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If you’re looking for a little extra bounce in your step, or you have high arches, the Superfeet Orange insoles were made with you in mind. They are designed with a durable, high-impact forefoot engineered with foam. With Superfeet’s signature shape and noteworthy support, this insole is equipped to take a beating so your feet don’t have to. 

Superfeet Orange insoles have a narrow, deep heel cup to provide you with maximum stability and support and a stabilizer cap to add support to the foam layer. It is built to be paired with medium or high-volume footwear like hiking boots and running shoes. You’ll want to make sure you’re putting them in shoes that have removable insoles because they are high-volume and, therefore, will take up a lot of room inside your shoe.

Superfeet Orange come up a higher price because, like the rest of their products, they deliver on performance and quality. If you consult your doctor and find that these insoles could work for you, they will be worth the money. 

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Shock Absorption




Odor Control



High Price

Aggravates Some Conditions


In 1977, Johnny Walker began his design process for his Superfeet insoles. He didn’t perfect his design enough to publicize it until 1982, though. When he finally did finish the design, he mass-produced them, put them on the market, and the company took off. By 1985, Canada and British Columbia were home to the first two storefronts. At that time, the main clientele were skiers who were looking for better performance in their footwear.

When podiatrists began running into foot conditions left and right that they didn’t know how to treat, Superfeet shifted their focus and started designing insoles with the medical market in mind. In no time, Superfeet earned its good reputation and sold thousands of insoles. A customer service team was added to the company in 1987 so that they could focus on customer care and shipping efficiency.

Orthotics made specifically for high heels and dress shoes came to the table in 2001. The line was called Footnotes. In 2013, technological advances were incorporated into the design of the insoles. These included carbon fiber and blended polymer. You can check out Superfeet’s other products here.


The fit profile of the Superfeet Orange insole is high volume and high profile. This means that the insole will take up a lot of space inside of your shoe and you will be able to feel it under your foot. It is designed for high arches, so if you have flat feet, you will most likely experience pain from this insole and will want to look into ones for lower arches. You can check here.

Because Superfeet Orange is a high volume insole, it will work best in hiking/skiing/work boots or running shoes. This insole is two inches high and four inches wide. It is slim enough, and contoured, to help support and stabilize your feet; which will, in turn, reduce the stress put on your knees, ankles, and feet. The Superfeet Orange insole fits men who wear shoe sizes five and a half through seventeen.

Shock Absorption

Whether you’re an athlete, runner, gym rat, workaholic, or an afternoon walker, you are vulnerable to experiencing foot pain caused by your feet simply making contact with the ground. If you experience pain in your feet, ankles, legs, or lower back, the answer could be as simple as sliding an insole into your favorite shoes. Superfeet Orange is designed to be able to absorb some of the shocks and stress your body takes with each foot strike.

Shock absorption is beneficial for your joints from your feet to your back, but that’s not all that it can do for you. Shock absorption also provides energy return to your feet, which will help keep you comfortable, supported, and energized throughout your workout/day. Shock-absorbing shoes could also help your cause.

Superfeet Orange insoles work by dispersing the impact of your foot strike across your whole foot, instead of focusing the stress on your heel. This will take away strain from your feet, legs, and back to give you relief. These insoles are built to withstand high impact activities like running and playing sports on hard surfaces. Between the cushioned, high-impact foam layer, stabilizer cap, and deep heel cup, Superfeet Orange has you covered.


When your feet are given a solid foundation to stand, walk, work, or run on, they will thank you. You can even begin to see improvements in symptoms related to plantar fasciitis, diabetes, and high-arch issues. You’ll want to make sure you have supportive socks, shoes, and insoles so that you can best protect yourself. Here is a great option for a supportive sock.

Superfeet Orange insoles are designed specifically to provide support to people with high arches or those who perform high-impact activities and need a little extra spring in their step. The support provided helps to alleviate pain and discomfort from your feet to your back.

The Superfeet Orange insoles have a deep heel cup to cradle your heel and provide adequate stability and support, comfortably. It provides arch support and has a stabilizer cap. The EVOlyte material (carbon fiber and blended polymer) helps to achieve being both supportive and lightweight.


Your arch, in the middle of your foot, is made of tarsal and metatarsal bones. There are also numerous tendons and ligaments that run the length of your foot, toe to heel. These bones and tendons and ligaments make it possible for you to stand and walk via supporting your weight and keeping it distributed evenly so that you can balance.

If these components in your foot are too high, it will cause too much weight/pressure to be put on your heel and the ball of your foot. This condition can lead to a lack of shock absorption and cause pain in your feet. Why? Because some of your foot doesn’t touch the ground when you step like it’s supposed to.

Superfeet Orange can help pick up the slack and provide some much-needed balance to those with high arches. With a combination of cushioning for shock absorption, firm arch support, the stabilizer cap, and the deep heel cup, you can find the stability you need from Superfeet Orange. Here are some other great products for high arches.

Odor Control

Superfeet Orange insoles are coated in order to fight off odor-causing bacteria. These bacteria, that cause your smelly feet, are attracted to your sweat. They feed on it, produce acid, and leave it as waste, causing the odor. If you struggle with sweaty feet, try this.

If you are somebody who struggles with excessive sweating and your socks and shoes can’t keep your feet dry efficiently, you’re a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria. It’s not just odor that they can cause, though. The bacteria can go as far as giving you toenail fungus and/or Athlete’s foot. Here are some tips for Athlete’s foot. You can give yourself even more protection if you make sure to wear shoes and socks that will work to keep your feet dry and cool throughout the day.


As humans, we have the luxury of being able to be concerned about our comfort as a top priority. And when it comes to comfort, it makes sense to start at the feet. They are what takes most of the stress and strain of our day-to-day routine (besides our brains). What good would you get from the support, stability, and shock absorption of the Superfeet Orange insoles if they didn’t make you comfortable?

During the design process for the Superfeet Orange insoles, comfort stayed at the top of the list, through every step. The cushioning that is provided by the closed-cell foam is durable and will keep you comfortable for many miles. Superfeet Orange is designed to follow the contour of your feet, meaning it will hug your arches, heels, and the balls of your feet to give you the perfect blend of comfort and stability. Here are some other insoles that could provide you with the comfort you’re after.


Something you’ll want to consider when shopping for insoles is how long it will be until you’re stuck going back to the store for replacements. Let’s be honest, nobody likes having to replace something often. The longer it lasts, the better. In today’s world, products are made more with the intention of selling than lasting.

When it comes to footwear, they’re going to wear out, no matter what. You’re putting pressure on them every single day. The weight of your body, every single day. Superfeet Orange insoles are going to be able to keep up with you for as long as twelve months or as far as five hundred miles, whichever you make it to first. Obviously, these parameters vary depending on your weight, gait, and the wear and tear you put them through. For example, a runner will wear them out much quicker than a walker will in most cases.

Some customers can make their Superfeet Orange last as long as two years. Make sure you keep in mind, though, that if you wear them all day, every day, and on hard surfaces, you will see them wear out quicker. It only makes sense. You’ll be able to tell it’s time to replace them when they no longer provide adequate support and comfort. For the time and miles you can get out of the Superfeet Orange insoles, they’re well worth the price. If you do need something cheaper, check these.


The world and the people in it are a lot more visible and audible than ever before. It’s no surprise that the word about veganism is spreading like wildfire. More people are joining the cause of ending cruelty to animals. Since more people are being aware of their effect on the rest of the planet, Superfeet decided to join in, too.

The only components of Superfeet’s insoles that aren’t vegan are the covers that are made of recycled merino wool. It comes from fibers that weren’t long enough to be used for other purposes. For more vegan-friendly products, check here.


Some people have allergic reactions to certain chemicals, materials, and adhesives. Superfeet is aware of this, and sympathetic to this, so they are determined to make their items without any unnecessary materials, chemicals, and adhesives.

The materials, adhesives, and chemicals that Superfeet does use in their products go through rounds of testing the meet the CPSC’s lead requirements, California Prop hazardous chemical list, Phthalates, heavy elements, and REACH (the European chemical restriction standard).

Although all of these tests are performed, they do not cover every single allergen that exists out there. There are simply way too many to be able to test for them all. Superfeet Orange insoles are as hypoallergic as possible, but they cannot guarantee to be one hundred percent allergen-free.

You can rest assured that the Superfeet Orange insoles don’t contain any natural rubber latex. It is not used during the manufacturing process nor in the packaging. Some shoes sold by Superfeet may contain latex, though. The company is dedicated to becoming one hundred percent latex-free as soon as possible.

Bottom Line

If you’re somebody who has high arches that cause discomfort, pain, and simply not wanting to be on your feet, then you’re in luck. The Superfeet Orange insoles were designed specifically for people with higher arches. They can also come in handy for athletes who are looking for a little extra bounce in their step.

The Superfeet Orange insoles give you a contoured fit, a deep heel cup to rest your tired heels in (it will also give you support, stability, and shock absorption), a durable, high-impact foam layer for support and comfort, much-appreciated odor control, and high-quality construction. You Superfeet Orange can go along with you for up to five hundred miles or as long as twelve months.

When they start to wear out, simply re-order. But, before you purchase for the first time, be sure to consult your doctor, especially if you have any foot conditions that could be worsened by the wrong footwear.