Adidas Climacool Superlite Review

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The Adidas Climacool Superlite is a sock that has wonderful properties.  Obviously, it’s biggest selling point is the Adidas brand name. Adidas is a brand that is popular and recognized internationally. This has helped give the sock the reputation that it deserves.

The patented Climacool technology helps keep your feet staying dry for longer periods. Unlike other products on the market, this sock features a complete mesh design. This greatly improves the ventilation of the sock and encourages positive airflow. The exchange of heat and cool air also helps regulate your body temperature.

While the Adidas Climacool Superlite is not a perfect product, it has many great features. These make up for the places where it lacks. These socks are ideal for summer as your feet usually get much hotter. The socks are also low cut and meant to be invisible once your shoe is on. This allows you to wear them with all sorts of shoes without worrying about how they look.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Climacool technology

Well-loved brand

Great ventilation

Heel and Toe cushioning

Anti-Odor system


Durability issues

Loose threads

Not very flexible


Adidas is a brand that has been around for a very long time. They are well known for their athletic apparel and have even ventured into personal hygiene products and cologne. This particular brand got its start-up by endorsing athletes and providing them with gear. Over the decades, people have become to learn and love the brand. Today, this brand is popular amongst athletes and fashionistas alike.

Adidas is well known for its high-quality material and unique designs. The Adidas Climacool Superlite is no different and is exactly what you would expect from the Adidas brand. The ever-familiar three-stripe logo is imprinted on the back of the sock but a larger version of the logo has also been incorporated into the design.

Underneath the sole of the sock, three large stripes start midway down the side of the foot and wrapping around to the other side. This design ensures that people know you are wearing the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks without being obvious. Having the logo on the socks simply proves to people that the Adidas brand is still well-loved and going strong.

Climacool Technology

Your feet inside your socks can get pretty gross after some time. This is because your feet start to warm up as they move inside the shoe. Very quickly, they begin to sweat and moisture begins to accumulate.

If left untreated, your feet will become very slippery and an uncomfortable mess. In more serious cases, the sweat will transfer into the shoe and linger. The Adidas Climacool Superlite socks have patented technology known as Climacool Technology. This is the technology that Adidas has created to help keep your socks dry for a longer time.

Every time your feet start to sweat, the moisture is absorbed and lifted away from your feet. The moisture then travels to the surface of the sock where it is evaporated. The Climacool technology ensures that the moisture starts to evaporate in the top few layers of material and not just at the surface alone. This reduces the moisture buildup and any chance of sweaty feet. By being able to absorb the moisture and get rid of it quickly, the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks can ensure your feet stay dry.


While everyone has different and unique feet, studies have shown that people mainly walk on their heels or toes. Depending on what kind of walker you are, your feet will have different areas that have thicker skin. The thickened skin develops over time as you walk and move around. It is produced where your body feels the need to give your feet some extra protection. This ensures that your feet are not rubbed raw.

The Adidas Climacool Superlite offers a more comfortable kind of protection, which are reinforced heel and toe areas. The extra padding there ensures that your feet are not getting damaged from constant friction. You're much less likely to develop blisters, for example. Though there are products on the market that can help if you already have a few.

Rather than have your feet worn down, the Adidas Climacool Superlite is designed so that the heel and toe areas have extra material to wear down. This can prevent early signs of wear and tear while ensuring your feet stay comfortable.

The extra cushioning can also work to help absorb shock when you are running or jumping. The cushioning can absorb the energy and dissipate some of it, thus relieving the stress on your joints.


Durability is very important to many people. It can be frustrating to constantly have to replace socks because they keep developing holes or getting torn. The Adidas Climacool Superlite socks are not designed for tough use. Many users have reported that the socks wear out very easily if they are used for long runs, hikes, or extreme exercises. Because the bottom of the sock is not fully cushioned, holes are developing in the spots that are not reinforced with extra padding.

Another reason why the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks are wearing out quickly is because of the loose threading. Many users have reported that certain threads start to unravel after a few uses. This can be very frustrating as most people expect socks to be durable and be able to withstand the test of time. While these socks may not be ideal for extreme sports, they can still be worn to do daily activities.

Wearing them for daily use does not cause them to wear out simply because your feet are not moving as intensely.


One of the things that people often want in their socks is flexibility. This means they expect their socks to withstand pulling and twisting from any direction. This is especially true for athletes, as they are constantly on the move.

Unfortunately, the Adidas Climacool Superlite does not offer much flexibility. Many users report that the socks feel tighter when they move in certain ways. This can become distracting or restrict blood flow, making them very uncomfortable. In some extreme cases, the sock can also tear.

Users wearing the Adidas Climacool Superlite have also reported that, after wearing them for some time, the sock starts to lose shape. They do not go back to their regular size or shape when they are taken off and are often stuck in the enlarged size. Having a sock that does not bounce back means the integrity of the sock has been damaged and also increases the chance of the sock sagging when worn again.

If you're in the market for super flexible socks, check these out.


One of the greatest worries that people have is wearing socks that are super thick as they can be large and bulky. The discomfort can be very distracting and prevent people from being able to focus. Often, socks become very thick when manufacturers try to make them more cushioned. The extra cushioning means extra material, thus more layers and thicker.

Thicker socks can also make the sock heavier, thus increasing fatigue levels sooner when they’re worn. This is one of the things that the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks do a great job in. Over thirty percent of the sock is made with cotton, which is the lightest material in the market.

This allows the Adidas Climacool Superlite sock to be significantly less heavy compared to its competitors. The lightweight material helps make the sock physically lighter, but also not retain as much heat. This is ideal for people who plan to exercise in the summer as your feet are going to warm up much faster.

Mesh Ventilation

Because the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks are ideal for summer use, this means that they have to be extra breathable and have good ventilation properties. One of the ways that Adidas has done this is to create the sock with an exterior that is made completely of mesh. This offers the sock an extra layer of protection without making the sock more heavy or thick.

The mesh exterior of the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks was designed to span the entire sock so users can have 360-degree circulation. Trapped heat can escape from all sides of the sock. Because the mesh has significantly larger pockets of space compared to all other material, it makes for very good air circulation.

When the trapped heat escapes, it makes room for cool air to replace it. The air from the outside penetrates quickly through the mesh to deliver cooler air to your hot feet. The positive airflow also helps regulate your body temperature as cooling your feet down can help cool your entire body down. This product ensures your feet stay cool and comfortable for longer periods.

No Show

It is no secret that people enjoy wearing socks because they’re comfortable and because they offer an extra layer of protection to your feet. Many people feel that wearing socks give them a cozy feeling and also helps keep their feet warm in the winter. However, it can be very hard to wear socks depending on the shoes you wear. Many shoes are designed to be shallow, thus any socks you wear will peep out.

The Adidas Climacool Superlite socks are designed to be no show socks. This means that they are meant to disappear when you put your shoes on. This is achieved by having a low cut design that rests slightly below the ankle even when it is completely pulled up on your feet.

This design was created so that you can wear your Adidas Climacool Superlite socks with shoes as shallow as boat shoes. The socks are also thin enough that they should not show or make your shoe bulge when worn. This ensures that you have the best of both worlds by looking trendy while staying protected.

Odor Resistant

People have a misconception that sweaty feet mean smelly feet. This is not the case. Bacteria need darkness, moisture, and warmth to multiple. When your feet start to sweat, you are simply giving the bacteria and germs a perfect environment to grow.

After they start to multiply, there are enough of these germs to start causing an odor. Because your feet have been sitting in the shoe, the odor and bacteria stay on the surface of the skin and give the misconception that it is your foot that stinks. The Adidas Climacool Superlite socks are created to be odor resistant. They have been treated with a chemical that prevents bacteria from developing despite the perfect conditions.

This can help keep your feet nice smelling for a longer period. The technology behind the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks also helps rid your socks of bacteria by creating a layer which the bacteria cannot stick on. This ensures that any bacteria and germs are not carried onto your feet. The chemicals used to treat the socks also have slight antiseptic properties that can neutralize the odors before they spread.

Ribbed Cuffs

If there is one thing in the world people do not like, it is a saggy sock. When socks do not fit properly, they move around and sag inside your shoe. This is incredibly annoying and uncomfortable as the materials bunch up in different parts of your foot, making it hard to walk. Most people end up becoming very frustrated and take the sock off entirely.

Rather than use multiple seams to hold everything in place, the Adidas Climacool Superlite is made using ribbed cuffs. At the very top of the sock, there is a ribbed collar that holds everything in place. The cuff is ribbed because there is a thin elastic that is sewn into the collar which works to keep your sock in place. The elastic sits flush against your skin to ensure that your sock is not able to move or shift.

The collar on the Adidas Climacool Superlite socks also have a secondary function and that is to prevent the seams from ripping. A ribbed collar is made by reinforcing the material in that area over and over again. This creates a very tough layer that is hard to rip or tear, thus elongating the longevity of the sock.

Bottom Line

The Adidas Climacool Superlite socks have a fair share of good attributes that can be beneficial to you. While it may have a few durability issues, this is still a good sock in the long run. The socks are created by a brand you can trust and are meant to be very light. Wearing your Adidas Climacool Superlite socks will allow you to go for longer periods without feeling fatigued and weighed down by what you wear.

These socks often come in a value pack of three or six socks, ensuring that you get the most bang for your buck. Unlike many products on the market, these socks have a ribbed collar that helps hold everything in place so that your socks do not droop. Coupled with the fact that they can be worn with any closed-toed shoes, this is a product you do not want to miss!