to allow for heat dispersal. When the heat starts to accumulate, any heat that is not absorbed by your body is circulated towards your back. The materials are more breathable and allow for better hot/cold air transfer.


Those who study textiles and design can attest to the fact that the cutting of a product is very important. An incorrectly cut product will look awkward and not nice on most people. Those who are wearing incorrect designs may also feel uncomfortable and tight in different areas. This is why hemming and cutting is a very important process.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has a design where it is tapered in at the hips. This can help accentuate your figure and also have it sit flush against your body. The slim fit design has an additional benefit and that is to allow you to wear the Columbia Morning Light III Vest and still fit your jacket over top. Having extra fabric build-up can make your jacket feel tight.

An issue that most users have reported with this particular product is the hemming at the bottom of the jacket. Because this vest has a bell-bottom design, the bottom slightly flays outwards. This becomes problematic during the colder months as it allows for heat to escape out.


Most people do not like the feeling of being bogged down by their clothes. This is especially true for those who are preparing to participate in outdoor sports or training. It is already hard enough to move while wearing multiple layers, the last thing you need is for the layers to feel like the added weight. This will end up costing you a lot of physical strength, thus becoming fatigued more easily.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest is designed to be very lightweight. It uses enough materials to make the jacket durable without overloading on extra fabric. This can help keep your weight to a minimum. People who are outside can attest to the fact that your clothes become even heavier when it becomes wet. This is not the case with the Columbia Morning Light III vest as it starts to dry even before it gets completely soaked.

This particular product has good ventilation properties and is designed to be quick dry. This means that moisture is repelled and pushed out even before it can penetrate the deeper layers of the best. Unless it is submerged, your vest is never completely wet.


The material of a vest can be very important in determining whether you will keep warm or stay cool. The fabric can also affect the durability of your product. For those enjoy being outdoors and active, it is important to find a vest that can withstand the demands of a good workout.

In particular, the Columbia Morning Light III Vest is made with one hundred percent Polyester. This is one of the toughest fabrics available and can be pulled and stretched in all directions. After long periods of twisting and pulling, the polyester material can help revert the vest to its original size and form. This means that the washing machine with not damage the vest during the wash cycle.

Another great thing about the polyester material in the Columbia Morning Light III Vest is that it has strong heat retention properties. Polyester is not very porous and has a hard time helping heat escape through the material. This is perfect for the winter months where you are looking to keep as much of your body heat as possible.

Neck Closure

When you are outside braving the elements, it is important to keep yourself as wrapped up as you can. Strong winds and rain will be looking to enter every nook and cranny that it finds. The cold air that seeps in has the potential to get you sick or lower your overall body temperature. Over time, you will feel the chili inside and out.

One of the ways the Columbia Morning Light III Vest can protect you is that it has a full neck closure. This means that the vest has an extra collar that extends upwards to your neck. When the Columbia Morning Light III Vest is fully zipped, the jacket ends by your chin. Depending on the length of your neck, it can end brushing the bottom of your jaw or slightly above.

Having the neck closure ensures that no wind can enter through that area and down to your chest. The lack of opening around your neck also prevents your body heat from escaping. This can help elongate the length of time in which your body heat is retained.

Omni Heat

While there are many products on the market that claim to have added designs that help retain heat, the Columbia brand does it best. They are known for spending a significant sum of money in research and development before creating technology that can withstand up to negative 41 degrees Celsius. This is known as Omni Heat Technology and it is created and patented by Columbia.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has this Omni Heat Technology. It is visible on the inside of the vest as a metal lining. This is a thin and malleable layer of metal that can keep the heat trapped inside your vest. When your body heat starts to escape, the lining reflects the heat towards your body so that it can be reabsorbed. This is why the Columbia Morning Light III Vest can keep you warm for such a long time.

The technology is so effective that most people are purchasing the Columbia brand for this one reason. The Omni Heat technology keeps you very warm in the winter and keeps you cool during the summer.

Omni Shield

Most people do not like the feeling of wearing something that is wet or has absorbed moisture. Not only is it heavier with the liquid, but it is also very uncomfortable. This can be especially true if you are planning on wearing your vest outside. Because there is always a potential for the weather to turn, it is important for the clothes you are wearing to be waterproof.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has patented technology known as Omni Shield. This technology allows the vest to physically repel and resist any moisture that is trying to enter the fabric. Any rain that gets on your Columbia Morning Light III Vest will sit on the surface layer of your jacket as droplets that you can simply wipe or shake off. The lack of water penetration can keep your vest dry and allow the Omni Heat technology to keep working.

An additional benefit the Omni Shield technology brings is the ability to avoid staining. Whether you or someone around you accidentally spill something on your vest, the shield technology keeps it at the surface so you can quickly wipe it off. This is especially useful if the drink spilled on you has to color.


People are rarely able to leave their houses completely empty-handed. Most of the time, people have to at least bring their phone and keys when they go out. Sometimes people elect to carry a small bag or a backpack, but you may not have enough items to justify carrying one. People who are training outdoors may not want to carry a bag as streamlining is important, but holding it in their hand is not an option.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest has two pockets located on each side of the vest. These pockets also come with zippers, allowing you to securely store your belongings inside. This is ideal for athletes as it minimizes the chances of dropping something when they are running or jumping. Having an enclosed pocket will give you peace of mind that your items are safe.

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest also has a security pocket for those who want added protection. This is a pocket that is located inside your vest and pressed up against your body. This is a great place to store things if you do not want your front pocket to divulge the shape of what it has inside.

Bottom Line

The Columbia Morning Light III Vest is a great product with a fantastic design. Because it is from the Columbia brand, purchasing it will give you peace of mind. All Columbia products have a lifetime warranty as they are confident in their products.

Purchasing a Columbia Morning Light III Vest is going to save you a lot of time and money. The durability of this vest is incomparable to others on the market. This will save you time from having to shop for a new vest every time the one you are wearing breaks.

This vest is made with 100% Polyester, which is a fabric that does not rip easily. The fabric is known to help with heat retention and is very lightweight. This ensures that you are not held back by your heavy clothing and can focus on your training. Along with the added technology, this vest cannot be beaten!