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Editor’s Conclusion
Casual shoes can be hard to come by, especially ones that are versatile and well designed. Slip-on shoes can be tricky, they need to fit well and look good and sometimes, you'll get one or the other but not both.

And don’t get me started on how annoying it is when you can’t find a pair of shoes that will match your outfit, it can be a hard one. Yes, shoe shopping is a pain but not when you know where to look and I have a pair of shoes that might just fit the bill, the ARIAT Cruisers.

These casual slip-on shoes are both practical and cute, they offer comfort and grace, a nice combination, and a well sought after one too. The dura tread outsole gives a lasting performance, good protection, and flexibility.

Regardless of whether you’re already converted to the ARIAT brand or you’re simply thinking of jumping ship, I’m sure you will find the ARIAT Cruisers a great casual contender.

ARIAT are continuously looking at ways to improve their brand to give their customers the best product possible and the ARIAT Cruisers offer a great deal for the price.
Ariat Cruisers Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Flexible, durable

Multiple design options available

A real go-to shoe, versatile and stylish


Can fit on the small size, so you may want to consider buying half a size up

They do not go well with ordinary trainer socks, try and find some ballerina socks (super small fitting)

Key Features


The Dura tread outsole is great for shock absorption and cushioning, giving your feet great comfort whenever you decide to wear them. It also adds flexibility to the sole which is equally as important when it comes to comfort.

Some casual shoes let themselves down by having too hard of a sole which can cause discomfort and won't allow the foot to breathe or move comfortably with its stride.

EVA Midsole

Purposely used to keep the ARIAT Cruisers light, the EVA midsole is the perfect material to disperse weight in the shoe and provide stability. It is also an ideal material for added comfort.


The EVA Midsole and outsole are great cushions for your foot, the shock-absorbing materials are ideal to offer more support with every step you take. This type of shoe is a great all-dayer, your feet aren't going to ache and feel pressured due to the added elastic they have for enhancing breathability.

ARIAT have cleverly added a double stitch around all stress points of the shoe, providing extra strength and durability.


These shoes give the added benefit of coming in multiple designs, you can choose from full-grain leather, soft suede, or fabric, so there is a design to suit all.

They have stretchy elastic panels on each side for further comfort and ease when putting on and removing. They have great cushioning so it will be an easy shoe to wear throughout the day, for a casual walk or a day in the office.

The outsole is great for flexibility and will stop your feet from feeling too enclosed.


ARIAT is a passionate brand and the craftsmanship is of top quality, they use quality materials and produce products that are designed to last. ARIAT aims to satisfy its customers at all costs. Their attention to detail is impeccable and with this level of workmanship, you will pay a price.

Having said that, I would say that the ARIAT Cruisers are fairly priced, they offer comfort, a stylish design, a shock-absorbing sole, and durable materials, so all in all, you're getting a pretty good deal for your money.

Comparison to Similar Shoes

Well if you have now been converted to the ARIAT brand but it’s just the Cruisers you don’t like, then perhaps the Eco Crusier Shorebound might be a better shoe for you. The Shorebound shoes are your new and improved boat shoes, offering just as much comfort as the Cruiser but a slightly different design. The Shorebounds have a BLOOM Plant-based foam midsole so they are also super eco-friendly. Slightly more in price but a very nice alternative.

If you would prefer a slightly tougher casual shoe, then the Twisted X Moc Toe shoes are just as comfortable as the previous two, but they have a rubber outsole so will be better on tougher terrain. These are again a slip-on shoe that would be a great option for most outfits. The Twisted X Moc shoes are also eco-friendly, should this be something you want to add into your consideration.


Ok, I'm going to be real with you, when I first researched these shoes, I wasn't overly keen on the style, only because they aren't a shoe I would usually choose, BUT after researching the ARIAT brand and the Cruisers, my mind has been changed.

It's super hard to find a casual shoe these days that will go with just about anything AND be comfortable all day, so the ARIAT Cruisers are the perfect option. The Dura tread outsole is smooth and cushioned, and with shock absorption, it really is valuable for running errands, especially if you need to quickly pick up the pace.

They are, in my opinion, fairly priced and for the quality of materials the brand uses, I shouldn’t expect you will find a better pair of casual shoes for this type of price.