Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks

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Compression wear has a reputation for being hard to miss when being worn. The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks come in a selection of different cuts and styles. Finding the perfect pair for your lifestyle is now a breeze. If you’re not looking for leg compression but need support in your ankles and foot, check these out!

Targeted compression in key areas makes each step feel effortless. These Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks are amazing for improved circulation that doesn’t extend up to the leg. While many alleged copper benefits are unfounded, the results of these socks are anything but. But you can decide that for yourself after running in the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks.

Editor's Pros & Cons

15-20mmHG Compression

Ankle Support

Different Cuts

Durable Construction

Antibacterial Copper

True To Size


Unknown Brand

Only 8-10% Copper


Aoliks is a relative unknown in terms of hosiery. While this in itself isn’t bad, further research into the brand shows a general lack of reputation. Though they’re sold at a few retailers, this brand isn’t well established or known. Reviews don’t imply this is a problem for the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks, but consumers should be aware when they’re buying from a brand they can’t track.

Socks and compression garments both frequently come from this kind of source. It isn’t uncommon or particularly strange for a brand to not have an anchor website in 2019 that gives information on the company and its goals. Reviews concerning the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks were positive, and Aoliks seems relatively trusted without this additional background information.

Though this may be true, it is understandable to be hesitant to buy from a brand without a reputation. When a brand doesn’t have one hub where you can search for information concerning their products, it can seem sketchy and off-putting. If you’re someone who doesn’t pay much mind to brand names when they are positively reviewed, this is a great affordable option for compression socks.


The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks are running socks, so you know they have to be breathable. There is nothing worse than going the distance on a marathon run or long cardio work out and feeling your feet almost slipping in your shoes. Moist socks don’t only cause immediate discomfort but also blisters, chafing, and pain. None of these results are ideal.

To avoid feeling uncomfortably moist in your favorite pair of socks, you need a fabric that can breathe. Not only should it be able to easily allow heat to escape, but moisture as well. The best breathable fabrics are hyper absorbent and moisture-wicking. These Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks have a light breathable fabric that is both of those things.

When you start to sweat, the material of the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks will keep the moisture off the skin and let it evaporate. This makes these awesome for running or any activity. Since they are a lower rise than many compression options, they already have a bit of an advantage. They have less coverage which makes them less likely to insulate heat where you don’t need it.


If you’re familiar with compression garments, there are a few “levels” of compression, so to speak. You can wear something with less compression when you don’t need as much support or you can go for more heavy-duty compression if injured and healing. The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks have a pretty low amount of compression.

Since this compression is only for your feet, not much is lost. Feet move around a lot and tend to have decent circulation when you are a runner. So the lighter compression isn’t going to be a huge factor for those these Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks are marketed for.

With 15-20mmHg of compression, these help to keep blood flowing and swelling down without feeling restrictive or uncomfortable. Too tight compression on an area can cause more problems, depending on what you’re using the compression for. This is a great balance in a compression sock because it doesn’t force you to feel restricted or uncomfortable just because you need a little extra muscle support.

If you need to reduce swelling and lactic acid in only your feet, these are the way to go. They’re an inexpensive and more casual solution than the usual options. Since these can be worn at any time, they also aren’t problematic to wear for sleep! Improving your circulation has become much more simple!


Since the majority of people are looking for clothes on a budget, quality and construction of many garments have gone way down. This is a bummer for anyone who values comfortable, affordable attire. The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks try something new. These won’t break the bank or your feet.

With three-dimensional knit fabric technology, these socks stretch in every direction without sacrificing their ability to maintain their shape. A thick non-slip cuff keeps them in place during work, a run, or any fast-paced activity. This is a huge source of ankle support while wearing them.

Compression is focused on the parts of the foot which tend to cause the most problems like the arch. This Aoliks Copper Compression Running Sock uses compression in the arch of the foot and breathable sections in the heel and toe as well. The construction of the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks makes it stand out from other options.

Copper Content

There have been some great debates about copper compression. While compression has many proven, researched benefits, throwing copper into the equation can make a much more mysterious product. There are factors to copper that are indisputable but it is hard to say whether their proposed benefits are even believable.

Copper is a naturally antibacterial fabric. This does help reduce odor and improve foot health. Will the addition of copper into a fabric enhance its ability to increase circulation in a compression garment? There isn’t any way to prove that. The seller doesn’t explicitly state the copper content, but it seems to be either eight or ten percent copper thread.

Reviewers who didn’t believe in the healing benefits of copper still loved the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks though. They are a fabulous option for foot compression and support for runners, even if you don’t buy into the copper trend. They are affordably priced and very comfortable, unlike many socks that boast their copper content.

If you are someone who works on their feet or runs frequently and endorses copper compression garments, the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks might not be able to convince you of its value. The copper content isn’t explicitly advertised at all. Though copper compression is in the name, it isn’t the “wow” factor for these socks.


Socks getting holes is something that can interfere with nearly any activity you do. Whether active or not, it doesn’t only feel bad, but it can be seriously distracting. Endurance of the body is one thing, without endurance of clothing, it can be hard to stay motivated. The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks will last for a very long time, as evidenced by the great reviews.

The polyester blend holds up to multiple washes and wears. Reviewers said that while there were thick parts of the sock that are built to last, the fabric that has the compression is thinner. It is just as durable but won’t create uncomfortable bunching or tightness when worn with an athletic shoe.

Anything with a copper content is usually recommended to be air-dried. If you take care of these socks they will take care of you, wear after wear. The antibacterial material won’t hold on to hazardous bacteria that can make an unhealthy sock and foot environment. Keeping up well over a long period is the icing on the cake for the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks.


Socks are so often a miss on sizing but not the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks. Reviewers loved the size options and thought they were a perfect fit. There were nearly zero complaints of an improper fit or too tight socks.

Compression garments are another item that frequently gets sized incorrectly. You would imagine that that would mean that the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks had an unlikely chance of a proper sizing chart. Reviewers with tiny feet and those with larger sized feet both thought the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks were the perfect fit for them.

The band around the ankle supports the ankle as well as providing that perfect, almost custom-feeling fit when you slip on the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks. It holds the sock in place while running, doing hard labor, or just hanging out around the house.

Odor Control

Antibacterial material is a lifesaver. Quite literally, it cuts down on so much bacterial growth it's almost hard to believe. Copper is naturally antibacterial, which boosts the odor control properties of the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks. When bacteria start to grow in warm, wet environments (like sweaty shoes and socks), it creates an environment that does not make our feet happy.

Our feet not being happy makes us not happy. Unhealthy environments in our socks and shoes increase fungal and bacterial growth. This makes cracked, uncomfortable, and smelly feet. While there are solutions to treat this kind of problem, prevention is even better. Items like the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks are the first step to prevention.

This won’t allow the environment in the shoe to get wet and harbor bacteria. Your feet, shoes, and friends will probably thank you after the difference in odor. If you’re trying to combat an existing problem or your favorite long-distance running shoes are already not smelling pretty, there are natural remedies you can try before stepping into the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks.

Style Options

Compression socks are usually all the same. They are knee-high, with a lot of visible branding. Around the band, it usually boasts the brand name extremely large repeatedly around the calf. Maybe most don’t mind this, but it isn’t a fashion-forward look. Not everyone wants to advertise for their preferred brand every time they leave the house for their morning run.

These come in a variety of styles that look nothing like compression wear. Many of them won’t even be visible in your running shoes or powerlifting shoes. If you want to go incognito then just choose a lower rise no-show option. They are designed with a lip above the heel to keep them from falling down but still look sleek.

Different athletes with different needs found the perfect sock style for them in the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks thanks to having so many styles available. This is a big plus for this brand. They are one of the few compression options that have a diversity of styles to fit different needs. It isn’t always easy to find ankle and crew cut copper compression socks all from one supplier!


The Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks are one of the most inexpensive copper compression sock options out there. For the price of one pair of sleeves or one pair of compression socks, you can get five pairs of these ankle and crew styles. That is quite a deal.

There are different colors and cuts to fit your everyday basics and workout attire at a price that you can barely buy two athletic options for. People who need to cut the lactic acid in their feet and experience pain and swelling will want to check out the Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks.

Bottom Line

If you’re feeling like you’ve exhausted all your compression sock options, give Aoliks Copper Compression Running Socks a try before you give up. Their low-profile style can go with virtually any workout outfit or uniform. It applies compression to your arch while supporting the ankle for a combination that won’t disappoint.

Though the copper may not provide much more than an antibacterial element, the sock itself is extremely versatile. Durable, lightweight material with three-dimensional knitting technology wraps around the foot with 15-20mmHg of compression without feeling tight or restrictive.