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The original and possibly most popular of all the Vans shoes, the Asher is the perfect way to show off your street style! This slip-on sneaker boasts a low-top physique and rounded toe that help to add some seriously designer looks to these casual and comforting kicks. Skaters and surfers flock to the Ashers athletic and laid back vibes that are ideal for wearing while you skate or just for hanging out with friends on the sidelines.

A vulcanized midsole offers a responsive ride that lets you better connect with the ground beneath you, while a cushioned footbed helps to keep your feet feeling revitalized with every wear. Vans’ signature waffle outsole helps to keep you steady on your feet by providing superior traction on nearly any type of terrain so you can stop worrying about slips or falls while you ride. These shoes are a solid addition to any casual wardrobe and were made to embody both the surf and skate lifestyle.


Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Vulcanized Construction
  • Signature Waffle Sole
  • Multiple Colors/Patterns
  • Minimal Drop
  • Canvas Upper
  • Narrow Toe
  • Prone To Tears


The Asher offers a slip-on silhouette that’s an ideal choice for those casual days of spring and summer. This pair was inspired by the surf and skater way of life and offers just the right look to cap off your street style looks. Its low-top structure and rounded toe help to minimize the appearance of the foot so your feet don’t look bigger than they actually are and their canvas upper keeps things looking carefree. These sneakers come in a plethora of colorways and are available in some patterns too! These shoes are an all-around good time and are sure to become a go-to favorite among your apparel.


A canvas upper allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe and around the skin. This helps to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria so you can feel fresher all-day long. When our feet get hot and sweaty it makes for the perfect breeding ground to the bacteria that cause infection and odor. Fungal infections like athletes foot thrive in warm moist places so it’s best to wear a sneaker that won’t harbor these kinds of germs.

Similar bacteria form when there’s an abundance of sweat, only these bugs are what causes smelly feet and shoes. This upper unit is lightweight and perfect for spending casual days outside in the summer sunshine. Despite their slip-on silhouette, the Asher stays in place well thanks to its elasticized side panels that help to keep in firmly on your foot.


This sneaker is made from a combination of materials that combine to form a solid pair of footwear. A canvas upper unit allows for plenty of airflow inside the shoe which helps to keep you cool and comfortable, while also preventing a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria. The Asher’s rubber outsole provides superior traction on both dry and wet surfaces so you won’t have to worry about slips or falls.

Rubber is also a waterproof material which makes this a good choice for surfside fun. Vans’ signature waffle outsole is made by combining specialized raw and synthetic rubbers that form an affordable yet highly grippy material. The waffle pattern only adds to these pairs already superior traction and style! Elastic side panels help to keep them on your feet and prevent slipping or sliding off so you won't have to worry about your shoes while you're on the go.


Anyone who enjoys expressing themselves through their apparel will love this multifaceted unit! These sneakers come in a ton of lively colorways and unique patterns that really let your personal style shine. Its checkerboard pattern is one of the most popular, though you can choose from over thirty different colors and patterns. Options like frost grey/true white, bleached apricot/true white, and faded rose are just a few of the trending designs available. The great thing about these sneakers is how you can purchase a pair for every day of the month and still have a huge assortment of colorways you haven’t tried. These shoes are truly adaptable and can really be customized to suit your own sense of style.


Vans’ signature waffle outsole is something quite unique! It offers some of the best traction available today thanks to its one-of-a-kind combination of materials. This is attained through the use of raw and synthetic gum rubbers which combine to allow for the best grip at an affordable selling price. Its waffle tread pattern is notorious for its stylish appearance and grippy consistency which have helped Vans to become a household name for the past century.

Their soles come in more than just your standard one color too! This kind of rubber can be dyed any color imaginable during its manufacturing which has allowed Vans to get creative with their choices. Rubber is also excellent at repelling water so your feet will stay drier when the weather outside gets wet and dreary.


This pair has a minimal heel-to-toe drop which athletes find to be more natural for their feet. The drop is the difference in height between the heel and toes and is created by an excess of padding between the two points. Most running shoes will have between a four to 12mm drop. In recent years, choosing a shoe with the least difference has become more popular because many believe this is a more natural way for the foot to fall. When you step down while wearing shoes with a drop it forces you to land on the heel. Whereas, when you step down barefoot you would normally strike with the mid to forefoot. Shoes with less of a drop allow for more natural footfalls and are considered to reduce the instance of injuries.


This sneaker is fairly lightweight overall, which is one of the reasons wearers love the way they feel. A canvas upper helps to keeps the bulk to minimal so you won’t feel weighed down while you’re rocking a pair of Asher’s. Their rubberized sole is a tad bit on the heavy side but this is balanced out by the rest of the shoes feather-light build. A heavy shoe is going to weigh you down and can cause fatigue, along with foot and leg pain. This is why it’s always best to look for an option that is lighter. It's important that your shoes are light enough to let you move naturally without slowing you down, especially if your maneuvering on beaches and in skate parks where you need to be quick on your feet.


These sneakers are double stitched to ensure that they won’t come apart, though some wearers report the seams as an area of weakness. This is particularly true of the area where the sole meets the upper unit which will often separate with continued wear and tear. The double stitching does provide better stability and a more supportive structure. If you're planning on wearing these shoes for a long time to come, it's probably best to take it a bit easier in them and consider wearing them for more casual occasions.


Despite this pairs excellent design features, some wearers report that it’s prone to tears along the seams. The weakest spots are along the seam where the sole and upper unit connect, as well as near the toe area. After extensive wear and tear, you might also find that the upper material starts to rip in certain areas, though this happens after quite a bit of use. Overall, you’ll still get your money’s worth from the Asher, though it might not last as long as you would hope.


This shoe is very comfortable for wearers with a narrower foot shape but might prove a little tight in the toes for someone with wider feet. Of course, this can always be worked around by purchasing a half-size larger than normal to accommodate for the narrow toe box. One of the downfalls to this shoe is when its worn for athletic purposes it won’t be very secure because of its slip-on design. Despite its elasticized gore at the side panels, any shoe that can’t be fastened isn’t an ideal choice for boarding and should be worn for more casual occasions like when you’re visiting the skatepark to watch the tricks, or hanging out Surfside to catch some summer sunshine.

Bottom Line

Overall, Vans’ Asher is a great choice of footwear for casual occasions! It’s designed to mirror the surf and skate way of life and oozes that smooth street style these lifestyles embody. A comforting combination of materials helps to make this shoe an enjoyable ride that delivers well on the Vans’ promise of quality construction.

These sneakers are available in a massive assortment of colorways and patterns which let you express yourself through the shoes on your feet. Choose from the many variations of the most popular checkerboard pattern, or opt for dedicated styles that pay homage to classics like Marvel’s characters. There are also tons of plain colors to choose from if you’re not too crazy about the flashier patterns.

This shoe includes a comforting and well-cushioned footbed that makes walking all the more enjoyable. Though, some wearers feel that it's a bit tight in the forefoot and toe box. If you have wide feet this may not be the best option for you, but you can always try ordering a half-size large to accommodate your foot structure. The other complaint from wearers is that the seams tend to come apart after continuous wear and tear. So consider going a bit easier on this pair of sneakers if you’re hoping for them to last several seasons.

Anyone shopping for a casual yet trendy pair of footwear should definitely consider Vans’ Asher! Its an all-around great choice of footwear that is sure to enhance your spring and summertime fun.