Arctic Muck Boots (Arctic Sport)

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Editor’s Conclusion
Harsher weather can be a hindrance and a joy, take snow for example; beautiful to look at, great to explore in and a bugger to get your feet wet in!

If you’re like me, then you’re not going to let less kind weathers stop you from stepping into the outdoors and enjoying all nature has to offer, so a sturdy pair of winter boots is essential.

These versatile boots could be welcomed by farmers, horse riders, dog walkers, outdoorsy people. They really are for anyone and they are unisex so you’re not going to have to spend hours scrolling. Winner Winner.

With the stamina of wellies but a more attractive boot, the Arctic Muck boots are going to keep your feet cozy and toasty and more importantly, dry and comfortable.

The lower boot construction is that of rubber, durable, and able to withstand battering from all sorts of terrain. A soft fleece lining gives a nice warmth and the stretch-fit top-line binding keeps the boot nice and snug to your leg, preventing any unwelcome debris from entering your boot. This stretchy material is also great, if like me, your calves are on the wider side!
Arctic Muck Boots (Arctic Sport) Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Great, durable, and quality materials

Reasonably priced

100% waterproof


They can be slightly on the heavy side

Be sure to wear a good pair of thick socks, save rubbing

Key Features


When it comes to longevity, these Arctic Muck boots are going to last a long time. Rubber is renowned for being resistant to fatigue through wear - it's less likely to chip, tear or cut, a great material for a boot that is meant for harsher weathers. Neoprene is another durable material and fleece lining is great for trapping in the heat around the foot and lower leg.

Essentially, these boots are going to be a cracking pair for a long time. The outer rubber sole will withstand hard and heavy terrain and unlike other boots with a smaller platform, they give an extra lift for the foot providing more comfort, lengthening the time which your feet can sustain in them.


As I mentioned earlier, the Arctic Muck boots are unisex so their design is not biased towards neither men nor women, yet they are attractive boots for either sex. They are designed for performance and comfort.

Their main benefits are the amount of comfort they provide and a nice snug fit around the calf. They also come with a stretchy material, which means they aren’t going to cut your circulation off while still keeping any cold air out and warm air in.

The platform sole gives added height to the boot and provides extra support to the sole on tough surfaces, especially if you are going over boulders/rocky shores.

The outsole also provides great grip, so you're not going to slip on wet surfaces. There is a pull tag for easy pull-on and off.


Any boot that is well built and well designed is going to come with a price, but in all honesty, I don’t feel that the Arctic Muck boots are unreasonably priced considering all they have to offer. These boots will last, and you will get a great deal of use out of them.

If you’re looking at this style of boot, then you’ll be wanting quality and here you have it. I’m not one for paying over the odds purely for a brand name. I will, however, pay for a quality pair of boots that will last and give me the use I want and need, and the Arctic Muck boots do just that.


By now, you're aware of the durability and design of these boots, so you may be getting a good idea about their use as well. The materials used are ideal for outdoor use, they are harder materials that will be a haven for your feet in winter conditions.

They are 100% waterproof, so for any outdoor activities that are by water or mud, you needn't worry, these boots will keep your feet nice and dry.

Comparison to Similar Boots

If you’re not convinced completely and wish to instead compare some further boots, then let me introduce you to the Baffin insulated boots, they are over less than half the price of the Arctic Muck boots and are also waterproof and have a rubber outsole. They differ, however, with their Airmesh lining for air circulation and comfort and don’t have a platform outsole.

If they don’t take your fancy, then maybe the Bekina PAN3P Steplite EasyGrip S4 are better suited to you. These boots are more for working purposes as they resemble the Wellington more than the other two I've mentioned. These working boots are safe, lightweight, and are great for any type of yard work that you may want to do. The question you need to know the answer to is, what purpose do you want these boots for?


These boots offer comfort and durability, both important factors when considering boots, specifically for the more treacherous weather conditions. They are stylish, great for trudging through mud or walking your dog through rivers.

I have researched other brands and can honestly say I haven’t found another pair of boots that I like as much as these. They tick all the boxes for performance and design.